Carling (Twilight Zone S1E14)

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Carling works at the Ministry of Science on an alien planet.

During the events of The Twilight Zone: Season 1 Episode 14 Third from the Sun played by Edward Andrews

William Sturka stops to have a cigarette and Carling stops to talk with him. Carling tells Sturka that he has heard rumors that the military will attack their enemies within 48 hours. Sturka is confident that their side will win, but Sturka has less enthusiasm. Carling calls Sturka's attitude defeatist and warns him to mind what he says and thinks. Later, Carling eavesdrops on Sturka and Jerry Riden's plan on escaping the planet. He goes to Sturka's house and Carling starts asking suspicious questions and notices Eve Sturka seems nervous. Carling leaves and Sturka, Jerry, Eve, Ann Riden and Jody Sturka drive to the Ministry of Science and park at the gate. They receive a signal from who they think is the guard Jerry bribed, but turns out to be Carling. Carling walks up with a drawn gun and orders everyone out of the car. Jody hits him and Sturka and Jerry manage to subdue him.