Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe, Season 1 Episode 1 Enemies of the Universe

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Commando Cody meets his new assistants, Joan and Ted and they build a rocket.

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Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe (1953)


Commando Cody - Judd Holdren

Joan Gilbert - Aline Towne

Ted Richards - William Schallert

Dr. Varney - Peter Brocco

Commissioner Henderson - Craig Kelly

The Ruler - Gregory Gay

Ross - Zon Murray

Dr. Varney's Hood - I. Stanford Jolley

Security Guard - Coleman Francis

Clancy - Dale Van Sickel

Arsonist - Tom Steele

Post Number 1

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Detailed Synopsis

Joan Gilbert and Ted Richards park their car and tell the Security Guard that they are there to see Commando Cody. Commando Cody isn't in, but they speak with Commissioner Henderson. He tells them that they are hired and that they will be adapting atomic power for rocket ship propulsion. He tells them that their work is Top Secret and even the people who work for Commando Cody do not know who he is due to his constant wearing of a mask. Commando Cody is testing rocket fuel for his fuel pack. He lands at headquarters and Henderson introduces him to Ted and Joan. Commando Cody and Henderson tell Joan and Ted that they will be investigating missiles that where fired into Earth from outer space and figuring out where they came from. The meeting ends and as Henderson leaves the building, he is watched by Ross and Dr. Varney's Hood. Dr. Varney's Hood calls Dr. Varney and tells him about Henderson and Joan and Ted. Dr. Varney tells Dr. Varney's Hood to break into the building when Commando Cody, Ted and Joan have left. Commando Cody tells Joan and Ted that they will be constructing a rocket in an abandoned town named Graphite. They leave for the day and Ross and Dr. Varney's Hood break into the building after gassing the Security Guard with a knock out gas.

An alarm goes off in Commando Cody's car and he turns around and returns to the office with Ted. They get into a fight with Ross and Dr. Varney's Hood, but Dr. Varney's Hood and Ross get away. Ross and Dr. Varney's Hood report to Dr. Varney and tell him about the map with the town of Graphite. Dr. Varney contacts The Ruler and reports in. The Ruler tells Dr. Varney to investigate Graphite, which Dr. Varney relays to Ross and Dr. Varney's Hood. Commando Cody gives Ted and Joan badges that also act as two-way radios. Ross and Dr. Varney's Hood spy on Commando Cody and Ted as they work on the rocket and report it to Dr. Varney, who then reports to The Ruler. The Ruler tells them to destroy the rocket and Ross, Dr. Varney's Hood and an Arsonist go to the barn where the rocket is being built to destroy it. The alarm goes off and Commando Cody goes to the barn and gets into a fist fight with the Arsonist, while Ted gets into a shootout with Ross and Dr. Varney's Hood. The Arsonist, Ross and Dr. Varney's Hood run away and Joan and Ted help Commando Cody put out the fire that the Arsonist set. Ross and Dr. Varney's Hood break the alarm box in the main office and break into the barn again. They place a bomb inside of the rocket ship and leave. Commando Cody radios Post Number 1 and tells him to let the other posts know he is coming. Commando Cody says hello to Clancy and asks him to drive Joan back to Graphite. Commando Cody and Ted get inside the rocket ship and do a test run. Joan is kidnapped by Ross and Dr. Varney's Hood when she goes back to Graphite. She turns on her two-way radio badge and Commando Cody overhears Dr. Varney's Hood tell Joan about the bomb on the rocket ship. Ted starts to land the rocket, while Commando Cody puts on his fuel pack and flies back to Graphite. Ross escapes and Dr. Varney's Hood appears to be killed when Commando Cody throws a grenade back at Dr. Varney's Hood. Henderson congratulates Commando Cody, Ted and Joan on their success as he rides in the rocket.