Christmas Evil (1980)

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A factory worker decides to punish those who have been naughty.




Harry Stadling - Brandon Maggart

Philip Stadling - Jeffrey DeMunn

Jackie Stadling - Dianne Hull

Dennis Stadling - Andy Fenwick

Marc Stadling - Brian Neville

Frank Stoller - Joe Jamrog

Harry's Childhood

Philip Stadling Jr. - Wally Moran

Harry Stadling Jr. - Gus Salud

Harry's Mother - Ellen McElduff

Harry's Father - Brian Hartigan

Neighborhood Children

Moss Garcia - Peter Neuman

Scotty Goodrich - Lance Holcomb

Susie Lovett - Elizabeth Ridge

Richie Sharp - Chris Browning

Frankie - Tyrone Holmes

Moss' Mother - Patricia Richardson

Jolly Dream Team

Mr. Fletcher - Scott McKay

Mr. Grosch - Peter Friedman

Ben - Owen Hollander

Jake - Horace Bailey

Dr. Probst - John Brockman

Sol Wiseman - Burt Kleiner

Worker - David Hughes

Tipsy Worker - Lloyd David Hart

Mrs. Fletcher - Francine Dumont

Mrs. Grosch - Pamela Enz

Willowy Springs State Hospital

Guard - William Robertson

Nurse - Sheila Anderson

Doctor - Robert Ari

Ricardo Bauma - Philip Casnoff

The Church

Peter - Michael Klinger

Charles - Mark Chamberlin

Binky - Colleen Zenk

Khaki - Lisa Sloan

The Friends and Family Association

Man 1 - Jim Desmond

Man 2 - Mark Margolis

Little Girl - Jennifer Novtney

Woman - Audrey Matson

Accordian Player - Danny Federici

Saxophone Player - Arthur Bressler

Drummer - Jack Scarangella

The Line-Up

Detective Gleason - Ray Barry

Inspector Grella - Sam Gray

Detective Gottleib - Bobby Lesser

Young Man - Will McMillan

Priest - Bill Raymond

Older Woman - Joan Jonas

Female Witness - Nancy Clark

Black Santa - T. Wellington Perkins

Santa 1 - Jim Gagen

Santa 2 - Leib Lensky

Santa 3 - James Gallagher

Older Man - Hy Mencher

Policeman - Michael Gordon

The Alley

Tom - Stephen Mendillo

Theresa - Ratanya Alda

Angelina - Kerry Broderick

Joe - John Towey

Mary - Annette Kurek

Matthew - Matthew Levine

Frank Stoller's Family

Mrs. Stoller - Marian Vitale

Daughter - Carrie Steele

Son - Robert Samilari

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Detailed Synopsis

On Christmas Eve 1947, Harry Stadling, Philip Stadling and Harry's Mother watch as Harry's Father, who is dressed as Santa, comes down the chimney and delivers presents under the tree. Philip laughs and Harry's Father returns up the chimney. Later Harry and Philip argue if it was Santa or not and Harry gets out of bed to prove that it was Santa. He hears laughing coming from the living room and sees "Santa" caressing Harry's Mother's legs. He runs to the attic grabs a snow globe and smashes it onto the ground and then cuts himself with the broken glass.

In the present, 55 days before Christmas, Harry, who lives in a home decorated with Christmas knickknacks and toys he makes in his free time, wakes up and dances to Christmas music. He goes to the top of the apartment building and spies on the neighborhood children. He sees Scotty Goodrich taking out the trash, Susie Lovett playing with her doll and Moss Garcia cutting out a centerfold from a Penthouse magazine. He runs home and add each kids activity to either the Good Boys and Girls or Bad Boys and Girls books for 1980.

28 days before Christmas, Harry goes to work and tells Ben, another Worker and Jake that no one at the factory is interested in making good, rigidly constructed toys. Ben asks him if he knows who is getting laid off in January and then gives him a hard time for not going to union meetings anymore. Frank Stoller walks up to them and asks if any of them will take over his shift that night as he has to leave early to go on a trip with his wife. None of them agree to take his shift and he walks up to Harry, takes a bite out of his sandwich and says he hates Christmas. Frank later calls Harry and tells him he is going to do him a favor and let him work his shift. After work, Harry is walking by a bar when he sees Frank inside and hears him bragging to the other patrons how he got Harry to work his shift. He walks over to Philip's house, which is the same one as they grew up in, and watches as Philip plays with Dennis Stadling and Marc Stadling and then has sex with Jackie Stadling on the couch.

On Thanksgiving Day, Harry watches a Christmas parade and gets excited to see Santa. Jackie asks Philip to not give Harry a hard time and then tells him what Marc and Dennis want for Christmas. Harry calls Philip and tells him that he isn't going to make it for Thanksgiving Dinner. He makes a Santa suit and paints his van to look like a sleigh.

