Bone Tomahawk (2015)

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A sheriff leads a posse to rescue three people captured by cannibals.


Western, Horror


Sheriff Hunt - Kurt Russell

Arthur - Patrick Wilson

Brooder - Matthew Fox

Chicory - Richard Jenkins

Samantha - Lili Simmons

Deputy Nick - Evan Jonigkeit

Purvis - David Arquette

Clarence - Fred Melamed

Buddy - Sid Haig

Gizzard - Maestro Harrell

Pianist - James Tolkan

Lorna Hunt - Kathryn Morris

The Professor - Zahn McClarnon

Redheaded Fellow - Michael Emery

Buford - Jeremy Tardy

Mr. Wallington - Michael Pare

Mrs. Porter - Sean Young

The Mayor - Jamison Newlander

Ramiro - Erick Chavarria

Guapo - Omar Leyva

Misshapen Troglodyte - David Midthunder

Wolf Skull - Raw Leiba

Boar Tusks - Geno Segers

Eagle Skulls - Alex Meraz

Sentinel - Robert Mukes

Noseless Troglodyte - Brandon Molale

Serrated Tomahawk - Eddie Spears

Sharp Teeth - Jay Tavare

Quiet Stalker - Anthony "Graywolf" Herrara

Young Troglodyte - Benjamin Woodruff

Mexican Man - Mario Perez

Pregnant Troglodyte A - Susie Castaneda

Pregnant Troglodyte B - Marem Hassler




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Detailed Synopsis

Purvis surprises a camp goer and slits his throat. He then asks Buddy why their victims always wet themselves. A Redheaded Fellow attempts to shoot Purvis, but misses and Buddy kills him with a rock. Buddy then chastises Purvis for not cutting the Red Headed Fellow's throat deep enough. Purvis hears approaching horses and they leave the camp to hide in the brush. They hear a noise and come across a burial ground and bone totems. They continue on and Buddy yells out that he and Purvis are continuing on, no matter what. He starts shooting aimlessly and is then hit with an arrow in the throat. A Troglodyte then runs up to Buddy and rips his guts out as Purvis runs away.

Eleven days later in the town of Bright Hope, population 268, Arthur is laid up on his couch with a broken tibia. Samantha gets upset with Arthur for sulking about his broken leg and reminds him she advised him not to go on the roof when it was raining. Purvis gets to the outskirts of town and buries clothes in the ground. Gizzard is sweeping the bar when Brooder walks in. He orders a drink from Clarence and Clarence suggests he pay the Pianist to play some music when Brooder complains how quiet it is. Brooder pays for three songs and the Pianist turns his sign with the cost of songs over and points to the sign which has starting rate 1 drink on the back. Chicory walks into the sheriff's office and tells Sheriff Hunt he saw Purvis burying clothes while he was walking to put flowers on his dead wife's grave. Sheriff Hunt and Chicory then head to The Learned Goat, where Chicory saw Purvis headed to. Sheriff Hunt and Chicory go into the bar and Sheriff Hunt questions Purvis. Hunt has Chicory search Purvis and threatens Purvis that if he moves, he will shoot him. Purvis tries to run and Hunt shoots him in the leg. Hunt tells Brooder to go and get Doc Taylor. Samantha treats Arthur's leg and she asks him to read a letter he wrote her when he was on the range. They hear a knock on the door and Brooder tells Samantha she is needed to treat Purvis. Deputy Nick and Chicory are finishing playing checkers when Samantha arrives. Hunt tells Nick to stay with Samantha and help her with anything she needs and then escort her home. Hunt tells Arthur that Samantha will be awhile and Arthur asks Hunt how Lorna Hunt is doing. Hunt leaves and Arthur reads the letter he wrote Samantha.

Buford is walking around the barn at night when he hears noises. He opens the barn door and asks if Mr. Wallington is inside. He suddenly sees people moving and he has his throat slashed by a bison jaw weapon and is killed. Arthur wakes up in the morning and notices Samantha isn't back yet. Lorna is making Hunt breakfast when Clarence comes to their house and tells Hunt that he found Buford torn up and when he went to the sheriff's office, no one was there. Hunt, Chicory and Clarence go to the stable and find Buford gutted. Hunt and Chicory go to the sheriff's office and find it empty, and also find an arrow. Hunt tells Chicory to bring The Professor to The Learned Goat. Hunt tells Arthur, Samantha is missing. A group gathers at The Learned Goat and Mr. Wallington asks Hunt what he intends to do about finding his horses. The Professor arrives and tells Hunt that the arrow is from a tribe of cave dwellers. Hunt asks The Professor if will take him to where the cave dwellers live, but The Professor refuses. He tells them the cave dwellers are called Troglodytes. The Mayor and Mrs. Porter walk into the bar and Mrs. Porter asks why The Mayor wasn't informed of the incident. A map is brought out and The Professor tells them about a place called the Valley of the Starving Men where the Troglodytes live. Chicory tells Hunt, he is coming with him and Brooder says he is going to, as he was the one who got Samantha involved. Hunt tells Mrs. Porter to telegraph Gatesville to send deputies while he is gone and to have Buford buried. Before leaving, Arthur grabs the letter he wrote Samantha. Lorna asks Hunt to come back to her and he kisses and hugs her. Chicory brings fresh flowers to Nadine's grave and tells her tombstone he has to help some people.

