Chief Crammins

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Chief Crammins


Chief B. Crammins is the sheriff in New Gideon, Montana.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 21 Eruption played by Taylor Lacher

Chief Crammins tells John Cove that one of his deputies is escorting Amelia Davenport into town. Chief Crammins wonders why they even bother with the ceremony of bringing Amelia into town and John tells him Amelia, as the last Davenport, is a symbol they use to make the workers forget their troubles. In town, Amelia gives a speech announcing the opening of another copper mine. Mary Avery walks up with two other people and she starts yelling towards Amelia. Chief Crammins and another officer run towards Mary and the two others and grab them and push them away. Later, John tells Lester Bowden he is leaving with the senior company men and Chief Crammins but leaving Officer Hadeen. Mt. Catherine erupts and Pilot tells John they are lucky none of the helicopters were in the air when Mt. Catherine blew up as he repairs one of the helicopters, which is going to take ten hours to repair. John and Chief Crammins arrive back in town and Amelia tells John she is bringing some of the workers to Denver to report on the doings of the company. When Chief Crammins goes to arrest Mary, Nick Cranovich and Dominic grab him and Stringfellow Hawke takes away his gun. Amelia tells John he is fired, but he tells her he answers to the board of directors and not her and walks away. Later, Chief Crammins sees Amelia leaving with Mary and Bowden, who is carrying acounting ledgers, in the limo and tells John who orders him to get the helicopters ready. Pilot starts to fire rockets at the limo as the limo driver tries to evade them. Airwolf arrives and manages to have the three helicopters destroy each other and John, Chief Crammins and Pilot are killed.