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Charley Roman


Charley Roman is a resident of New York City. His father is Louis Roman.

During the events of Death Promise (1977) played by Charles Bonet

Charley and Speedy are jogging through New York City. Charley goes to his apartment and finds the gas has been shut off. He goes to take a shower and finds the water has also been shut off. Louis walks into Charley's apartment and Charley tells him about the water and gas being shut off. The power then goes off and Charley runs over and helps Louise fight Thugs off. Charley grabs one of the Thugs and demands to know who sent them, but the Thug tells him, some random guy just paid them to pull out wires. Later, Charley and Speedy work out at the dojo. Charley and Speedy sees Thugs harassing Uncle John and beat them up and the Thug in the car drives off. Louis walks up and tells the Tenants that have gathered outside that the Thugs don't know who they are working for and the entire block is owned by the Iguana Realty Company. He then tries to convince them to stick together and not move.

Charley looks outside his window and sees three Thugs walking to the apartment with a jug of gasoline. One of the Thugs pours the gasoline on the building and some cardboard and Charley attacks the Thugs and beats them up. Charley walks to the dojo and Speedy tells him that Shibata is training Shibata's Sons. While at the bar, Charley notices Louis is carrying a gun. Charley and Speedy leave the bar and Charley finds Louis dead. Charley then makes a promise to find and kill whoever killed Louis. The next morning, Shibata brings Charley into his dojo and shows him the letter Louise wrote. Shibata makes a deal with Charley, if he goes off to train some more, then he will give Charley the letter when he returns. Charley says goodbye to Speedy and then takes a plane flight out of the country. He arrives at Master Ying's dojo and Master Ying has Charley perform a kata for him. Master Ying shakes his head and has Sup Kim walk into the room. He then has Charley and Kim fight, and Kim easily beats Charley. Master Ying starts to train Charley as if he were a beginner.

Later, during dinner, Charley catches a fly with his chopsticks. Eventually, Master Ying tells Charley that the time for his mission has come. Before leaving back to New York City, Charley says goodbye to Kim, who tells him that he plans on traveling to New York City. Shibata gives Charley the letter and Charley finds out Alden was responsible for Louis' death. Charley sees Speedy and Speedy tells him the names of the other men involved in Louis' death. Charley and Speedy beat up Albano's Thugs and then ambush Albano who is eventually killed. They next ambush Mursky's Thugs and Mursky runs to his car. He tells his driver to run over Charley and Charley punches the car window, shattering the glass onto Mursky's face and killing him. Charley and Speedy sneak onto Judge Engstrom's property. They knock out Judge Engstrom's Thugs at the property entrance and Speedy distracts some more Thugs while Charley gets onto the roof of Engstrom's house. Charley puts a rod with string into Engstrom's bedroom window and puts poison on the string, which then drops into Engstrom's mouth, poisoning him to death. Jr. Jackson sends Jackson's Guard and another Jackson's Guard after Speedy and they chase after Charley, who is also wearing a postal worker uniform. They attack Charley and he beats them up.

The next day, while Charley and Speedy are walking, Kim runs up to them and Charley introduces him to Speedy. Charley splits off from Speedy and Kim and they sneak into the building. Alden grabs a gun and points it at Speedy and Kim and Charley walks in and throws a throwing star at Alden's hand. Alden runs away and Charley goes after him while Speedy and Kim finish beating up Mike and the others. Alden walks to the roof and is killed by a samurai sword wielded by Shibata. Charley, Speedy and Kim go to the roof and Charley realizes Shibata was the true mastermind. Shibata's Sons fight Speedy and Kim. Speedy and Kim kill Shibata's Sons and Charley and Shibata fight one on one. Shibata pulls out his samurai sword and Charley uses a pair of sai to defend himself. Shibata eventually lunges onto his own samurai sword and Charley lifts him up and throws him on the rooftop of a nearby building. Afterwards, Charley, Speedy and Kim visit Louis' grave.

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