Bob Hammer

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Bob Hammer


Bob Hammer is the manager of Stellachip Corporation in Silicon Valley, California.

During the events of Julie and Jack (2003) played by Rick Camp

During a work meeting, Bob tells the Computer Chip Salespeople that he is going to increase the sales quotas they need to make and applauds Bill Templeton for his sales. After the meeting, Bob threatens to fire Jack Livingstone for coming in late and not meeting his quotas. During another work meeting, Bob complains about the Computer Chip Salespeople's sales. Bill tells him sales are down due to the dotcom bust, but Bob points out that Jack just made a huge sale. A co-worker tells the other workers that she heard Jack's success is due to him having a new girlfriend. During another work meeting, Bob congratulates Bill on his sales and Jack wins the Stellachip Sales Person of the Quarter award.