Hunt, Arthur and Brooder meet in front of the sheriff's office and Hunt tells Arthur that they need to stay calm, cool and collected. They head west and as they camp, Brooder sets up a trip line. Chicory asks Hunt if he can read a book in the bathtub as he always gets them wet and Hunt tells him to use a musical sheet stand to hold the book and a towel to wipe his hands. Arthur checks his leg and sees that he has reopened the wound and changes the dressing. Hunt takes Arthur's bottle of opium away so he doesn't get too high. They make camp once more and during the night, Ramiro and Guapo appear at the boundary of their camp. Hunt tells them to come forward and as they are walking towards camp with their hands up, Brooder shoots them dead. Brooder tells Hunt that Ramiro and Guapo were scouts for a raiding party, but Hunt tells him he doesn't know that for sure. Chicory checks on the bodies and sees one of them had a knife. They leave and make another camp and Chicory tells Brooder, he shouldn't have shot Ramiro and Guapo. During the night a Mexican Man breaks into their camp and attacks Brooder. Arthur then shoots and kills the Mexican Man, but most of the horses have been taken. Arthur tells Brooder that his horse resisted and Brooder goes over and shoots Saucy to put her out of her misery.

Arthur leaves camp to make up for how slow he will be while the others sleep. Chicory wonders if his horse Peter will enjoy Mexican food. Arthur starts to fall behind and he tells the others to mark their path with four stones. He finally makes it to camp and is woken up a few hours later. Brooder makes a joke about flirting with Samantha and when Arthur punches him, he re-fractures his leg. Chicory looks at his leg and Hunt tells Arthur that he is staying. Hunt tells Arthur that Chicory will have to amputate his leg, but Arthur refuses and asks Chicory to reset it. Chicory gives Arthur some opium and then sets Arthur's leg again. While they are walking they hear calls and Hunt realizes they have been spotted. As they are walking into a valley, Brooder sees horse tracks. They follow a path that leads to an opening with a cave on the side of a cliff. Suddenly three arrows come at them, and they are all wounded. A Troglodyte charges at Chicory and he shoots him dead. Brooder is going for his rifle when the Troglodyte's weapon that flew away when he was shot, severs Brooder's hand. Brooder tells Hunt to give him some dynamite and leave him. As Hunt and Chicory are leaving, Chicory is hit with another arrow in the wrist and Hunt shoots at Wolf Skull. Another Troglodyte attacks Chicory and he and Hunt are knocked unconscious.

They are brought into the cave and put into a cage. They see Samantha and Nick and Samantha tells Hunt the Troglodytes ate Purvis. Boar Tusks walks in and screeches. Nick is brought out of his cage and stripped naked. Hunt and Chicory try to break out, but a Troglodyte hits Hunt in the hand with a jaw bone. Nick tells Hunt that Purvis admitted to killing lots of people and robbing them and of desecrating the Troglodyte burial ground. Nick asks Hunt to send his stuff back to his brothers. He is then scalped and cut in half longways down the middle by Boar Tusks. Wolf Skull is eating a portion of Nick and looks into Samantha's cage. Samantha asks about Arthur and Hunt and Chicory tell her they left a trail for him. They come up with a plan to try and kill some Troglodytes by having them overdose on opium. Arthur wakes up and starts following the path left by Hunt. He hears howling and prays for help. A Troglodyte takes away the bottle of opium and drinks it and hands it to two others. Samantha tells Hunt and Chicory that Wolf Skull will survive along with another of the Troglodytes, but the third one will die from overdosing on the opium. Two Troglodytes sneak up on Arthur, but he manages to kill both of them. He inspects the body of one and finds a bone whistle embedded in his throat.

He gets close to the cave and blows on the bone whistle. A Troglodyte charges at him and he shoots and kills the Troglodyte. Chicory tells a story about a flea circus he saw run by the Sanderson brothers and he wondered if the whole thing was a trick and Samantha tells him it wasn't a trick. Boar Tusks and a Troglodyte enter the room and when the Troglodyte opens Hunt's cage, he lunges at the Troglodyte. Boar Tusks knocks Hunt unconscious and his feet are tied. The Troglodyte cuts open Hunt's chest and the flask with opium is stuffed inside of him. Boar Tusks uses a rifle to shoot Hunt in the arm and attempts to shoot him in the crotch, but initially doesn't know how to chamber another round. Suddenly shots ring out and Hunt yells to Arthur that there is a Troglodyte with a rifle. Boar Tusks shoots Hunt in the chest and as Boar Tusks is walking away, Hunt grabs a jaw club and cuts off Boar Tusks' toes. Arthur shoots Boar Tusks and Hunt uses the club to cut off Boar Tusks' head. Hunt tells Chicory that he is going to stay to kill the remaining three male Troglodytes and he wants Chicory to escort Arthur and Samantha home. Before he leaves, Hunt tells Chicory to say goodbye to his wife and have a talk with Arthur. As they are leaving, Arthur, Samantha and Chicory come across Pregnant Troglodyte A and Pregnant Troglodyte B, who are limbless and have stakes shoved into their eyes. They hear three shots in the distance and realize Hunt has killed the remaining Troglodyte males. At night Chicory tells Arthur that he and Hunt discussed him becoming sheriff and Arthur agrees to it.