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Blinkin is the Loxley Family's loyal, blind servant in Sherwood Forest, Rottingham, England.

During the events of Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) played by Mark Blankfield

The Loxley castle is rolled away leaving Blinkin exposed sitting on the toilet reading a braille copy of Ye Olde Playboy. Robin Hood greets Blinkin, who initially confuses him with a statue. Blinkin tells him his parents are dead, as are Robin's brothers, his dog Pongo, his fish Goldy and even his cat. Blinkin gives Robin a locket Robin's father wanted him to have that included a key inside which unlocks the greatest treasure in the land. Ahchoo and Blinkin greet each other and a Young Lad runs up to the group asking for help. The Sheriff of Rottingham rides up as his men play kazoos. The Sheriff accuses Young Lad of poaching in Prince John's land. After Robin asks if it is an offense, the Sheriff sarcastically asks him where he has been and Robin counters that he has been fighting with King Richard in the Crusades as his father wasn't able to get him in the National Guard. Robin cuts the strap on the Sheriff's saddle and forces the Sheriff to ride away upside down. Young Lad tells Robin he will tell others of his bravery and Robin says a long list of injustices he plans to rectify. Later, Robin, Ahchoo and Blinkin encounter Little John guarding a bridge across a tiny brook. Little John demands a toll and when Robin refuses to pay it, he challenges him to a fight. Will Scarlet O'Hara tosses a staff to Robin and Ahchoo tries to stop them from fighting by pointing out the brook is really shallow and they can just jump across. Robin says it is all about the principal of the matter and beats Little John in a staff fight. Robin saves Little John from drowning in the shallow brook and Robin and his group becomes friends with Little John and Will.

At Prince John's Party, Ahchoo, Blinkin, Little John and Will break into the castle and help Robin in a fight. A group of knights in armor surround the banquet hall and Robin and his men escape by knocking them over like dominoes. Little John assembles the best men throughout England, including Villager. Robin gives a speech to the Villagers that they must stop Prince John and the Sheriff which fails to inspire them. Ahchoo then steps up and gives a Malcolm X like speech which inspires the villagers. Rabbi Tuckman rides into Sherwood Forest in a wagon carrying barrels of wine. He is stopped by Robin and his Merry Men and explains what a mohel is and then agrees to drink wine with them. Later, Little John and a group of Merry Men Dancers sing about wearing tights. At the Annual Spring Fair, Blinkin, Ahchoo, Little John and Will show up dressed in women's gowns. Blinkin saves Robin's life when Dirty Ezio shoots a crossbow bolt at Robin. The Sheriff orders Robin arrested and Marian offers to marry the Sheriff if he spares Robin. The Merry Men go to 12th Century Fox to send a fox message to the Villagers to organize them. As Marian is about to say ado, Ahchoo shoots the rope, freeing Robin from his noose. The Villagers arrive and a fight breaks out between the Merry Men and Prince John's soldiers.