Carnivorous (2008)

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A young boy steals a voodoo stick with the power to call up an alligator-headed serpent.


Horror, Monster


Nick - DMX

Kelly - Wes Brown

Sam - Lauren Fain

Allen Cade - Louis Herthum

Young Allen - Brandon Aguillard

Becky Cade - Lisa Arnold

Laura Cade - Debra Arnott

Young Nick - Percy E. Butler

Winston - Derrick Denicola

Mailman - Devin Dencolia

Crazy Kirabou - O Neal Issac

Kurt - Caleb Michaelson

Clayton - David Pullman

Young Becky - Abby Rao

Mad Dog - Sheldon Robins

FBI Agent Ham - Chris Ryan

Paul - Tony Senzamici

Willie - Jason T-Bo Thibeau

Mad Mogs Friend - Mike Thompson

Ashley - Victoria Vodar

Mohawk - Keno Williams

Kulev Serpent

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Detailed Synopsis

Allen Cade is sitting in his room while Laura Cade and Paul argue in the their bedroom over the cost of Allen's private lessons. As Paul tries to open Allen's door, Allen climbs out his bedroom window. Allen goes to Becky's house and invites her to go to Crazy Kirabou's house. They sneak into his house and find the Kulev Stick and take it when Kirabou hears them in his house. Kirabou runs after Allen and Becky and Nick hears his father yelling and Kirabou tells him to go back inside the house. Allen sneaks back into his bedroom window and hears Laura and Paul fighting again. Allen starts to draw with the Kulev Stick and draws a picture of Paul getting eaten by a snake. As Paul is about to drive off in his truck, the Kulev Serpent attacks and kills him.

Years later, Allen wakes up in bed and Becky asks him if he wants any breakfast. Sam is washing the dishes while Ashley and Clayton sit at the table. Kurt sneaks up on Sam and scares her. Allen reminds Becky that it is Laura's birthday and she tells him that she will get some flowers from their nursery. Sam answers the door and lets Kelly inside after hugging him. Kurt sees Kelly and remembers his nickname of Kelly "Green" Kelly. Sam introduces Kelly to Ashley and Clayton and tells Kelly they are going to Kurt's parent's property about two hours away. Winston rides his skateboard into the kitchen and Kelly tells him that he also skateboards. As Ashley and Clayton are packing, Clayton pulls out a revolver he is bringing with him. Becky tells Allen the plants she got for them to plant and they each tell the other they love them. Sam, Kelly, Kurt, Clayton and Ashley get inside Kurt's vehicle and Kurt makes Sam sit in the back with Kelly. The Mailman delivers the mail to Allen and Becky's house. While Becky is planting plants, she finds the box with the Kulev Stick. Kurt's mom calls him and asks if he has seen Winston and he tells her that he hasn't since he left.

Becky crosses the road to get the mail, while Kurt keeps on staring at Ashley's butt instead of the road. Allen sees Kurt driving erratically and tries to warn Becky, but she doesn't hear him in time and Kurt runs her over and keeps on driving. Kurt passes by Nick who is sitting outside his house and Ashley points and laughs at him. Kurt and the others arrive at his parent's property and Sam and Kelly go for a walk. Allen takes the Kulev Stick which he found on Becky and draws a picture of the Kulev Serpent attacking Kurt and the others in the vehicle. Ashley starts dancing for Kurt as Clayton watches. Sam and Kelly return from their walk and Sam sees Ashley dancing for Kurt and storms out. Kurt goes looking for Sam in the sugar cane field. Kelly and Sam smoke a joint and he invites her to come and visit him in New York City and they kiss. They hear Kurt and try to help him to get where they are, but Kurt is attacked and dragged away by the Kulev Serpent and Kelly and Sam stop looking for him. Nick calls Mad Dog and tells him that he needs some weaponry. Sam tells Ashley and Clayton that they should call the constable, but Clayton thinks Kurt is just messing with them. Kurt is dragged to the Kulev Serpent's lair and killed. Sam decides to go looking for Kurt again and brings Kelly. Allen notices that one of the people in his drawing is now colored red. He tries to erase the red coloring, but it doesn't work.

Willie and Mad Mogs Friend arrive to get the weapons from Mohawk. Mohawk gives Willie a AT4. Sam and Kelly find Kurt's hat and hear something in the drainage and run back to the house. Kelly notices that his and Sam's phone don't have cellphone service. Allen tries to destroy his drawing, but it doesn't work. Willie and Mad Mogs Friend drop off the AT4 to Nick and Mad Dog. While Sam and Kelly are in Kurt's truck they discover Winston hitched a ride with them. They tell Winston that they can't find Kurt and he gives them Kurt's spare keys before running off. Ashley and Clayton have sex and the Kulev Serpent breaks into the house and impales Clayton in the chest and drags his body away. While Sam and Kelly are driving they see another car and flag it down. Allen pulls over and recognizes Kurt's truck and punches Kelly. He tells them that they killed Becky and they ask him to help them find Kurt and Winston. Winston finds Kurt's hat and finds the Kulev Serpent's nest and is then attacked by the Kulev Serpent. Allen drives Sam and Kelly to Nick's house and Allen gives Nick the Kulev Stick. Nick tells them the history of the Kulev Stick and that whoever is drawn with it will face its vengeance.

Nick tells them that the Kulev's stomach acid can destroy anything. Sam and Kelly return to Kurt's parent's property and find it full of blood. As Ashley is running in the woods, she is attacked and killed by the Kulev Serpent. Allen, Sam and Kelly hear Ashley's scream and go to look for her and find her body and see the Kulev Serpent. Allen shoots at it, but it leaves with Ashley's body. Kelly shows Sam and Allen a weapon he made with some forks, the Kulev Stick, the drawing and a lamp. While Allen, Sam and Kelly are looking for the Kulev Serpent, it cuts Allen's head off. Nick finds them and they discover the Kulev Serpent's nest. Winston runs to them and the Kulev Serpent attacks them. Nick shoots it with the AT4, but it doesn't kill it. Winston tells them that when he was a kid he ate paper and Kelly decides to get eaten by the Kulev Serpent while he is holding the drawing. The Kulev Serpent eats Kelly and Nick shoots it again with the AT4. The Kulev Serpent disappears leaving Kelly behind. Nick leaves and Sam, Kelly and Winston drive away. The eyes of the Kulev Stick then shine red.