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Caitlin O'Shannessy



Caitlin O'Shannessy is a helicopter pilot and deputy for the Texas Highway Patrol Aerial Division. Her father taught her how to fly helicopters. Caitlin has a younger cousin who is in the Boy Scouts.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 1 Sweet Britches played by Jean Bruce Scott

Caitlin arrives in her helicopter and asks Sheriff Bogan if he needs assistance ash he chases James Blake, but he ignores her. James crashes into a ravine and when Caitlin tells Bogan she is going to take James to the hospital, Bogan threatens to shoot James. After Bogan shoots in the direction of James, Caitlin flies away. Caitlin walks into the local bar and as she is walking towards Bogan, Buck blocks her path until Bogan tells him to let her through. She walks up to Bogan and tells him she would like to see James, but Bogan tells her she can't and then threatens her. She then leaves and gets into her car. She stops her car when she sees an abandoned truck in the middle of the road and as she goes to investigate, her car is turned off by Buck who calls her Sweet Britches. A group of men including Billie walk out of a ditch and surround Caitlin and after Buck grabs her by the hair, she knees him in the crotch. Buck tells the men to tie Caitlin when Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic arrive in Airwolf. Hawke tells them to let Caitlin go and she gets into her car and drives away. Caitlin lands her helicopter outside the sheriff's office and gives Bobby a court order and demands to see James. Bobby tells her James escaped and when she goes into the prison area, Hawke asks to speak to her. He asks Caitlin to get him out, but she refuses, but lets him out to make a phone call. Hawke calls Dominic and tells him to bust him out of jail. Bogan walks in and takes the phone away from Hawke and hangs it up. Caitlin tells him a prisoner is allowed a phone call and Bogan pulls out his gun and threatens to shoot her. Bogan then tells Bobby to put Caitlin in a cell. Buck goes into Caitlin's cell to rape her. Hawke and Dominic arrive at the Sheriff's Office in Airwolf and blow up Billie's truck and Bogan's Bronco. Hawke orders Bogan to let Caitlin go and Bogan tells Bobby to get Caitlin, while he and the other men grab weapons. Bobby gets Caitlin and runs out the back with her, but he is then shot dead by Bogan. Hawke then fires Airwolf's weapons and kills Bogan, Buck, Billie and the rest of the men. Caitlin thanks Hawke and then chases after them in her helicopter and tells him he can't leave, but Airwolf flies off.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 4 The Truth About Holly played by Jean Bruce Scott

At Dominic's hangar, Caitlin O'Shannessy walks up to Hawke and he asks her how she found him. She tells him she took a leave of absence from the police force and asks him about Airwolf, but he refuses to acknowledge it exists. Caitlin then tells him she found the remains of Hawke's friend James in the desert. Caitlin and Dominic are walking to James' funeral when Caitlin accepts working part time for Dominic. On the movie set, Holly Matthews asks Caitlin what she did in Pope County. At the last minute Dominic tells Caitlin he doesn't want her to do the stunt due to her inexperience, but she tells him she will manage. Mr. Carlson brings Hawke and Caitlin together and sets up the scene that involves a kiss. At first Caitlin is hesitant to kiss Hawke, but then they give each other a long kiss. Caitlin then gets into the helicopter to perform the stunt. As she is flying, a bolt comes loose and falls out of the cyclic control. She manages to land the helicopter on the set of a Roman film being shot. Hawke and Dominic run to Caitlin and she tells Hawke the cyclic was jammed. As Caitlin is about to take Holly to Hawke's cabin, Dominic warns her about a restrictive airspace she will have to go around. As Dominic is getting the helicopter ready, a fire breaks out and Caitlin runs over and warns him right before the helicopter explodes. Caitlin and Holly talk to Everett and he tells them that Hawke and Dominic are going to meet with Ed Aarons and Holly tells Caitlin that Aarons lies. She then tells Caitlin that she and Hawke had sex the night before and he wants to marry her. Holly then tells Caitlin she wants to leave to go back to Buenos Aires, and asks her to take her to Hawke's cabin. As they are flying to Hawke's cabin, Holly tells Caitlin her previous relationships have ended when the person made up lies about her or left her for someone like Caitlin. Agent 1 tells Caitlin that she is entering restricted airspace and Caitlin asks if she can skirt the area. Holly pulls a gun on Caitlin and tells Caitlin if they are shot down by the military then Hawke wont have anyone. Agent 1 contacts Caitlin and warns her to turn around or she will be shot down. A jet fires a missile at Caitlin and Hawke has Dominic fire a sunburst. Caitlin manages to take the gun away from Holly and flies out of the restricted area. At Dominic's hangar, Holly tells Hawke that her grandmother told her she is going to a nice place for vacation and then she is put in a car and taken away to a mental ward. After she leaves Caitlin is hired by Dominic.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 5 The Hunted played by Jean Bruce Scott

