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[[File:Butcher_Brothers_-_Edited.png|450px|thumb|right|Butcher Brothers]]
[[File:Butcher_Brothers_2_-_Edited.png|450px|thumb|right|Butcher Brothers]]
== Background ==
== Background ==

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Butcher Brothers


The Butcher Brothers are butchers at Somerfield market in Sandford, Gloucester. They work part time for Total Breakdown, 24 hour recovery services.

During the events of Hot Fuzz (2007) played by Kevin Wilson and Nicholas Wilson

Nicholas Angel goes for a morning jog where he is nodded at by the Butcher Brothers as they drive by. Later he and PC Danny Butterman go to Somerfield market and Nicholas sees the Butcher Brothers working behind the meat counter. During the attack on Somerfield, Nicholas helps the other officers knock the Butcher Brothers unconscious with shopping carts.