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Borin owns a pub in Britain.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 3 Guinevere played by Ed Cosgrave

As Merlin and King Arthur are riding to Morgan's castle, they stop at Borin's bar.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 4 Lady of the Lake played by Ed Cosgrave

Merlin goes to Borin's bar and starts a fight with Borin and a Warrior. The Warrior then proceeds to beat up Merlin, who doesn't fight back.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 9 The Battle of Bardon Pass played by Ed Cosgrave

Morgan and her entourage stop at Borin's pub and he tells them that the people gathered there are all afraid of attacks on their home. She then invites them all to come with her to Camelot to speak with Arthur.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 10 Reckoning played by Ed Cosgrave

Morgan arrives at Camelot with her entourage and Bridget tells her that Arthur is at Bardon Pass repelling an attack. A Camelot guard sees Queen Igraine tied up and goes to untie her, but is stopped by a Pendragon guard and Sybil tells the crowd that Merlin and Igraine ransacked Castle Pendragon and threatened Morgan. Borin asks Morgan where Arthur is and that he heard rumors that Arthur fled with Guinevere.

Morgan presents Arthur's sword to the crowd. Borin asks who will be the new ruler and Sybil nominates Morgan and she accepts. Morgan is about to be crowned queen when Arthur walks into the throne room. Morgan runs to him as if she is happy to see him, but Arthur chastises the people for so quickly crowning a new leader and Merlin is released. Borin asks where Arthur was and Arthur tells Morgan to give him back his sword and crown. Morgan says he has lost the will of the people, but Brastias takes Arthur's sword from Vivian and the crown from Sybil. Gawain and Kay drag Wallace into the throne room and Wallace tells the crowd of Morgan's plan. Sybil tells everyone that she planned everything and Morgan knew of nothing.