At Dominic's hangar, Caitlin again asks Hawke about Airwolf, but he denies it exists and she was only imagining it. Dominic arrives and reminds Caitlin she is only a part time worker and she leaves to go on a date. Rosalind Gregory arrives and tells Caitlin she is there to see Dominic. Caitlin calls Hawke and asks why Dominic didn't hire her to help on the Carter Anderson III contract. Market Owner asks Caitlin if Dominic is going to make her a full time worker and is happy when she hears Caitlin should get regular checks soon. While Dominic is fixing a fuel control unit, Caitlin shows up and asks what Dominic is working on. Dominic then tells her she is on full time for a month and as she is leaving she figures out the gadget is an electric fuel control unit. She is flying with Hawke and Dominic when Hawke tells her she is the one that is going to fly Anderson. At a bar, Caitlin is dancing with Robert Villers when she tells him when she leaves and will come back from flying Anderson. Later, decoys of Anderson leave in different helicopters while the real Anderson flies with Caitlin in a plane. Robert pulls along Caitlin's plane in a Corsair and she calls Hawke for help. Robert starts firing missiles at Caitlin's plane and Hawke and Dominic arrive in Airwolf to help. Robert then starts firing at both Airwolf and Caitlin's plane. Hawke gets behind Robert's Corsair and fires his chain guns, disabling the Corsair. Robert gets on the radio and tells Caitlin he will see her and tells Hawke and Dominic good show and then the Corsair explodes. At Hawke's cabin, Dominic tells Hawke he can't get Caitlin to feel better and Hawke goes outside with his cello and Tet. Caitlin tells Hawke not to bother trying to make her feel better, and he plays songs to follow her mood. He then denies the existence of Airwolf as a joke. Caitlin gets riled up and Hawke tells Dominic, Caitlin must be feeling better.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 6 Sins of the Past played by Jean Bruce Scott

When Dominic and Hawke return to the Santini Air hangar, Caitlin runs up to them and tells them Lieutenant Grodin is there to speak with Dominic. Grodin walks up to them and asks Dominic where he was the night before and hands him a picture of Lila Santini and then arrests him for suspicion of murder of Lila who was beaten to death. Grodin tells Hawke and Caitlin that it could be days or weeks before Dominic is processed and sent to San Remo. Later, Caitlin goes to the prison Dominic is being held at and visits Dominic and tells him, Hawke is working on a plan to get him out.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 7 Fallen Angel played by Jean Bruce Scott

Hawke and Dominic end up in the hospital and tell Caitlin that the balsa wood was placed on the wrong side of the barn roof in the stunt they did. Marella walks into their hospital room and Caitlin, thinking she is a doctor, leaves. Caitlin walks back into the room and Hawke and Dominic have the idea to have her help rescue Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, Archangel, since Dominic is too injured. Hawke takes Caitlin out in Airwolf and trains her on its weapons systems. Hawke and Caitlin get Dominic out of his hospital bed. A Nurse walks into the room and asks what they are doing. Dominic tells her he is leaving just for a little while to do some stunt work and she folds her arms across her chest. Caitlin flips the Nurse onto the bed and Hawke wheels Dominic out of the hospital. Dominic, Hawke and Caitlin take Airwolf to the coordinates listed in the file Marella gave them. As they are heading in the direction, four MiG-25's appear on Airwolf's radar screen. They manage to use their radar dampener to avoid detection. Dominic and Caitlin start flying Airwolf towards the castle Archangel is held captive. They fly into the castle courtyard and start shooting at the guards. Hawke and Maria Von Furster help Archangel get in Airwolf, but Maria is shot by Kruger. Airwolf then flies off. At FIRM headquarters, Archangel and the others, including Marella walk into a meeting with the committee. Zeus welcomes him back and thanks Caitlin, Dominic and Hawke for rescuing Archangel. He then says Marella will have to be suspended until a review board can determine if she is capable of following orders. Dominic argues with Zeus and Archangel demands his staff back. When Zeus refuses Archangel's demand, Archangel pulls out a gun and fires at Zeus. Airwolf appears at the castle again and starts firing at the guards. Hawke and Archangel get into Airwolf and they fly away. They shoot down two MiG's and Archangel realizes that Maria was working with Kruger to set him up. Dominic wants to go get beer and bratwurst and when Caitlin suggests they can discuss their next mission, Dominic, Hawke and Archangel act like Airwolf doesn't exist.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 8 HX1 played by Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic and Caitlin try to comfort Hawke after he is forced to kill Mace Taggart before finding out where Saint John is and Hawke smiles and drives his motorcycle away.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 9 Flight #093 Is Missing played by Jean Bruce Scott

