Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe, Season 1 Episode 10 S.O.S. Ice Age

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The Ruler manages to cause Earth to tilt into an icy and heat zone.

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Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe (1953)


Commando Cody - Judd Holdren

Joan Gilbert - Aline Towne

Dick Preston - Richard Crane

The Ruler - Gregory Gay

Baylor - Lyle Talbot

Commissioner Henderson - Craig Kelly

Venusian Girl - Gloria Pall

Mason - Eddie Foster

Kirk - Lane Bradford

Nordahl - Fred Graham

Clancy - Dale Van Sickel

Tantor - William Henry

Ingor - Sydney Mason

Captain Turon - Rick Vallin

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Detailed Synopsis

The Ruler calls Rocket R-13 and tells Ingor to read his coordinates and to proceed with phase two of Operation Ice Age. He tells Tantor a certain location to jump from the rocket. Radar Station Baker 12 contacts Commando Cody and tells him of an unidentified rocket in the area. Commando Cody flies his rocket to the area and sees the rocket leave. Joan Gilbert wonders if the rocket could have dropped something off, but Dick Preston reminds her of the cosmic dust blanket. Tantor parachutes onto Earth in a protective sack and then calls Baylor and tells him phase two is completed. Baylor contacts The Ruler and tells him that Tantor is ready to receive the synchronous interlock signal. The Ruler takes the microphone from Venusian Girl and calls Station X-7 and tells Captain Turon on Saturn to standby for his synchronous interlock signal. Tantor and Turon use their machines to make Earth and Saturn interlocked causing Earth to tilt on its axis. Mason wonders if the Earth scientists will be able to counteract the machine.

Dick lists off a series of cities affected by earthquakes and Commando Cody figures out the Earth has shifted. Commissioner Henderson walks into the office and asks Commando Cody what is going on. Professor Kirkson tells Dick that the sun was under observation and the position of the sun has changed according to Earth and the Earth is still tilting. Commando Cody puts on his fuel pack and flies into the air. He flies over the Pacific Ocean and tells Dick and Joan to take the rocket and meet him later. They arrive at the rocket and Dick asks Clancy if Henderson called him and Clancy tells him the rocket is ready to go. They pick up Commando Cody and he tells them to head towards the North Pole. Commando Cody calls Henderson and tells him the Earth is being tilted by a giant magnet. The radio goes out as they get closer to the North Pole. The rocket starts to malfunction and Joan calls Henderson and Commando Cody tells him where they are going to crash. Commando Cody and Dick leave the rocket while Joan stays behind. Commando Cody and Dick get a dog sled team from a local village and head towards where the magnetism was coming from. They come across a cave and Commando Cody goes inside it. He gets into a fight with Tantor and Tantor is shot and killed. Commando Cody runs out of the cave after reversing the machine. He and Dick race away with the dogs and the Earth's tilt returns to normal, causing an avalanche. Commando Cody and Dick abandon the buried dogs and return to the rocket. Henderson calls Commando Cody and tells him the Earth is back to normal and congratulates him.