Bud Crain

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Bud Crain


Bud Crain is a private in the Colorado National Guard. He has been a soldier for seven months and studied radar and countermeasures. Bud is a vegetarian.

During the events of Day of the Dead (2008) played by Stark Sands

In Leadville, Colorado, Salazer arrives with Crain and Soldier to a roadblock. They introduce themselves to Sarah Bowman. Sarah puts Salazar and the other Soldier on guard duty, while she and Crain take a humvee to Francine Bowman's house. Crain calls Leadville a shithole and Sarah tells him that she grew up there. Sarah walks into the house and then they drive to Kyle's house and find it a mess with blood everywhere. They find Kyle's parents' bodies, which appear to be eaten and when Sarah tries to make a phone call, the service is down. She uses her humvee radio to contact Captain Rhodes and he tells her that all the phone lines are being blocked. Crain asks Sarah why her pistol isn't loaded and then tells her that he is a vegetarian. They pick up Trevor Bowman, Nina and Francine and drive them to the hospital. Francine's nose starts to bleed and when Sarah and the others get to the hospital, it is full of sick people. As Crain is talking to Francine, he notices she and a large amount of sick people have started to go catatonic. The people then start changing into Wildfire Zombies. Rhodes is attacked by Zombies and partially eaten.

Sarah and Crain use the air ducts to travel back to where Rhodes' body is in order to get the keys to his humvee. They find Salazar and Salazar takes Rhodes' pistol, while Sarah gets his keys. Rhodes reanimates and attacks Sarah, but she is able to get away. As Crain is putting the vent back, Rhodes Zombie bites him and Salazar shoots Rhodes Zombie. Salazar wants to shoot Crain, but Sarah convinces him not to. Trevor uses the radio to ask for help. While they are running to the humvee, Doctor Logan leaves the others. Sarah. Crain and Salazar make it to the humvee and drive away. Sarah and Salazar go to the gun store and grab weapons and ammunition and Crain starts bleeding from his nose. When Sarah and Salazar get back to the humvee, Crain has transformed into a Zombie. She hears Trevor asking for help. Trevor sees Francine and as Francine is about to attack him, Sarah runs her over with the humvee. Everyone gets in the humvee and they drive to the roadblock. They are attacked by the Soldier and other Soldiers, who are now all Zombies. They drive away and as they are driving, Kyle Zombie jumps onto the humvee. Sarah crashes the humvee and then shoots Kyle Zombie dead. They decide to head towards the old Nike plant. A large group of Zombies enter the building and Sarah, Salazar, Trevor and Nina enter a secret underground facility, while Crain is surrounded by other Zombies. Later, the Scientist Zombie grabs Sarah and Crain shoots at it. The Scientist Zombie then runs over and rips off Crain's head.

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