Caitlin is talking with her mother about going to her sister's wedding and her mother harasses her about not being in a relationship. Hawke and Dominic walk into the hangar and Hawke reminds Caitlin, her flight leaves in an hour. Caitlin tries to make an excuse for not going, but they end up taking her to the Los Angeles International Airport. As Caitlin is walking through the metal detector, she sets it off and is told to empty her pockets by Airport Security. She drops a large amount of items in the basket, before having to drop more items into it, because she sets the detector off again. A Stewardess tells the passengers about to board the plane that the weather is improving. 1st Soccer and his friend block her path and he introduces himself, but then moves aside when she threatens him. Caitlin goes to her seat which is next to Mrs. Smith. The Stewardess gives the safety instructions and the plane takes off to Dallas. Caitlin tells Mrs. Smith about her disagreements with her mother and Mrs. Smith is shocked when Caitlin tells her she is a pilot. Caitlin hears Mrs. Smith remark about the size of the waves and runs and tells everyone to buckle their seat belts. The hijackers use the intercom to tell the passengers the plane has been hijacked. The plane crashes and Caitlin goes to the Little Girl who is calling out to her mom. As the plane sinks, the passengers continue to become stressed. Caitlin tells the Stewardess that she needs to go and calm down the passengers. The Stewardess tells the passengers that they will be okay and Edward Johnson tells them the plane can maintain its integrity underwater. A Male Passenger stands up and accuses Edward of lying. Caitlin calls over 1st Soccer and has him help her apply pressure to a passenger's wounded leg. The terrorists in the cockpit blow the cockpit window and water starts to leak into the plane, which the Male Passenger points out. Caitlin then tells him to shut up. The Male Passenger tries to open the plane door and then pulls a knife on Caitlin. He swings at Caitlin and she takes the knife away from him. Caitlin reads the Little Girl a story and afterwards the Little Girl tries to get Caitlin to teach her how to take down people like her mean brother. Caitlin and Edward go looking for holes that are now letting in more water and Edward tells her there is nothing they can do and they will only last a few more hours. The models ask Caitlin if they can help and she suggests they give a fashion show to distract the other passengers. Hawke jumps overboard in a diving suit and the passengers celebrate when they see him. 1st Soccer starts to ask Caitlin something and she figures out he is asking her out and tells him yes. The plane suddenly rocks and the passengers panic. The Coast Guard eventually arrives and Mrs Smith tells Caitlin she is a hero. Back at Santini Air, Caitlin tells her mother over the phone that she is sorry she missed her sister's wedding. Dominic tells Caitlin there are tons of eligible men and then points at Hawke.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 11 Random Target played by Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic is training Caitlin in Airwolf. She asks when she can become a crew member on Airwolf, but Dominic tells her she can't join yet. As Caitlin is walking through the Santini Air hangar she is hit in the back of the head by one of Kenneth Langhorn's men who leave after mentioning they now know where the film is being processed at. Caitlin is brought to the Kensington General Hospital where she is questioned by Anne Brannen. As Anne is leaving, Hawke makes a sarcastic comment about the progress of the case, and she tells him with the lack of evidence, the case is low priority. Dominic tells Caitlin that Kowal wanted to quit the business a few months back, but Hawke convinced him to stay. Hawke calls for Dominic and Caitlin's help and they arrive and blow up the car with Stark and another guy. Hawke gets into Airwolf and they fly over the compound. Caitlin identifies two helicopters in the area and Hawke figures they are part of Kenneth's escort. They fly Airwolf over Kenneth's limo who orders his helicopters to shoot it down. Both helicopters are shot down and after some of his bodyguards are killed, Kenneth runs to the plane that is supposed to fly him away. His suitcase full of money opens up and three police vehicles arrive and arrest Kenneth. Later at Hawke's cabin, Caitlin asks him what he told the detectives and he tells her, he told them Anne died while doing surveillance on Kenneth.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 12 Condemned played by Jean Bruce Scott

