Card Playing Officer

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Card Playing Officer


Card Playing Officer is an officer in the Russian army.

During the events of Theatre Macabre: Season 1 Episode 22 The Fatalist played by Ferdynand Matysik

A group of officers including Lieutenant Vulich and Card Playing Officer are playing a game of cards. Vulich loses the card game and complains that he knew that he would lose. He goes back to playing cards. He beats one opponent, but after an Older Officer offers to cover his bank, the Older Officer is shot in the back by the Partisans through a window. Major tells another officer to get a doctor and Card Playing Officer bets all of his money against Vulich's cards and Vulich loses.

Pechorin asks Vulich to prove fate exists and Vulich makes a proposition. Pechorin says he will bet that fate doesn't exist and Vulich hands the Major his money. Vulich has Pechorin toss him a random pistol and a Betting Officer bets 50 in money that Vulich will die, while Betting Officer 2 bets 100. Vulich puts the pistol to his head and pulls the trigger, but nothing happens. Doubting Officer thinks the pistol was empty and Vulich points it at some candles and pulls the trigger and a shot rings out. Vulich collects his money, and Pechorin admits he must believe in fate. The Sergeant Major reports to the Major that Vulich has been killed and that his last words were, he was right. The Major brings the other officers outside and the Sergeant Major tries to burn Nastja Pontiniev out of the barn. Nastja shoots at anyone that comes near the barn and the Sergeant Major has his troops surround the barn. Pechorin flips a coin and then approaches the barn door and captures Nastja. The Sergeant Major then punches Nastja unconscious. The other officers then congratulate Pechorin.