Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe, Season 1 Episode 12 Captives of the Zero Hour

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Commando Cody sets a trap for The Ruler.

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Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe (1953)


Commando Cody - Judd Holdren

Joan Gilbert - Aline Towne

Dick Preston - Richard Crane

The Ruler - Gregory Gay

Baylen - Mauritz Hugo

Commissioner Henderson - Craig Kelly

Queen of Mercury - Joanne Jordan

Narkos - John Crawford

Zerak - Paul Livermore

R-7 Crew Member - Lee Roberts

Mercurian Captain - Riley Hill

Clancy - Dale Van Sickel

Venusian Girl - Gloria Pall

R-1 Captain

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Detailed Synopsis

Venusian Girl walks to The Ruler and he tells her that he wants to send a message to all the main arsenals and rocket assembly plants and that he plans on making a surprise attack on Earth to take out its defenses in one blow. He tells her that his agents on Mercury have set a trap for Commando Cody so that he can capture his rocket. Narkos calls The Ruler and tells him that he has captured Commando Cody and his rocket. The Ruler tells him that he will go to Mercury to fly Commando Cody's rocket himself. Narkos gets off the radio and Commando Cody has Dick Preston handcuff him. Commando Cody calls Commissioner Henderson and tells him he doesn't know if The Ruler has invaded Mercury and the Mercurians are hiding in the hills. He then tells Henderson that he plans on trying to capture The Ruler. Dick lands the rocket and Commando Cody, Dick and Joan Gilbert walk to where they plan on ambushing The Ruler. Joan tells Commando Cody that she is worried that Narkos and the other prisoners on the rocket might get free and steal the rocket again. Commando Cody tells her that he removed the needle valve out of the main fuel line so no one can fly the rocket. Mercurian Captain yells out and a group of Mercurians take Commando Cody, Joan and Dick hostage. Joan tells Mercurian Captain that he is making a mistake, but he tells her that the Queen of Mercury ordered him to capture everyone from their rocket and bring them to her.

The Ruler lands in his rocket and he tells his men that he will contact them when he has Commando Cody's rocket. The Ruler walks to Commando Cody's rocket and finds Narkos, Baylen and R-7 Crew Member handcuffed. The Ruler asks Narkos what happened and Narkos lies and tells him that Commando Cody tricked him. The Ruler has Zerak release them and then tells Baylen that they will all be disciplined. The Ruler tries to fly the rocket, but it doesn't work and Narkos finds out about the missing needle valve. The Ruler tells Zerak to get a spare one from his rocket and orders Narkos and R-7 Crew Member to stand guard outside. The Queen of Mercury apologizes to Commando Cody and tells him that The Ruler captured her capitol and she had to flee into the hills. Commando Cody uses his fuel pack to fly back to his rocket and tells the others to meet him there. Zerak returns with the needle valve and The Ruler has Baylen put it in Commando Cody's rocket. Narkos sees Commando Cody and starts shooting at him and Commando Cody fires back and kills Zerak. Narkos and R-7 Crew Member run back into the rocket and tell The Ruler.

Dick. Joan and the Mercurians reach the rocket and Commando Cody tells them to hide. Commando Cody tells Mercurian Captain to get gas from the Queen of Mercury to use against The Ruler. Dick notices that The Ruler has started the pile chamber and Commando Cody uses his ray gun to melt the metal hull enough to cover the exhaust vent. The Ruler calls R-1 Captain and tells him to shoot Commando Cody with his rocket ray gun and then land next to Commando Cody's rocket. Mercurian Captain returns with the gas right before the R-1 Captain starts attacking Commando Cody and the others. The R-1 Captain starts to bombard Commando Cody and he uses his fuel pack to fly towards the R-1 rocket and takes the R-1 Captain and his henchman captive. He tells the R-1 Captain to land the rocket and then he and Dick disguise themselves as the R-1 crew and walk towards Commando Cody's rocket. They take Narkos and R-7 Crew Member hostage and make them walk into the rocket. A fight breaks out and Baylen is shot dead. The Ruler accidentally shoots R-7 Crew Member dead and Commando Cody shoots Narkos dead. The Ruler is handcuffed and Commando Cody, Dick and Joan fly away in their rocket. Henderson contacts Commando Cody and Commando Cody tells him that they captured The Ruler. Henderson tells him they just received a message that emissaries want to negotiate a universe of peace.