Hawke and Caitlin fly Airwolf to an island with an old World War II bunker transformed into a lab. They scan the area and see the grounds of the lab full of dead bodies. Hawke and Caitlin get into HAZMAT suits and walk to the lab. As they are searching the lab, Caitlin is grabbed by Dr. Morton. Dr. Morton, Hawke and Caitlin fight, and during the fight Hawke and Caitlin's suits are damaged, exposing them to the virus. They get out of their suits and chase after Dr. Morton, who manages to get away. They see a group of Soviet sailors land on the beach. While Hawke is making his way towards Airwolf, he is caught by Sailor 1. Hawke stalls Sailor 1 while Caitlin sneaks up on him and Caitlin knocks Sailor 1 to the ground. Torgovitch and his patrol hear the commotion and after Hawke and Caitlin escape. Hawke and Caitlin find the body of Jennings Rudolph and then go into his office. They watch the VHS tape that Jennings made and watch as he describes the symptoms and mentions a secure lab. Hawke and Caitlin are captured by the Soviets. Lt. Cmdr. Leoni Zirukov introduces himself and Lt. Elena Loupani to Hawke and Caitlin. They argue whether, if an antidote exists, it belongs to the United States, the Soviet Union or the world. Hawke pulls back Zirukov's jacket, revealing a blotchy patch of skin and then reveals he too is infected. Caitlin pulls back her sleeve and finds out she is also showing symptoms of the virus. They agree to work together, which Loupani doesn't like. Hawke and Catilin use Airwolf to triangulate the signal being sent out by the secure lab. Hawke sees Zirukov and his group trying to beat them to the lab and fires a missile at a bridge, causing Zirukov and his group to have to walk to the lab. The lab door is blown open and the two groups enter the lab. Inside the lab are a series of containers with dead rabbits named after the Marx brothers and a different antidote formula written down. Hawke finds "Harpo" who was given Formula B, still alive and he also finds the source of the signal. The antidote is located and Zirukov takes the first injection. That night everyone celebrates and dances. Dr. Morton is brought into camp and tells everyone a side effect of the antidote is acute paranoia. A Soviet sailor suddenly screams and falls into the bonfire setting himself on fire. Dr. Morton tells them that if they tranquilize themselves for ten hours, the effects will wear off. Sailor 2 becomes paranoid and Hawke grabs his AK and tells the others to throw their weapons into the ocean and Zirukov tells them to listen to Hawke. Zirukov suddenly becomes paranoid and calls the Soviet submarine to conduct an airstrike on the island. Hawke, Caitlin and Loupani walk to Airwolf and Loupani orders Torgovitch and his men to throw down their weapons. Torgovitch starts to become paranoid and Loupani shoots him in the leg. Hawke and Caitlin get into Airwolf and manage to shoot down the three missiles fired at the island. They land Airwolf and Loupani thanks Hawke and Caitlin. Hawke, Caitlin and Dr. Morton get into Airwolf and Hawke blows up the lab.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 13 The American Dream played by Jean Bruce Scott

