Color Out of Space (2019)

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A meteorite lands on a family's property and starts to cause changes in the local flora and fauna.


Horror, Supernatural


Nathan - Nicolas Cage

Theresa - Joely Richardson

Lavinia - Madeleine Arthur

Ward - Elliot Knight

Ezra - Tommy Chong

Benny - Brendan Meyer

Jack - Julian Hilliard

Sheriff Pierce - Josh C. Waller

Mayor Tooma - Q'Orianka Kilcher

Reporter - Melissa Nearman

Secretary - Amanda Booth

Hunter Jake - Keith Harle

Comet the Horse - Xibanga and Ulisses

Sam the Dog - Laia, Mina and Afro

G-Spot the Cat - Lucifer

Alpacas - Bruno, Oscar, Rowan and Tor


Color out of Space

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Detailed Synopsis

Ward talks about an area where the woods are dark and grass has never seen sunlight. He talks about how he went to the area to survey for a reservoir project and how the locals said Arkham was an old town that was full of evil.

Lavinia is in a circle of stones preparing a magic spell while Comet the Horse waits nearby. She starts chanting a spell to dispel any remaining cancer from Theresa's body. Ward walks up and surprises Lavinia who blames him for ruining her ritual after he hands her his business card. Lavinia rides away after telling Ward how to get back on the public property path. She goes home and Nathan chastises her for not wearing her riding helmet or boots. Theresa walks out of the house and asks Lavinia if she has seen Benny. Lavinia tells her she doesn't know, but he might be smoking weed with Ezra. Lavinia goes into the barn and finds Benny smoking weed along with Sam the Dog. He shows her a pair of goggles that belonged to their grandfather and that he is going to keep them since she took their grandfather's compass. She walks up to Jack who is staring down into the family well. At dinner, Nathan shows them what he made to eat and Lavinia calls it peasant food. Theresa is doing a conference call with a client when Nathan calls her down to dinner. She comes down and asks Nathan to do something about their internet connection. After dinner, Nathan and Theresa go outside and talk about how they were able to accomplish their dream of getting out of the city. Before bed, Theresa tells Nathan she doesn't feel as pretty as she used to before she had cancer.

During the night, an oddly colored meteorite lands in their property and Jack screams as the bright color from the meteor shines through him. Nathan, Lavinia and Benny go outside and stare at the purple meteorite half buried in the ground and Nathan complains about the smell. Theresa says there is something wrong with Jack and they go inside and Jack is sitting on the couch catatonic, before suddenly coming to. In the morning, Mayor Tooma and Sheriff Pierce arrive at the property and inspect the meteor. Ward arrives and introduces himself to Nathan and then also inspects the meteorite. Mayor Tooma and Sheriff Pierce leave and Nathan tells Lavinia to go inside and then goes and milks the Alpacas with Benny. Theresa accuses Lavinia of throwing herself at Ward and tells her she should be aware of the signals she is throwing around by the clothes she wears. Nathan shows Ward how he milks the Alpacas and offers him some milk. Theresa tries to apologize to Lavinia, but Lavinia cries in her room. Nathan has Benny take Ward to see Ezra, who invites Ward inside his hut. Ezra introduces Ward to G-Spot the Cat. He offers them java and apologizes for the color of his water and Ward offers to run some tests on it. A storm rolls in and lightening repeatedly strikes the meteorite. Ward finishes running a sample on Ezra's water and as he is listening to Mayor Tooma give a speech over the radio about the upcoming reservoir, the signal goes out and he receives a call on his cellphone with no one on the other end. He hears a twig snap nearby and sees a multi-colored haze in front of his flashlight. His truck suddenly turns on and the radio signal returns.

In the morning, Nathan and Theresa find the meteorite gone, and find new vegetation growing nearby. Mayor Tooma arrives along with a Reporter. Later in the evening, Nathan gets upset while watching the news when he is called a UFO witness and the Reporter insinuates he may have been drunk. While chopping carrots, Jack goes up to Theresa and when he tugs on her shirt, she cuts two fingers off and continues to chop. Nathan drives Theresa to the hospital, while Lavinia, Benny and Jack stay home. In the morning, Lavinia sees the Alpacas eating from the new vegetation and accuses Benny of not feeding them. She sees Jack sitting, staring at the well whistling and he tells her the man in the well is talking to him. Lavinia starts to feel sick after drinking coffee and as she is walking back to the house, she hears a loud high pitched whistling sound. She gets a call from Nathan, but the signal is bad. Jack walks to the well and sees an egg shaped purplish thing inside. The Color out of Space opens up and releases a wave of color into the air and new life pops out. While Lavinia is washing the bloody knife Theresa cut her fingers off with, a bright light flashes and the water turns red and strands appear to come out of the water. She gets another call from Nathan, but the signal is bad again. Ward comes to the house and tells Lavinia something is wrong with their water and it may be contaminated. He sees Jack staring at the well and Jack tells him he is playing with his friends and suddenly laughs. He goes to talk with Ezra and Ezra tells him G-Spot has been missing and gives Ward some headphones and says he can hear aliens chattering below the ground, which he has been recording. Ezra tells him the aliens are in the moisture and Ward advises him to stick to bottled water.

