Blue Collar Worker

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Blue Collar Worker


Blue Collar Worker is a resident of Eutaw, Greene County, Alabama.

During the events of Jaws of Satan (1981) played by Pat Purcell

Dr. Maggie Sheridan and Paul Hendricks hold a town meeting and he tells the people he doesn't know why the snakes are attacking people. Mayor Thorpe and Matt Perry walk into the building and Mayor Thorpe demands to know what is going on. Mayor Thorpe says any talk of a snake is a waste of time and Blue Collar Worker asks if the body of a kid at the lake was ever found. Dr. Owens lies and says Evelyn died of anaphylactic shock from a bee sting. After Mayor Thorpe tells the people to calm down and go back to work, Father Farrow tells the people he was attacked by a snake earlier. Mayor Thorpe says the meeting will continue in private and walks into his office with Matt, Dr. Owens, Dr. Sheridan, Paul and Father Farrow.