Camelot: Season 1 Episode 9 The Battle of Bardon Pass

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Morgan enacts her plan to create doubt in Arthur's ability to defend Britain.

Series Index

Camelot (2011)


Merlin - Joseph Fiennes

King Arthur - Jamie Campbell Bower

Guinevere - Tamsin Egerton

Queen Igraine - Claire Forlani

Vivian - Chipo Chung

Sybil - Sinead Cusack

Kay - Peter Mooney

Gawain - Clive Standen

Leontes - Philip Winchester

Morgan - Eva Green

Albion - Tyler Kennington

Border Guard - Enda Kilroy

Harwel - Dara Devaney

Wallace - Paul McGlinchey

Hilda - Elaine Fox

Lucan - Sebastian Spence

Mercenary 1 - Tony McKenna

Mercenary 2 - Tristan McConnell

Ulfius - Jamie Downey

Brastias - Diarmaid Murtagh

Camelot Guard - Darryl Kinsella

Acton - Shane Gately

Alric - Gordon Mahn

Griffith - Ciaran Gallagher

Injured Woman - Aoife Moloney

Borin - Ed Cosgrave

Mercenary 4 - Andrew Keane

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Detailed Synopsis

After Queen Igraine sees herself standing at Camelot and telling her good morning, she thinks she has gone crazy. She walks towards Morgan, who is disguised as her and touches her. Morgan tells her that she is her damaged soul and Igraine runs away and Morgan rides away from Camelot. At Bardon Pass, a Border Guard supervises as Albion practices shooting his bow and arrows. A group of riders led by Harwel ride up and Harwel takes Albion's fallen arrow and slaps him in the face with it. The Border Guard sees and whistles to another border guard and they approach the riders. Harwel stabs and kills the Border Guard and the other border guard is killed. Albion runs to Lucan and tells him the Border Guards were killed. Lucan tells Albion to ride to Camelot to warn them of the attack. Wallace asks Harwel if he wants him to send someone to stop Albion, but Harwel tells him that Albion is reacting how they want him to. Igraine goes into her room and Merlin is confused by her behavior and her physical condition. She tells him that she saw herself staring back at her and that Sybil had her captive at Castle Pendragon. Merlin figures out that Morgan was impersonating her and they have to find out what Morgan learned.

Morgan returns to her castle and tells Sybil that she was successful in her mission and everyone will think Igraine has gone mad. Guinevere wakes up and sees Leontes staring at her and he asks her if she had an affair with King Arthur. She at first denies it, but then admits to it. Leontes grabs his sword and as he is walking, runs into Merlin. Leontes tells Merlin what happened and Merlin tells him that he will deal with Arthur. Sybil introduces Morgan to a group of mercenaries including Mercenary 1, and Mercenary 2. Mercenary 1 says he doesn't owe Arthur anything and Morgan tells them that she wants to strike at different locations to show how fragile Arthur's protection is. Mercenary 2 says he will attack anywhere for a price, and she offers them leadership roles if she wins the crown. While Arthur is having a meeting with Ulfius and Brastias, Guinevere goes to him and tells him that Leontes knows about their affair.

Vivian asks Sybil how they will avoid punishment for kidnapping Igraine and Sybil tells her to give her total loyalty to Morgan. Merlin tells a Camelot Guard to tell Arthur, he wants to speak with him. Albion tells the Camelot Guard that he needs to speak to Arthur, but the Camelot Guard tells him to wait in line. Guinevere apologizes to Leontes for cheating on him, but he doesn't believe it was only once and tells her that Igraine was the one that told him. Merlin sees Arthur and punches him in the face and then tells him to cover what happened between him and Guinevere up. Albion climbs up to Arthur's window and tells him Bardon Pass is under siege. Arthur orders Kay, Gawain, Ulfius and Brastias to assemble. Merlin tracks down Leontes and tells him about Bardon Pass, but Leontes plans on leaving Camelot. He agrees to go, but tells Merlin that he will leave Camelot when they return. Guinevere accuses Igraine of telling Leontes about her affair. Merlin tells Gawain to protect Arthur if Leontes tries to harm him and Arthur and his men head to Bardon Pass. Acton tells Morgan that the trade routes are unsafe and Alric says that the banner of Arthur means nothing. Morgan acts like she is still loyal to Arthur and she blames Merlin for leading Arthur astray.

Merlin and Igraine leave to bring Morgan back to Camelot to face charges. Albion shows Arthur and his men a secret way to Bardon pass and Brastias is almost struck by Griffith, who thinks he is the enemy. Arthur meets Lucan and Wallace tells Harwel that Arthur has come. Merlin and Igraine ride into Morgan's castle and when Morgan comes out, Merlin accuses her of numerous charges. Injured Woman says that Morgan is the only one they can trust and Morgan and Sybil take Igraine and Merlin to where Igraine says she was tortured. The room has been transformed into a prayer room and Igraine realizes that Sybil is trying to make them look crazy to the locals. Merlin tells Morgan that she is under arrest and instead Merlin and Igraine are arrested. Guinevere rides to Bardon Pass and Kay figures out that Arthur cheated with Guinevere. Arthur admits to it to the others and Kay tells him he isn't a worthy king or brother. Merlin and Igraine are bound with ropes and dragged behind Morgan and Sybil as they ride to Camelot. Morgan and the others stop at Borin's pub and he tells them that the people gathered there are all afraid of attacks on their home. Wallace gives Arthur the chance to surrender, but Arthur refuses. Harwel and the mercenaries attack and Mercenary 4 attacks Guinevere, but is killed by Leontes. Hilda is shot by an arrow during the attack. Wallace tells Harwel that they have to retreat, and Harwel calls for a retreat, but before they do, Ulfius is killed and Kay is shot by Harwel with an arrow. Arthur tells the others to retreat while he stays behind.