As Nathan and Theresa are driving home, they almost hit a mutated G-Spot. Sam the Dog comes and sits next to Jack, who is still staring at the well, but runs away when a purple Color comes out of the well and then shrieks in pain. Benny tells Lavinia he got lost outside. Nathan and Theresa return and they get upset when they find Jack outside by himself. Nathan gets upset when he notices the Alpacas aren't in the barn. He asks Lavinia and Benny where Sam the Dog is and Lavinia tells him something or it got him. Lavinia tells Benny they need to get out of there and get to safety. While taking a shower, a jellyfish like blob forms over the drain and stings Nathan in the hand when he picks it up. Nathan continues to complain about a smell and says it smells like the cancer ward his father died in. Theresa yells at Nathan about the internet. Nathan picks a bushel of very large tomatoes as a rash develops on his arm where the jellyfish like thing stung him. During an internet call with a client, the call is dropped and Theresa storms downstairs and tells Nathan he has to fix the internet dish. Nathan takes a bite from the tomatoes and says they all taste bad and throws them into the trash as Theresa yells at him over and over to fix the internet dish. He takes a drink and the ice cubes have swirls of colors. He looks at his skin, which is starting to look leathery and wrinkled.

Jack wakes up from bed and goes outside and sits next to Benny who is staring at the Color coming from the well. Lavinia casts a protective spell using the Necronomicon. Theresa wakes up and goes outside to look for Jack. Benny and Jack go into the barn and find the Alpacas mutating into an Alpaca mass. Color flows out of the Alpaca mass and hits Theresa while she is hugging Jack forming a Theresa-Jack. Nathan goes outside and they bring Theresa-Jack inside. Benny tries to call 911, but only hears static. Nathan tries to start the car in the morning, but it won't start. Lavinia tells Benny it seems Theresa is absorbing Jack back into her body. Theresa-Jack continues to moan and Nathan decides to put them in the attic. Nathan goes into the barn and kills the Alpaca mass and breaks down and cries. Nathan goes back to the attic and tells Lavinia and Benny to go downstairs. He is about to shoot Theresa-Jack, but kisses her and strands of color go out like strands between their mouths. At the mayor's office, Mayor Tooma yells that she doesn't care about contamination as Ward sits outside her office. Secretary brings Ward into Mayor Tooma's office and he tells her about the contamination. As Ward is leaving, Sheriff Pierce calls him over and shows him something Hunter Jake found. Sheriff Pierce pulls back a sheet, revealing a mass of bodies fused together and Ward recognizes G-Spot's collar jingle among the mass.

Benny and Lavinia try and escape on Comet, but Comet runs away. Benny thinks he sees Sam in the well and climbs in the well to try and save him. The Color pours out of the well bottom and engulfs a screaming Benny and pulls him down. Nathan grabs Lavinia and tells her she has to feed Theresa-Jack and locks her in the attic. Ward and Sheriff Pierce drive towards Nathan's house. Theresa-Jack charges at Lavinia as Ward and Sheriff Pierce arrive. They are shocked when they see the physical and mental condition Nathan is in. He invites them in and Ward and Sheriff Pierce run to the attic when they hear Lavinia scream and are transfixed in shock at Theresa-Jack. Nathan comes upstairs and shoots and kills Theresa-Jack. Ward carries Lavinia towards Sheriff Pierce's car and Sheriff Pierce shoots and kills Nathan when he thinks he is about to shoot Ward. Lavinia tells Ward she isn't leaving and Ward and Sheriff Pierce go to check on Ezra. In his cabin a recording by Ezra plays talking about the Color and how it came down from the meteor and grew in the well. They find a mummified Ezra that starts to split open. As they are walking away, Sheriff Pierce is grabbed by a tree limb and crushed to death. Ward runs back and finds Lavinia staring at the Color. Her eyes change color and her head starts to split open as Color seeps from it. Ward has an image of another world and the Color forms a funnel and flies into space. Ward watches as Lavinia disintegrates and runs into the house and sees a phantom of Nathan which attacks him as it speaks in the various voices of the family. Ward hides in the basement as an explosion of Color happens everywhere. He climbs out of the basement and sees everything covered in a grey ash and finds and takes Lavinia's compass.

Many years later after the reservoir is built, he talks about how he won't be drinking the reservoir water no matter how deep it is. He says very few are alive that remember what happened and no one understands what it was that appeared, it was just a Color Out of Space.