Cocaine Wars (1985)

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A pilot runs drugs for a South American cartel.




Cliff Adams - John Schneider

Janet Meade - Kathryn Witt

Bailey - Royal Dano

Gonzalo Reyes - Federico Luppi

General M. Lujan - Rodolfo Ranni

Klausmann - Ivan Grey

Wilhelm - Richard Hamlin

Rikki - Edgar Moore

Oswaldo - Armand Capo

Gomez - Martin Korey

Bailey's Driver - Tom Cundom

Kenny - Ken Edgar

Miguel - Joe Capanga

Pugg - Mark Woinski

Franco - Jaques Arndt

Hernando - Willy Marcos

Marcelo Villalba - John Vitaly

Rosita - Patricia Davis

Lola - Heidi Paddle

Pia - Hellen Grant

TV Reporter 1 - Ted McNabney

TV Reporter 2 - Patricia Scheuer

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Detailed Synopsis

Cliff Adams lands his plane on Gonzalo Reyes’ airfield. He and his partner Rikki get out of the plane and Rikki is immediately confronted by Reyes. Reyes accuses Rikki of stealing portions of his drug shipments for the past six months. Cliff defends Rikki, but Rikki is killed by Wilhelm on the orders of Reyes. The following day Reyes along with General M. Lujan are surveying one of Reyes’ drug processing fields when a laborer is forcibly brought in front of Reyes. Reyes searches the laborer and finds packets of cocaine hidden in his clothes. Reyes then orders the laborer’s head dipped in a bucket of hydrochloric acid. Cliff has a meeting with Reyes who orders Cliff to kill Marcelo Villalba, a local reporter and presidential candidate. Cliff refuses and Reyes threatens to keep Cliff’s plane and not pay him the money he is owed. Bailey is negotiating a deal with Klausmann and Wilhelm when Cliff walks over. Cliff elbows Klausmann and tells him he knows it was him and Wilhelm who were ripping off Reyes and not Rikki. When Cliff leaves with Bailey Klausmann tells Wilhelm to hire Miguel to kill Cliff so Reyes will never find out about them ripping him off.

Cliff is dropped off by Bailey at the Urubamba Hotel and Bar. Cliff is about to be shot by Miguel when Pugg, the bartender, warns Cliff. Cliff smashes a tequila bottle on Miguel and throws him out the bar window. Janet Meade walks into the bar and her and Cliff reminisce. She asks Cliff if he could get an interview with Reyes for her, but Cliff says no. Bailey, his driver and their security are driving down a road when they are stopped by three women who ask them for help. Bailey realizes it is a trap, however his driver refuses to leave and after their security is shot, they are robbed of their money by an undercover Oswaldo. Cliff walks around town and witnesses a PSSP political rally where Marcelo is giving a speech to a large group of people carrying his signs and chanting. The police move in and shut down the rally and Marcelo and his friend Hernando are forced to flee in their car. The police chase after Marcelo and Hernando and are about to capture them. Janet, who was at the rally photographing events, drives towards the police, forcing them to jump over a bridge to safety. Hernando runs away while Marcelo gets in the car with Janet. Wilhelm, who has been parked outside Janet’s apartment, notifies Klausmann when he sees Marcelo leave Janet’s apartment. Klausmann then calls Reyes and tells him Wilhelm was shadowing Cliff when he saw Marcelo leave a house in Las Palmas that Cliff had entered. Reyes, angry, believes cliff has double crossed him. As Cliff is leaving Janet’s apartment, Wilhelm attempts to run him over with his vehicle. Wilhelm is eventually killed when he crashes into a building and his vehicle explodes.

In a conversation with his supervisor Frank, Cliff is told the DEA wants to call off the operation, but Cliff tells Frank he wants to stick it out. Cliff meets up with Janet and Marcelo and offers to give Marcelo a list of Reyes’ drug partners in Miami with enough evidence to put Reyes in prison. Janet angrily steals one of the pages of information when Cliff refuses to give her a copy of the list that instant. Cliff visits Lujan and offers him the same information he offered Marcelo in order to put Reyes away. Later Cliff reveals to Janet he works for the DEA. Cliff next sets up a meeting with Reyes to smooth things over. As Cliff and Janet are riding in her car, Klausmann stops them by gunpoint in from of the Urubamba bar. Cliff is ordered out of the vehicle, but he manages to take Klausmann’s weapon away from him when Janet drives her car at Klausmann. Before Cliff can shoot Klausmann, Pugg walks out his bar with his own weapon and tells Cliff no fighting outside his bar. Janet and Cliff continue on their way, however Klausmann chases after them in his vehicle. Klausmann attempts to ram Janet’s vehicle off the road, but ultimately dies when his vehicle plunges off a cliff.

Cliff has his meeting with Reyes who agrees to pay Cliff 2 million dollars. Janet goes along to the meeting however she is denied an interview by Reyes. Cliff returns to his hotel room to find it ransacked. He calls Lujan and demands 2.5 million for the information on Reyes in restitution for Lujan’s men destroying his place. While Cliff is at the local brothel a news report comes on the television with breaking news on a drug raid in Miami with Janet listed as the reporter who provided the information. Cliff goes to the location where he is supposed to meet Marcelo, however he is ambushed and they are both captured by Lujan’s men. Meanwhile Janet is being chase by Reyes’ men including Gomez and Oswaldo. Marcelo’s friend Hernando tries to help Janet, however she is eventually captured. Lujan has Cliff tortured while he demands the papers on Reyes. Cliff manages to wrestle Lujan’s gun away from him and orders Lujan to tell his men to free Marcelo. Cliff and Marcelo escape from Lujan’s prison, but before leaving, Cliff throws Lujan in front of a speeding taxi, killing Lujan. Cliff returns to the brothel with Marcelo and tells Bailey to pick up the package of evidence from the Hotel Bolivar for Marcelo. Cliff also tells Bailey he left him some money to get back to the United States. Cliff then calls Reyes to have a swap, the information for Janet.

Cliff sneaks into Reyes’ camp and begins the slaughter of Reyes’ men. Oswaldo is killed when Cliff grabs him by gunpoint and orders him to call a group of men over to his location. Cliff then kills Oswaldo and the other men. Gomez is killed when Cliff pushes Gomez at Reyes, who shoots Gomez. Cliff and Reyes ultimately have a fist fight, with Cliff winning and shoving Reyes’ face into a bag of cocaine. Reyes’ dies when he stumbles into his outdoor lab and Cliff shoots the jar of chemicals, setting the lab and Reyes on fire. Cliff and Janet then leave in Cliff’s plane.