During Minh and Mae's wedding ceremony Hawke and Dominic give Caitlin a hard time for crying. Sama tells Minh that Diem and Tommy were killed and then tells Hawke that Col. Tranh Van Zung has been collecting protection money from the farmers. Tranh and Hua show up at the wedding and Tranh gives a vase as a gift while bringing up preserving their traditions. Minh hands back Tranh's gift and Sama calls Tranh a liar and a thief. Sama charges at Tranh and is punched by Hua, who is then punched by Hawke. After Minh is attacked, Hawke and Caitlin visit Mae. Caitlin tells her the doctors said Minh will be okay and Hawke offers to help harvest their cabbage crop. Mae tells them none of their neighbors will come to help due to their fear of the warlord Tranh, who even uses the insignia of the moon spider to keep people in line. Sama runs to them and tells them they have a crop to pick and excitedly juggles and takes a bite from a cabbage. Dominic comes to help and they have a competition to see who can pick cabbages the fastest. Tru wins and celebrates. Sgt. Bryant stops at the farm and questions Hawke and others about rumors that someone is trying to extort the local Vietnamese farmers. Sama tells Sgt. Bryant that Tranh is the man responsible for shaking down the farmers. Sgt. Bryant gives Hawke his card and tells him to call him if he has anymore information. Later, Minh holds a meeting with the local farmers and tells them, he will lead them if they help him harvest. He asks for help and Mae's Mother steps forward, followed by Caitlin and the others. The next day, a large group comes together to pick cabbages. Ko and another pilot drop gasoline on the farmers, but are forced to temporarily fly off when Hawke and Dominic arrive in Airwolf. Hawke blows one plane out of the air and then the other one with Ko in it. Tranh arrives and starts firing at Airwolf and brags it is not the machine, but the man that gives the edge in battle. Hawke hits the rudder of Tranh's plane and Tranh parachutes to the ground with a parachute bearing his spider logo. Tranh lands on the ground and demands the farmers get his parachute. Minh citizen arrests Tranh and brings him to Sgt. Bryant and the police and the farmers stomp on Tranh's parachute. At Hawke's cabin, Hawke receives boxes of vegetables, a small American Flag and a note thanking him, Dominic and Caitlin, and Tranh's parachute.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 15 Santini's Millions played by Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic tells Hawke and Caitlin about last night and meeting Carl Barron. After almost crashing his helicopter while filming, Dominic tells Hawke and Caitlin he doesn't understand what happened. After they demand to see Margo Brewster, Dominic shows Graydon and Cooper that it obviously wasn't him that picked up Margo due to his helicopter being out of commission. Caitlin mentions that Angelo paints Dominic's helicopters. Caitlin sees Graydon and Cooper leave and she turns off the paint thinner and removes the trap Graydon left to cause an explosion and saves Hawke, Dominic and Angelo.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 16 Prisoner of Yesterday played by Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic and Caitlin arrive at the campsite and Hawke tells them he thinks Jason "Doc" Gifford is being taken to Suriana in South America. Hoffman tells Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin that Jason used to be employed locally as a crop duster and met President Marios Guzman during that time. He tells them that President Marios only trusted Jason as his doctor, but eventually started taking a quack serum from Dr. Jensen. Hoffman continues that once President Marios took power he became a dictator, until the military overthrew him. Before they leave, Hoffman warns them not to takes sides. Dr. Jensen tells Dominic, Hawke and Caitlin he has been harassed by government officials and secret police from two different countries, but refuses to admit he gave President Marios the serum. He admits Jason came with two other men and then left. They scan the villages looking for signs of radioactivity that could be from the serum and find a house with high radioactivity. Hawke sneaks into the building while Caitlin and Dominic wait in Airwolf. After Hawke is captured, Dominic and Caitlin go to see Hoffman and he warns them that President Marios words might start a civil war. Caitlin and Dominic rescue Hawke, and Caitlin is left at Hoffman's resident while Hawke and Dominic go to save Jason. Later, Hawke lands Airwolf back at the warehouse and Jason tells Hawke that he is going to stay for a few weeks and then waves goodbye after kissing Caitlin.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 17 Natural Born played by Jean Bruce Scott

Kevin walks up to Dominic, who is getting frustrated while working on his plane, and starts to stammer. Hawke and Caitlin walk over and Caitlin tells Dominic that Bert now wants three helicopters for the advertisement. Kevin shows Dominic the photograph, but Dominic doesn't recognize any of the men. As Kevin is walking off, Hawke offers him a job doing maintenance. Bert arrives with Wiley and Marcia and Dominic tries to convince Bert to use two helicopters, but Bert sticks to three. Marcia tells Dominic she knows Bert can be difficult, but he is a great artist and is too good to be making commercials. After Marcia walks away Caitlin asks if Marcia was serious in her comment about Bert, and Wiley jokes that he is the next Olivier. Caitlin tells Dominic and Hawke that she can't find any pilots available to fly the third helicopter and Kevin tells them he can fly. Later, Kevin tells Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin about the murder of Chester Hansen and they contact Archangel, who tells them that Blue Stone Flying Service is the only aircraft company in the area to use the particular helicopters. Hawke suggests they visit the Blue Stone Flying Service together and Caitlin tells them she and Kevin are going to drop off some film canisters. Caitlin and Kevin drive to Blue Stone Flying Service and Caitlin goes inside. She speaks with a Receptionist, and while the Receptionist goes to look for a group rate cost, Caitlin grabs a company jacket and hat and goes into the hangar. Kevin sees the black helicopter and jumps the fence into the property and he and Caitlin are caught by security and Schecter. As Jake O'Donnell is walking away, Kevin yells that Jake is the one that killed Chester, and Jake decides to bring Kevin and Caitlin along to dump them off the helicopter later. Caitlin and Kevin are put into a helicopter with Schecter, but manage to get free and knock him unconscious. Kevin, who is still tied up, takes the controls and as Jake is about to shoot Caitlin out of the air, Airwolf blows them out of the sky. They land and Kevin goes to live with the Reverend and Winter.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 18 Out of the Sky played by Jean Bruce Scott

