Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe, Season 1 Episode 11 Lost in Outer Space

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A group of The Ruler's men try to use Commando Cody's ship to steal jewels.

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Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe (1953)


Commando Cody - Judd Holdren

Joan Gilbert - Aline Towne

Dick Preston - Richard Crane

The Ruler - Gregory Gay

Baylen - Mauritz Hugo

Commissioner Henderson - Craig Kelly

Venusian Girl - Gloria Pall

Narkos - John Crawford

R-7 Crew Member - Lee Roberts

Clancy - Dale Van Sickel

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Detailed Synopsis

Commando Cody and Dick Preston are in their rocket when they spot one of The Ruler's rockets. In the other rocket, Narkos tells the others that Commando Cody has spotted them. R-7 Crew Member tells Narkos that they are pulling ahead of Commando Cody and Narkos tells Baylen to get ready to jump out of the rocket. Baylen and R-7 Crew Member act like they are fighting and Baylen jumps off the rocket. Commando Cody has Dick fly underneath Baylen and Commando Cody puts on his fuel pack and manages to grab Baylen and bring him into the rocket. Narkos calls The Ruler and tells him they have accomplished their mission. The Ruler then tells Narkos to heads towards Mercury to lay a trap for Commando Cody. Commando Cody questions Baylen and Baylen tells him that he is from Mercury and was captured by The Ruler during the invasion of Mercury. Baylen asks for Commando Cody's help in freeing the Mercurians.

Commando Cody and Dick return to the office and tell Commissioner Henderson about Baylen. Henderson doesn't trust that Baylen is really from Mercury and calls Mercurians a very intelligent and hard working people. Joan Gilbert worries that The Ruler will use Mercury as another base of attack against Earth. Commando Cody suggests they go and investigate Mercury to see if Baylen is telling the truth. Commando Cody, Joan, Dick and Baylen fly in the rocket and while Commando Cody and Dick are checking out the anterior compartment, Baylen goes over to the steering cable and unscrews it. The rocket starts to go in circles and Commando Cody realizes the cable is pulled away. Commando Cody and Baylen put on space helmets and go outside the rocket to reset the cable. While Commando Cody is fixing the cable, Baylen frays the rope holding him to the rocket, causing Commando Cody to fly off the rocket. Joan turns the rocket around and manages to catch Commando Cody.

Baylen directs Commando Cody where to land and Dick lands the rocket. Baylen tells Commando Cody that he knows where some of the Mercurians are hiding. Commando Cody puts on his fuel pack and Dick and Joan watch him fly into the air. Baylen steals a pistol from a trunk in the rocket and when Joan and Dick return, points it at them and then puts handcuffs on them. Baylen calls Narkos and tells him where the rocket it located. Joan turns on her two-way radio and Narkos tells Baylen that he and R-7 Crew Member stole the Mercurian sacred jewels and they plan on betraying The Ruler and selling them on Earth. After hearing the conversation, Commando Cody returns to the rocket and sneaks up on Baylen and takes his pistol. Dick puts his handcuffs on Baylen and while no one is watching, Baylen steals a gas bomb and then throws it on the ground. Everyone in the rocket collapses and Commando Cody falls out of the rocket. Narkos and R-7 Crew Member get to the rocket and take off. Commando Cody recovers and takes off after them. He lands on the rocket and sneaks inside. He gets into a fight with R-7 Crew Member and then Narkos and Dick trips Baylen and pins him to the ground. Commando Cody knocks Narkos unconscious and takes over the rocket. Commando Cody tells Dick and Joan that their next job is to free the Mercurians.