Camelot: Season 1 Episode 4 Lady of the Lake

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Arthur continues to obsess about Guinevere while Morgan's condition gets worse.

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Camelot (2011)


Merlin - Joseph Fiennes

King Arthur - Jamie Campbell Bower

Guinevere - Tamsin Egerton

Queen Igraine - Claire Forlani

Vivian - Chipo Chung

Sybil - Sinead Cusack

Kay - Peter Mooney

Gawain - Clive Standen

Leontes - Philip Winchester

Morgan - Eva Green

Caliburn - Vincent Regan

Brastias - Diarmaid Murtagh

Ulfius - Jamie Downey

Excalibur - Lauren Coe

Bridget - Lara Jean Chorostecki

Warrior - Colmcille Donnelly

Borin -Ed Cosgrave

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Detailed Synopsis

The day after the wedding, King Arthur imagines Guinevere and Leontes in their marriage bed and angrily tells Brastias to get all the warriors out of bed and to tell Gawain to start training them right away. Guinevere asks Leontes when they can leave Camelot and he tells her that Arthur needs him at Camelot for the time being. Queen Igraine is watching Arthur eat when Merlin offers her breakfast and suggests she go and eat with Arthur. She and Merlin then notice Arthur watching as Guinevere and Leontes kiss. At Morgan's castle, Morgan and Vivian get ready to ride to Camelot to offer Guinevere a gift on her marriage. Morgan continues to experience pains in her body, but decides to go anyways. Gawain asks Arthur what he and his warriors are fighting for and Arthur tells him freedom. Gawain tells Arthur to show him how he fights, easily beats him and breaks Arthur's sword. Merlin says that Arthur needs a sword fit for a king and Gawain suggests he get a sword from Caliburn. Merlin pulls Arthur aside and tells him to stop lusting after Guinevere. Igraine walks up to Guinevere and tells her the worst thing a wife can do is heed the attention of someone other than her husband.

While they are riding, Morgan collapses and Vivian convinces her to go back to her castle. Arthur sees Guinevere and tells her that he couldn't sleep and asks her if Leontes is better than him in bed. She tells him that what happened on the beach meant nothing. When Morgan and Vivian arrive at the castle, Sybil is waiting inside. Morgan orders Sybil taken out of the castle and she is thrown outside. Gawain continues to train Arthur's warriors and while training Kay, cuts him in the arm with a blade on his shield. As Arthur chastises Gawain, Gawain pulls out a knife and puts it to his throat. Kay, Leontes, Brastias, and Ulfius pull their swords on Gawain, who releases Arthur. Morgan wakes up from a nap and feels better and tells Vivian to get her food. Vivian tells her that Sybil will not leave and Morgan tells her that Sybil taught her when she was sent to a nunnery by King Uther. As Morgan is eating, Vivian tells her that she is bleeding from her eyes. Morgan has Vivian bring Sybil into the castle.

Merlin finds Caliburn and tells him that he needs a sword for Arthur. Caliburn tells him that Arthur will have to come himself if he wants a sword. Merlin tells him who he is and Caliburn agrees to make the sword. Sybil asks Morgan what her symptoms are and asks her if she performed a summoning and accuses her of being reckless. Caliburn tells Merlin that he used to be a famous warrior, but quit to make weapons, but even now he still sometimes gets the lust for battle. Caliburn asks Merlin how it feels to use his powers and Merlin tells him that it feels like an extra emotion. Merlin uses his powers to make the fire grow in the rock hearth and is caught by Excalibur. She asks him what he is doing and he puts a knife to her throat. Caliburn threatens Merlin and tells him that in the morning, he will have his sword ready. Arthur asks Gawain how he will know when it is time to give up. Gawain tells him that the warrior would never give up and when he has nothing to lose, he will risk everything. Sybil puts Morgan into a protective circle and Morgan hears Uther and King Lot taunting her and she loses consciousness. Merlin has a dream that Caliburn kills Arthur and wakes up. Caliburn finishes the sword and tells Merlin that he will give the sword to Arthur himself, but Merlin refuses. Caliburn tells Merlin that if he can't give Arthur the sword personally, then Arthur can't have it. They fight and Merlin kills Caliburn by making the forge fire engulf him in flames.

Excalibur sees Caliburn dead and takes the sword and runs away from Merlin. He chases her to a lake and she gets into a boat and rows away. Merlin uses his powers to make the lake start to ice over and the boat gets stuck in the ice. Merlin starts to walk towards Excalibur and she falls into the lake with the sword. Excalibur manages to break the ice with the sword and sticks her arm with the sword out of the ice. Merlin takes the sword and Exaclibur drowns and sinks to the bottom of the lake. Sybil sees the Scullery Girl and then Igraine and Morgan suddenly regains consciousness. She starts to writhe and her appearance changes to that of Igraine. At Camelot, Igraine tells Arthur that he will find another person to love besides Guinevere, but he just walks away. Arthur goes to the training grounds and challenges Leontes to a fight as Guinevere, Bridget and the other warriors watch. Leontes wins, but when he is walking away, Arthur kicks him in the back and puts a knife to his throat and says to never give in and stares up at Guinevere. Guinevere confronts Arthur and tells him that he can't win her. Merlin goes to Borin's bar and starts a fight with Borin and a Warrior. The Warrior then proceeds to beat up Merlin, who doesn't fight back. Sybil tells Morgan that the nunnery burned down and she was the only survivor. Merlin returns with the sword and tells the others that he found Caliburn dead and rode to a lake where he saw an arm sticking out of the lake holding the sword and that its name is Excalibur.