While Roxanne "Roxy" Marvel is performing a rehearsal for her concert, Nick De Soto cues Dominic to fly overhead as Nick drops a lit up UFO, while Hawke flies another helicopter and Caitlin films it. Hawke takes Roxy back to her hotel room while Dominic and Caitlin go back to their hangar at Dominic Air. Hawke picks up Roxy and they and Dominic and Caitlin fly to Hawke's cabin. At night Caitlin, Dominic, Hawke, Roxy and Tet have dinner together at a campfire. Caitlin notices Roxy and Hawke starting to have a private conversation and motions to Dominic it is time for them to leave so Roxy and Hawke can be alone. As Caitlin is filming the rehearsal, she happens to capture Roxy being put into a car and driven away by Sal and Mickey. Later, Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin watch the film Caitlin shot of the rehearsal and they see the part where Roxy is being kidnapped. They go to Sally/Roxy's trailer and she fails to recognize them. They are confronted by Rusty Crawford who tells them they aren't allowed backstage. Nick decides to have Rusty fly the helicopter during the stunt while he lowers the UFO, and when Caitlin tells Rusty that is Dominic's job, he has her forcibly detained. Caitlin knocks her guard unconscious and calls Hawke and tells him Rusty and Nick are in the helicopter and are up to something.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 19 Dambreakers played by Jean Bruce Scott

At Santini Air, Dominic and Caitlin tell Hawke they can't take Kelly Dayton to the religious commune and he will have to take her. The next day, Dominic tells Caitlin he is worried about Hawke. Dominic tells Caitlin about a call he received from Sara Longwood and they decide to investigate with Airwolf. They land Airwolf nearby as Hawke and Kelly arrive at a hostage building and free them and Airwolf lands nearby. Hawke gets into Airwolf and he, Dominic and Caitlin fly after Johann Rector and the bomber. Airwolf catches up with the bomber, and Johann fires at Airwolf. Hana drops a torpedo, and Hawke fires a rocket and blows up the torpedo, and then blows up the bomber.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 22 Short Walk to Freedom played by Jean Bruce Scott

Hawke and Caitlin are flying Kay Freestone, Ozzie Hathaway, Cookie, Ernie and Jonathan to an archaeological field school to excavate Mayan ruins. Jonathan reads facts about the Mayans to the others in the plane and Kay comments that when her mother took her to China, there were places without hot water. The plane lands and Chema Comargo greets Ozzie. Caitlin sees Miguel forging parts for the bus Ozzie and his students are going to take to the archaeological site. Miguel mentions there have been lots of guerrilla activity lately including those led by Colonel Arturo Alazar, who hates Americans. Hawke flies the plane back while Caitlin stays with Ozzie and the students. Comargo decides to take a shortcut and crashes the bus into an embankment. Sergeant and a group of rebels walk up to the bus and orders Comargo to follow behind him in his jeep. They drive into the base of Colonel Alazar and Colonel Alazar recognizes Comargo. Ozzie tells Colonel Alazar that he has the ability to smuggle artifacts out of the country. Colonel Alazar becomes offended by Ozzie's offer and tells him bribery will be added to his crimes. Caitlin, Ozzie and the students are then placed in a cell. In the cell, Kay complains to Caitlin that she is sick. Caitlin confronts Ozzie and he lies and says he isn't a smuggler. Hawke and Dominic in Airwolf detect a large encampment and when Caitlin hears Airwolf she has everyone in the cell stand up and walk around as she switches the light off and on to send a Morse Code message detected by Airwolf on its thermal scanner. Airwolf fires a hole in the cell wall and lands. Hawke runs to the cell after riding inside a net basket hanging from the bottom of Airwolf, but Airwolf is hit with bazooka fire. During the escape, Ozzie falls out of the basket and Hawke jumps down to alleviate the weight hanging from Airwolf. Dominic is forced to land Airwolf due to the damage from the bazooka. Caitlin tells the students if they can get Airwolf to Miguel, then he might be able to fix it. Caitlin and the students start to drag Airwolf across the dry lake bed. Dominic sees a vehicle coming and tells the students to swing Airwolf around so the weapons are facing the vehicle. Sergeant gets out of the vehicle and tells them they must return to the guerrilla camp at once. Dominic shoots at Sergeant and Sergeant gets back into the vehicle and starts to shoot at Airwolf until Dominic and Caitlin blow the vehicle and Sergeant up with a missile. During the night, Cookie awkwardly tells Caitlin he doesn't want to die a virgin and hints that they have sex, but she tells him to get some sleep. In the morning, the students set a trap and when Comargo arrives in a jeep with a rebel, they ambush Comargo and use the jeep to pull Airwolf while Comargo and the rebel are tied up. At Miguel's mechanic shop, Caitlin tells Dominic Marella is on her way with a plane and Archangel told her about the MiGs headed their way. Miguel repairs Airwolf and Hawke arrives shortly after. Colonel Alazar arrives and starts firing at Airwolf and Marella's plane. Hawke then blows up Colonel Alazar and the rebels in the truck they were in. The MiGs arrive and start firing at Marella and Airwolf, but are shot down one by one by Hawke. Marella lands and picks up the students and Hawke tells her good job.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 1 The Horn of Plenty played by Jean Bruce Scott

