Colonel Bojard

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Colonel Bojard


Colonel Ray "Blackjack" Bojard is a mercenary.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 4 Episode 1 Blackjack played by Michael Preston

In the Burma Highlands, Bojard lands his helicopter and asks Burke if St. John Hawke is talking yet. Bojard interrogates St. John about Airwolf and as St. John charges at Bojard, Burke hits him in the stomach. Later, Bojard tells St. John about his plan to capture Airwolf, when Stringfellow Hawke comes to try and rescue St. John. Burke tells Bojard an aircraft is on its way. St. John tries to warn Airwolf away and escapes from his cell. Burke gets into a helicopter and attacks Airwolf, while St. John and Bojard fight hand to hand. St. John then stabs Bojard to death with a knife.