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Colfur is a farmer in Exham, Britain. His daughter is Katelyn and his wife died during child birth.

During the events of Camelot: Season 1 Episode 5 Justice played by Liam Cunningham

Colfur and Wade are fighting when Colfur takes a large rock and hits Wade in the head with it over and over again. Ewan and his men grab Colfur and start to hang him when King Arthur rides up and orders them to stop. They stop the execution and Ewan tells Arthur that Colfur murdered Wade. He says that Wade was the headman of the village, but now he is. Arthur tells him to gather some men and to ride to Camelot where there will be a hearing to determine what happens to Colfur.

The tribunal starts and Ewan is the first to speak and says that Wade was a good man, while Colfur is a trouble maker. Arthur asks Ewan why the fight started and Colfur tells him that he hit Wade first. Ewan says that Colfur rented the land and owed tithes. Colfur refuses to answer why he attacked Wade and Arthur calls for a break in the tribunal. Colfur tells Arthur and Guinevere that Wade's father raped his wife and Katelyn is the product of the rape. Katelyn walks up and tells Colfur that she knows that he isn't her father, but she still loves him. The tribunal begins again and Colfur tells the whole story and he is banished from Exham. As Gawain is helping Colfur and Katelyn move, Ewan and a group of men confront them. Ewan attacks Gawain and a fight starts. Arthur, Kay and Leontes arrive to help Gawain. Arthur defeats Ewan's men and declares to the villagers that they are now under Camelot's protection.