Camelot: Season 1 Episode 3 Guinevere

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Arthur and Guinevere have an affair the day she is to be married.

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Camelot (2011)


Merlin - Joseph Fiennes

King Arthur - Jamie Campbell Bower

Guinevere - Tamsin Egerton

Queen Igraine - Claire Forlani

Vivian - Chipo Chung

Kay - Peter Mooney

Gawain - Clive Standen

Leontes - Philip Winchester

Morgan - Eva Green

Ginger - Kevin Shakleton

Bridget - Lara Jean Chorostecki

Leodegrance - Daragh O'Malley

Beseecher - Guy Carlton

Brastias - Diarmaid Murtagh

Ulfius - Jamie Downey

Borin -Ed Cosgrave

Scullery Girl - Caoimhe O'Malley-Doyle

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Detailed Synopsis

Ginger tells his riders that Leodegrance only has six guards and is an easy target. Guinevere is in her bedroom with Bridget and tells her that she is worried she is rushing into marriage and Bridget brings up that Guinevere and Leontes have been engaged for five years. Guinevere wonders if Leontes is the one she was meant to marry. Leodegrance opens the door and tells Guinevere that she has to leave as they are being attacked. Guinevere and Bridget go outside and Guinevere tries to attack Ginger and is pulled away by Bridget. As King Arthur, Merlin and Kay are walking through Camelot, they walk through a crowd of people asking for favors. Beseecher asks to speak with Arthur as does another. Leontes walks up to Arthur in a hurry and then takes him to see Guinevere and Bridget. Leodegrance tells Arthur about the bandit attack and Leontes asks if they can stay at Camelot. Merlin says no, but Arthur says they can stay. Leodegrance mentions Guinevere and Leontes' upcoming marriage and Merlin insists they have the wedding at Camelot. Morgan has the torture chamber door broken down at her castle and Vivian tells her that King Uther tortured anyone who crossed him. Vivian tells Morgan that the Romans brought her family to Britain as slaves. Morgan asks Vivian if she liked Uther and Vivian says she respected him. Morgan tells Vivian to purge anyone in the castle that she doesn't trust. Queen Igraine shows Guinevere and Bridget to their room and asks Guinevere if she loves Leontes and Guinevere tells her that she doesn't even know if she knows the word love. Leontes tells Kay that they should recruit Gawain to boost morale.

Vivian rides into Camelot and tells Arthur that Morgan invites him to her castle. Arthur tells her that he accepts, which upsets Merlin. As they are riding to Morgan's castle, they stop at Borin's bar. Merlin tells Arthur that he knows he has feelings for Guinevere which Arthur denies. They arrive at Morgan's castle and Merlin suspects that something is not right. At night, Morgan visits Arthur's room and Arthur asks her to tell him about Uther. Morgan cuts Arthur with her ring and leaves his room. Kay and Leontes find Gawain in an old church and they initially fight each other. They tell him about Arthur defeating King Lot and pulling the sword from the stone. Arthur dreams of having sex with Guinevere and rides back to Camelot. Morgan gets Merlin drunk and he places his hands on her face and sees the past, where she puts the poison in Uther's soup disguised as the Scullery Girl. Arthur goes into Guinevere's room and tells her to meet him at the beach. Merlin wakes up handcuffed to the bed and finds Morgan clipping his toe nails. He tells her that he knows she murdered Uther and warns her that the power she is using is hurting her. She shows him her ability to change into the Scullery Girl and afterwards she starts bleeding from her ears. Guinevere goes to the beach and Arthur tells her not to marry Leontes. They have sex and Guinevere tells him that they can only do it that one time. Kay finds Gawain's book and finds out that Gawain has trouble reading. As Kay and Leontes are leaving, Gawain offers to join them if Kay teaches him how to read. As Arthur and Guinevere are heading back to Camelot they come across a dead deer and she takes some of its blood. Merlin gets himself loose and warns Morgan again about using her magic. Gawain meets Arthur and Bridget brings Guinevere a gift from an unknown person. Guinevere opens the box it is in and sees it is a seashell. Arthur presides over Guinevere and Leontes' wedding. Morgan uses Arthur's blood to see what Arthur is seeing. After the wedding, Guinevere and Leontes have sex and Guinevere uses the deer blood to make Leontes believe she was a virgin.