Boss Tanaka

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Boss Tanaka


Boss Tanaka is a member of the Yakuza Council in Tokyo, Japan.

During the events of Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003) played by Jun Kunimura

During the night O-Ren Ishii assumes power of the Yakuza council, Boss Tanaka slams his hand on the table and Boss Benta asks why the outburst. Boss Tanaka asks why they are celebrating and accuses the council of being perverted. Boss Honda demands Boss Tanaka apologize, but Boss Tanaka continues to insult O-Ren and Boss Ozawah tells him he is insulting the council. O-Ren asks Boss Tanaka to speak his mind and he once again insults her. O-Ren then runs across the table and cuts off Boss Tanaka's head in front of Boss Orgami and the rest of the council.