Captain Rhodes

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Captain Rhodes


Rhodes is a captain in the Colorado National Guard. His brother is Kenneth.

During the events of Day of the Dead (2008) played by Ving Rhames

In Leadville, Colorado, Mr. Leitner argues with Rhodes, who tells him his orders are to maintain the roadblock for the next 24 hours. Mr. Leitner tells Rhodes that he wants to take his sick son to a hospital out of town and continues to argue with Rhodes. Mrs. Leitner tries to calm Mr. Leitner down and Mr. Leitner threatens to drive through the roadblock. Sarah Bowman walks over to Mrs. Leitner and says hello and Mr. Leitner tells her that their son is really sick and she convinces him to drive his son to the local medical center. Later, Sarah uses her humvee radio to contact Rhodes and he tells her that all the phone lines are being blocked. At the hospital, Rhodes calls Sarah over and tells her Doctor Logan wants to talk with her about the bodies at Kyle's house. The people in the hospital suddenly change into Wildfire Zombies and Rhodes is attacked by Zombies and partially eaten.