Dominic receives a special delivery package and when Caitlin opens it she finds a videocassette inside. They watch the video and Hawke tells Dominic he is being held hostage and wants Dominic to deliver Airwolf to the location and time in the note included with the videocassette. Dominic and Caitlin arrive at G. Van Dorian GVD Fine Jewelry with Archangel, but find the building for lease. They call the phone number on the for lease sign and hear a recording warning not to do things their way anymore or Hawke will be killed. Archangel tells Dominic the FIRM isn't going to let them give Airwolf to the kidnappers. Caitlin tells Archangel she can fly Airwolf, which makes him upset. Archangel gives Dominic 48 hours to get Hawke out and then the FIRM is going to attack the kidnapper's base. He also gives them an experimental serum to block the effects of mind control. Airwolf lands and Dominic gets out, while Caitlin stays hidden. Hawke shoots and seemingly kills Dominic and Airwolf is brought to the kidnappers base. During the night, Caitlin turns the power on in Airwolf and as a guard goes to look inside Airwolf, he is knocked unconscious by Caitlin. She sneaks into the building as John Bradford Horn, Angelica Bolotin Horn and TJ go inside of it. Angelica goes to Hawke's room and Caitlin follows her. The Lab Technician brings Hawke's food and Angelica kisses Hawke before leaving. As the Lab Technician leaves Hawke's room, Caitlin enters it and uses the serum Archangel gave her as Hawke attacks her. Hawke comes to and remembers shooting Dominic, but Caitlin tells him Dominic is still alive. Later, Caitlin frees Dominic and they are then rescued by Hawke in Airwolf. TJ picks up Horn and Angelica in a car and they drive away. Airwolf catches up to the car, but find only TJ inside, who has committed suicide.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 2 Airwolf II played by Jean Bruce Scott

Hawke goes to Santini Air and takes a photograph of holes in one of Dominic's helicopters. Dominic tells Caitlin the holes don't look like bullet holes and Hawke tells them the FBI is going to be asking them lots of questions. Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin have Cortuvo look over the video Archangel showed Hawke. Cortuvo blows up the image of the helicopter and Hawke notices a discrepancy from Dominic's helicopter. Caitlin is kidnapped by Alonzo de Lomo. Harlan Jenkins finds Caitlin tied up and tells Alonzo he better be ready when Hawke arrives. Archangel and Hawke sneak onto Alonzo's base and get into a fight with Alonzo's men. Alonzo points a gun at Caitlin and has a stand off with Hawke and Archangel. Alonzo surrenders and Hawke and Harlan duel in the sky. Afterwards at Hawkes cabin, The Admiral makes makes roast pig for Hawke, Dominic, Caitlin, Archangel, Amanda and Brunette and they all toast him.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 3 And a Child Shall Lead played by Jean Bruce Scott

