Camelot: Season 1 Episode 2 The Sword and the Crown

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Arthur pulls the sword from the stone and becomes king of Britain.

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Camelot (2011)


Merlin - Joseph Fiennes

King Arthur - Jamie Campbell Bower

Guinevere - Tamsin Egerton

Queen Igraine - Claire Forlani

Kay - Peter Mooney

Leontes - Philip Winchester

Morgan - Eva Green

Ector - Sean Pertwee

King Lot - James Purefoy

Ulfius - Jamie Downey

Brastias - Diarmaid Murtagh

Pellinor - Adam Goodwin

Messenger -George Mc Mahon

Naysayer - Peter O'Byrne

Scotland - Fergus Kealy

Nentes - Brian McGuinness

Duke of Cornwall - Colin J. Maher

Archbishop - John Lovett

Scullery Girl - Caoimhe O'Malley-Doyle

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Detailed Synopsis

King Arthur and Kay mourn at the casket of Arthur's Foster Mother. As Leontes and Ulfius are about to close her tomb, Arthur starts to blame himself for her death. Merlin tells him that King Lot murdered her so Arthur would give up. Arthur tells the others to leave while he stays to mourn. Morgan tells Lot that she wishes Arthur had heeded their warning and Lot reveals to her that he murdered both of his parents. Merlin tells Arthur's knights to work on strengthening the defenses at Camelot. Arthur is sitting on the beach when Guinevere walks out from the ocean like in his dream. Arthur walks towards her and she grabs him and pulls a knife on him. He tells her that he had a dream of her and that he was there to mourn his mother. He tells her that Lot killed his Foster Mother in revenge for Arthur killing Lot's Outrider. She tells him that Lot killed her family and uncles. Ector appears and calls to Arthur and Arthur runs to him and hugs him. During the night, Morgan goes out into the woods and performs a ritual and calls to a spirit. In the morning, Arthur, Kay, Merlin and Leontes go to where a sword is stuck inside the top of a waterfall. Merlin tells the legend of the sword, that whoever pulls it from the stone shall be the king to reunite Britain. Lot tells Morgan that word has spread and people are sending them gifts. Morgan criticizes Lot for celebrating their victory prematurely. Kay throws a rope over a stump jutting out of the cliff and ties the other end around Arthur. Queen Igraine apologizes to Ector for the death of Arthur's Foster Mother.

A Messenger rides up to Camelot and says that someone is trying to pull the sword from the stone. A Naysayer tells Merlin that Kay pulling Arthur up the waterfall is cheating. Leontes tells Merlin that even if Arthur pulls the sword, there is no way for him to come back down safely. More people gather to watch Arthur's attempt and the Naysayer says that Arthur will fail. Arthur makes it to the sword and remembers what Merlin told him and pushes it first before pulling it. He pulls the sword out, but then falls to the lake below. Leontes pulls him from the lake, but Arthur is unconscious. Merlin tells Leontes to light the beacon and to tell everyone that Arthur has retrieved the sword. Lot and Morgan see the beacon fires and Morgan tells Lot that he underestimated Arthur and slaps him. Arthur is bandaged by Igraine, Ector and Kay. Lot ties Morgan to a pole and leaves her until the morning as a lesson. During the night a fog surrounds Morgan and a voice tells her that he is wrong. Arthur regains consciousness and Merlin shows him the sword. Lot frees Morgan and tells her that he plans on attacking Arthur immediately. Arthur goes to see his new followers and Morgan rides up and tells Merlin that Lot is going to attack. Arthur has his coronation ceremony and the Archbishop crowns Arthur king. Morgan, disguised as the Scullery Girl watches the ceremony and Arthur declares that he will rule for the people. Kay is made marshal of England, and Ector and Leontes are made champions. Arthur is sitting next to Brastias when he sees Guinevere and walks over to her. Igraine tells Merlin that he hasn't aged at all since they last met 20 years ago. Arthur and Guinevere walk to the edge of the castle and while they are talking, Leontes joins them and Arthur finds out that Guinevere and Leontes are engaged. Arthur walks back into the castle and notices suspicious men in hoods and a battle breaks out. Pellinor is killed by Lot who then fights Ector. Lot fatally stabs Ector, who then sticks a dagger through Lot's neck. Ector tells Arthur and Kay that he loves them and then dies. Morgan tells Merlin that she will find another way to take the throne and Arthur asks her to work together, but she tells him it is either her or him. She walks out to the woods and a wolf appears and she tells it that she needs more.