As he is walking home, Moss, Scotty, Susie, Richie Sharp and Frankie wave at him. They tell him what they wished for that day and Richie says he wished he was the principle so he could throw out whoever he wanted at school. Frankie says he wishes he was a firefighter, while Moss says he wishes he had a lifetime subscription to Penthouse magazine. Harry goes home and adds another demerit to Moss' entry in the Bad Boys and Girls book. During the evening, he goes to Moss' house and watches him from the window. Harry smears dirt on his face and then presses it onto the house. Moss' Mother drags him outside and Moss sees Harry. Moss walks over to where Harry is hiding and tells Moss' Mother that a monster is hiding in the bushes and Moss' Mother slaps him and shoves him into the car.

At the Jolly Dreams Christmas party, Harry walks over to a television and watches a video loop from Sol Wiseman saying that Jolly Dreams will donate toys to the Willowy Springs State Hospital. In the video he also asks the workers to donate money for the cause. A Tipsy Worker complains to the other workers how Sol is using their donated money to make the company look good. Ben asks Harry how he is feeling and tells him that Frank is bragging to the other workers that Harry worked his shift for him. Harry tells Ben that he has figured out his and the others' tune. Mr. Fletcher walks over to Harry and introduces Mr. Grosch to him. On the television, Dr. Probst discusses all the pain and anguish that happen at the Willowy Springs State Hospital.and asks people for donations. Fletcher asks Harry for his ideas on how to improve business. Harry asks how many toys are going to be donated and Grosch, who designed the charity campaign, admits he doesn't even know how many children there are at the hospital and that the amount of toys donated is all determined by how much the employees donate. Harry grabs a few sacks and fills them with toys from the factory. He then goes and fills a sack full of dirt from the landfill. He goes home and puts on his Santa beard and starts to think that he is Santa.

On Christmas Eve, Harry goes to Philip's house and drops off toys. He then drives his van to Moss' house and drops off the bag full of dirt. He goes to Willowy Springs State Hospital and rings the delivery door doorbell. The Guard walks up to Harry and calls him crazy. Harry tells him that he has good intentions and gives him a present and the Guard goes inside and and a Nurse and a Doctor walk outside and Harry shows them the van full of presents. Other members of the staff go to the van and Harry gives them all the presents. Harry's next stop is at a church. He sees Mr. Grosch sitting with Mrs. Grosch and Mr. Fletcher sitting with Mrs. Fletcher. He waits for the parishioners to walk out and Peter, Charles, Binky, and Khaki see him dressed as Santa and start harassing him. Harry then uses a toy soldier and toy hatchet to kill Peter, Charles and Binky before driving away. He stops at the Family and Friends Association building. Man 1 sees Harry staring in the window and tells Man 2 and they go outside and drag him inside. Harry tells everyone Merry Christmas and Woman brings Harry a drink. Inspector Grella and Detective Gottleib go to the scene of the church murders and hear Grosch tell a Female Witness who had just told Young Man about the killer dressed as Santa, that the Santa was different than the others. They say hello to Detective Gleason who is questioning a Priest. Harry dances with a Little Girl while band made up of an Accordian Player, Saxophone Player and Drummer play music. Before leaving, Harry tells the children to stay being good children. Man 1 leads a toast to Harry and then Harry drives away. He stops at Frank's house and uses a ladder to climb onto his roof. Harry tries to go down the chimney, but can't fit and enters through a window. As he is dropping off presents, Frank's Daughter and Son watch him. He walks into Frank's bedroom and starts to choke Frank with his bag of toys and then slashes his throat with a star ornament. Mrs. Stoller wakes up and starts to scream.

On Christmas Day, Philip is worried that Harry hasn't visited yet. Ricardo Bauma gives a news report on the murders at the church and the murder of Frank. He starts arguing with Jackie who thinks Harry hasn't visited, because Philip always gives him a hard time. Harry wakes up in his van and goes inside the Jolly Dream factory and breaks the cheaply made toys. At the police station a Policeman tells the lineup of Santa's to step forward. Santa 1 steps forward, and Santa 2, Santa 3 and Black Santa are added to the lineup. Detective Gleason and Detective Gottleib talk about the origin of Santa and Gleason thinks the murders might scare children into being good again. An Older Man tells the Policeman that the killer Santa's suit had dark fur. Harry calls Philip and tells him that he is going to play his tune and everybody will dance. Harry gets his van stuck in the snow and grabs his sack of toys and walks into an alley. A group of children run towards him. Angelina tells him that she loves the presents he left her. Their parents walk up and Theresa asks Tom what they are going to do. Mary tells Joe that Harry is going to hurt the children and Tom pulls out a knife. The kids including Matthew stand in front of Harry protectively. Tom threatens to kill Harry and Angelina tries to stop him. Theresa grabs Tom and his knife flies onto the snow. Angelina grabs the knife and gives it to Harry. Harry tries to escape and Tom grabs at him and an Older Woman watches as they struggle and then cuts Harry in the face with her jewelry as he runs by her. Tom and the others form a mob and start searching for Harry. They chase after Harry and he gets into his van and manages to drive away. He drives to Philip's house and Philip asks him how many people he killed and starts shaking him. Dennis and Marc tell Philip to stop hurting Harry and Philip tells Jackie to take them upstairs. Harry blames Philip for not believing in Santa and Philip starts to choke Harry to death. Harry collapses and Philip drags him outside and puts him inside his van. Harry regains consciousness, punches Philip in the face, swerves to avoid the mob and his van flies into the air.