Camelot: Season 1 Episode 6 Three Journeys

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Arthur accompanies Guinevere to see her dying father, Morgan continues to try and win support among the influential and Kay and some of the other warriors return to his home to look for books.

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Camelot (2011)


Merlin - Joseph Fiennes

King Arthur - Jamie Campbell Bower

Guinevere - Tamsin Egerton

Vivian - Chipo Chung

Sybil - Sinead Cusack

Kay - Peter Mooney

Gawain - Clive Standen

Leontes - Philip Winchester

Morgan - Eva Green

Ector - Sean Pertwee

Leodegrance - Daragh O'Malley

Young Guinevere - Lily Walsh

Bridget - Lara Jean Chorostecki

Brastias - Diarmaid Murtagh

Ulfius - Jamie Downey

Messenger - George McMahon

Warin - Sam O'Mahony

Mary's Son - Lorcan Melia

Mary - Melanie Clarke Pullen

Herlewin - Nick Devlin

Bela - Janine Wood

Arwen - Anne Skellern

Sara - Rachel Joyce

Young Arthur - Shay MaCleod

Young Kay - Oscar Quinn

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Detailed Synopsis

Guinevere has a dream of herself as a child when Leodegrance told her the story of Zeus and Artemis and her birthday wishes. Bridget knocks on her door and tells her that a Messenger is there to see her. Brastias, Ulfius, Leontes, Gawain and Kay are putting up banners with the Pendragon logo on them when Merlin rides up and tells them that they are going to Kay's old home to retrieve Ector's books. As King Arthur is giving orders on how to improve Camelot, Bridget tells him that Guinevere left. The Messenger tells them that he told her that Leodegrance is sick and Guinevere left to the Fens to see him. Arthur then leaves to go after her. Vivian tells Morgan that people have been waiting since sunrise to ask for favors. The first group to ask her judgement is Warin, Mary's Son, and Mary. Mary tells Morgan that she and Warin haven't been together for seven years and now he wants Mary's Son to help him with his farm. Warin thinks he should have Mary's Son, because he is old enough to work and is the only family he has. Morgan offers to buy Mary's Son and after Warin tries to haggle with her, Morgan gives Mary's Son to Mary.

As Merlin and the others are riding, they come across a camp that was attacked. They find Herlewin still alive, but his wife dead. Merlin tells Herlewin that he is dying and Kay asks Merlin to use his powers. Merlin refuses to and Gawain snaps Herlewin's neck. Arthur finds Guinevere in a village and Bela tells Guinevere that going through the forest is dangerous. She says that people said it would be different with a new king, but he's done nothing for them. Arwen arrives at Morgan's castle and demands to see Morgan immediately. Arthur and Guinevere take the coastal road and he complains about how every time he fails, someone dies. Sybil is telling Morgan what a good job she did and she should use her powers. Vivian walks in and tells Morgan that Arwen said she was in danger. Morgan walks into the main hall with Vivian and Sybil and Arwen accuses Sybil of being a devil. Arwen uncovers her face and reveals her burn scars. She says that her daughter was in the nunnery when Sybil set it on fire. Arwen tells Morgan that she wants justice and Sybil must be executed.

Merlin explains his powers to the others and how using magic comes with a cost. Morgan angrily yells at Vivian about the revelation about Sybil. In the morning, Arthur and Guinevere are being robbed while they are asleep. Arthur kills two of the robbers and the third one runs away. Kay and the others ride into Kay's old home and find it plundered and the books gone. During the hearing, Sybil asks for forgiveness and says every year there was a ritual and in order to hide it from the priests, she set the nunnery on fire. Guinevere and Arthur ride onto Sara's property and Guinevere goes to Leodegrance. He calls her Alice and Guinevere repeats the story he told her from when she was young and he dies. Merlin tells Gawain that his powers bring him into the dark, but Gawain tells him that he must use his powers just like they do. Sybil tells Morgan not to let Arwen's accusations take them off course. Kay has a dream of Ector reading to him and Arthur and when he wakes up, sees a spectral image of Ector. He follows the image which leads him to a hidden basement and the books. Kay and the others pack the books up and ride back to Camelot. As Arthur and Guinevere are returning to Camelot, they stop for the night and Guinevere asks Arthur to hold her. As Leontes is riding, he is thrown from his horse and dislocates his shoulder, Merlin uses magic to distract him and Gawain puts his arm back into its socket. Morgan gives her verdict and places Sybil's hand in the fire. Arwen wants more, but is told to leave. When Arthur and Guinevere get near Camelot they kiss. Morgan treats Sybil's burnt hand and Arthur smiles as he looks up at the stars.