Caitlin acts out a scene to Dominic for an acting class she is taking. She hears a noise and Dominic shows her Alexandra the Goat, who he wants to use as a watch goat for the hangar. As they are showing Hawke, Alexandra, Dominic tells them his friend Monique gave him Alexandra as a present for his virility. Sister Monica overhears Dominic's talk of virility and confirms that Dominic is still going to St. Julian's School's picnic. She asks Hawke if it is true that he has a deal with Bobby Phelps, and Hawke tells her they do have a deal and he will also be at the picnic. At the picnic, Caitlin paddles in a boat with a kid. After Robert Phelps is kidnapped, Archangel receives a ransom call, and they add a radiation dipped twenty dollar bill to the ransom money so Airwolf can track it and Dominic heads to Burger Barn while Hawke and Caitlin prepare to leave in Airwolf when needed. Dominic is sent from one place to another to pick up clues to the next location to go to, before finally heading to Route 295. Hawke and Caitlin recon the area in Airwolf and Dominic drops off the money and meets them at a different location. They fly back to the money, which hasn't been picked up and Hawke figures out they wanted Bobby. They fly to St. Julian's and Sister Monica tells them Bobby left with some FBI agents to take him to see Robert. After Bobby is kidnapped, Caitlin calls the hangar and tells Hawke a medical supply service near Oakwood Hills recently sold heart attack equipment to a Dr. Stuart, who has gone missing. After Robert and Bobby are rescued and back at Robert's house, Archangel offers to have the FIRM guard him the next time he is working on a sensitive project. Robert tells everyone he is going to take Bobby to Camp Crystal Lake. Bobby gives Hawke a drawing he made of him and tells Hawke he should smile more and Hawke promises him he will.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 4 Fortune Teller played by Jean Bruce Scott

Caitlin tells Hawke and Dominic, none of the local law enforcement agencies have any information on the disappearance of Archangel and Megan Ravenson walks in and says Archangel is still alive and agrees to help. Hawke and Dominic take Megan in Airwolf and Caitlin calls them and tells them Sam told her Gurvovich lives in the Valley at 1439 Shotgun Lane.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 5 Crossover played by Jean Bruce Scott

Caitlin gets up from laying on a cot at Santini Air and purposefully knocks over a ladder to wake up Dominic. They talk about worrying about Hawke and how they wish they had gone through the original plan of Dominic and Hawke flying Airwolf to pick up Victor Janek and Inge Janek. Dominic tells Caitlin not to worry about Hawke and they hug. As Dominic and Caitlin are about to leave in a helicopter, Archangel drives up and tells them something went wrong on the mission and Marlene tells them the vehicle assigned to Hawke was found 30 feet underwater and they found Victor's body. Archangel then tells them he thinks Hawke is dead due to the evidence. Dominic and Caitlin decide to see for themselves if Hawke is dead and get Airwolf. They arrive in Mexico in Airwolf and shoot down two helicopters and pick up Hawke and Inge. Later, at Santini Air, Archangel picks up Inge who agrees to cooperate and she hugs Hawke before leaving with Archangel.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 3 Episode 6 Kingdom Come played by Jean Bruce Scott

Ken Sawyer goes to Santini Air and tells Caitlin he wants to hire her to teach him how to fly a helicopter and she agrees to teach him. While she teaches him how to fly, Sawyer starts to flirt with her. She has an acting role as a helicopter pilot named Officer Jones and Film Director tells her she did a great job and next time he is going to get her more lines to speak. After the production ends, Sawyer walks up to her trailer and tells her she was great. He shows her a bottle of Dom Perignon he brought and she asks him if he has been in a relationship before. He tells her he hasn't and she tells him she is willing to take the risk to date him and they kiss. They have dinner at the Beverly West. While they are dancing, The Man walks up and tries to get a dance with Caitlin. He is persistent to the point of insulting and pushing Sawyer. Sawyer grabs him by the arm and tells The Man to beat it. While they are having another lesson, Sawyer lands the helicopter and tells Caitlin to get out. She is grabbed by Tracey Cooper and put inside of a van and Sawyer turns on the Emergency Locator Transmitter on the helicopter. Caitlin is tied up in the bottom of the boat and a bomb placed on her. As Sawyer leaves, he tells her everything they did meant nothing to him. Archangel and Babe get to the door of the room Caitlin is locked inside. Babe manages to get into the room with Caitlin using a credit card to move the bomb against the door. When they get inside, Babe sees the bomb strapped to Caitlin ticking and tells Archangel his real name. He removes the bomb from Caitlin and Archangel tells her everything will be alright. Hawke and Dominic land Airwolf and Archangel walks Caitlin to them and she hugs Dominic and Hawke.

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