Burly Crewman

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Burly Crewman


Wayne is a pirate on The Walrus in the West Indies.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 2 Episode 2 X. played by Calvin Hayward

During dinner on the 13th of June, 1715, Silver tells the crew that Burly Crewman stole from another one and Burly Crewman punches him. On Silver's fourth goings on, Silver tells the crew that Dooley defecated and used his hand to wipe himself. Dooley gets up, punches Silver and then wipes his hand on his face. He then tells the crew about Palmer having sex with the milk goat. Palmer punches Silver, but is then punched by Joshua.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 1 XIX. played by Calvin Hayward

Hallendale's ship is spotted floating in the water. De Groot tells Silver and Billy Bones that maybe the ship was abandoned. Dooley thinks they should check the ship out in case the crew needs help and Silver agrees, but Flint thinks it is a bad idea. Flint goes onto Hallendale's ship with Billy, Joji, Dooley and a few other crew members. Silver sees a ship in the distance. Flint notes that the ship is under British colors and is a pirate hunter. The ship pulls up next to The Walrus and Captain Benjamin Hornigold tells the crew that he will give them pardons if they surrender. Flint tells his crew that he could never surrender to England after they have taken so much from him. He says that England must be afraid of them if they are offering them all pardons. Flint then tells the crew that they are going to sail into the nearby storm. As Hornigold's ship is about to fire on The Walrus, Flint has the crew sail towards the storm and Hornigold follows him. Muldoon tells Silver that the ship has damage from Hornigold shooting at it and Silver tells him to seal it up as best he can.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 2 XX. played by Calvin Hayward

Flint sees Hornigold turn back and orders the topgallants to be taken down. Billy asks Rogelio if the halyard is free and Murtaugh tells him that it is stuck. Murtaugh climbs to the top of the mast to cut the halyard and the ship is hit by a knockdown wave. Some of the men are knocked overboard and De Groot tells Flint that they must take the topgallant in. Flint cuts a rope and part of the mast breaks away and goes flying away with Murtaugh.

Flint tells Billy to have everyone go down below while Flint stays on deck to steer the ship. Later, De Groot tells Flint that the storm drove them into the Sargasso Sea. Billy tells Flint that they lost most of their fresh water and they have very little food. Flint asks how far the nearest coast is and Silver tells him that they are three weeks from land.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 3 XXI. played by Calvin Hayward

On day 18 on The Walrus, Palmer and Oates are accused of stealing rations. Silver holds a trial to figure out which one of them stole the rations. Oates insists he would never steal from the crew. Palmer says that during everything that has happened, he has never complained. Flint walks up and shoots Palmer in the head and then starts to reload his gun. Flint then shoots Oates in the head.

On day 21, Billy tells Flint that they spotted a whale carcass. De Groot says that whale's float after they rot, but Silver insists they go after it and tells Flint he is coming also. Silver and Flint bring a shark back to the ship and feed the crew with it. After the wind returns, the crew of The Walrus arrive at an island and go ashore.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 4 XXII. played by Calvin Hayward

The pirates from The Walrus are gathering water and food on the island while also making camp. A group of Maroons capture the rest of The Walrus crew. As they are being brought to the Maroon camp, Silver's leg goes out from under him and Twitchy Pirate tries to escape. Flint and his crew are brought to a village where they meet The Maroon Queen who demands to know who their captain is. She asks Flint what his name is and then asks who their quartermaster is. Silver steps forward and The Maroon Queen asks him how they found the island and who else knew where they were. She asks him if he was in her position if he would take the word of a pirate and then has one of the crew taken away while the rest of them are placed inside a cage.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 5 XXIII. played by Calvin Hayward

A group of maroons carry Mr. Scott ashore on a stretcher and Billy, who can't see who it is, asks Silver who is on the stretcher. Ben Gunn tells them that Mr. Scott is the king of the maroons. Later, Flint tells his crew about Mr. Scott's idea, but first he must convince The Maroon Queen to agree to the plan. He tells them that if he feels The Maroon Queen will not agree to the idea, then he will take The Maroon Queen hostage and force her to release his crew. Flint is brought before The Maroon Queen and Dr. Howell shows Billy the knife Flint was supposed to use to take The Maroon Queen hostage left on the ground. Afterwards, Billy and the rest of the crew are freed by Kofi.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 7 XXV. played by Calvin Hayward

De Groot tells Flint that Nassau has been spotted. Silver goes to a tavern with Billy, Dooley and Joji. Once they are back on the ship word spreads among the crew that Silver killed Dufresne.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 8 XXVI. played by Calvin Hayward

Dooley tells Silver that he needs to speak with him and takes Silver to the cargo hold where Dobbs, Joji, and Wayne are standing over Chidi, who has been beaten up and has his hands tied. Dobbs says that in the Maroon camp they killed Parker, Louis, Graves, and Simon and Chidi was the one who chose them to be killed. Dooley suggests they either kill Chidi or let him kill Dobbs, but Silver decides to tell Madi what has happened. Madi is brought to see Chidi and Silver tells her that Dobbs is the one responsible and he will be punished. Madi cuts Chidi loose and tells Silver that Chidi will tell the others that he offended Madi and was punished by Kofi. Later, Ben goes with Billy and Wayne to agitate the locals to try and prevent Captain Charles Vane from being hanged.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 9 XXVII. played by Calvin Hayward

Before Vane's execution, the Court Official tells the crowd that Woodes Rogers promised them order and prosperity. Billy has Jacob Garrett position his men in order to try and rescue Vane. The Court Official calls Vane an animal and an impediment to prosperity. As Billy is about to have Jacob try and start a riot, Vane shakes his head at Billy. The Court Official asks if Vane has any last words. Vane tells the crowd that the authorities fear not just him but the locals as Vane represents a freedom that still may exist in them. A noose is put around Vane's neck and the cart he is standing on is ridden away. Although Vane's neck snaps, he continues to spasm and Billy has Jacob and his men pull on Vane's body to end Vane's suffering.

During the events of Black Sails: Season 3 Episode 10 XXVIII. played by Calvin Hayward

Billy, Jacob, Idelle, Featherstone, Wayne, and Ben come up with a name for John to use for their propaganda and come up with the name Long John Silver.