Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe, Season 1 Episode 2 Atomic Peril

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An alien crash lands on Earth and tricks Commando Cody into helping him.

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Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe (1953)


Commando Cody - Judd Holdren

Joan Gilbert - Aline Towne

Ted Richards - William Schallert

Dr. Varney - Peter Brocco

Lenato - Stanley Waxman

The Ruler - Gregory Gay

Commissioner Henderson - Craig Kelly

Clancy - Dale Van Sickel

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Detailed Synopsis

A spaceship crashes to Earth as radar station G-3 notifies Commando Cody, Joan Gilbert and Ted Richards that a missile is heading towards Earth. The radar station gives the coordinates where the missile will land, which is near headquarters. Commissioner Henderson asks about the missile and Commando Cody radios Station 84. Station 84 tells him the missile will land in the Crestline Hills. Commando Cody flies in his rocket suit towards the Crestline Hills. Dr. Varney is parked nearby when the spaceship crashes and Lenato jumps out of the wreckage carrying a box. He meets with Dr. Varney and gets into his car and they drive away. Lenato tells Dr. Varney that The Ruler's plans include the conquest of the entire planetary system and shows Dr. Varney the box he has. Commando Cody finds the wreckage and radios to Ted about it. Dr. Varney takes Lenato to his office and Lenato gives him the venuscrine, which he tells Dr. Varney is similar to uranium.

The next day, Dr. Varney and Lenato used forged identification documents to have a meeting with Commando Cody. They show him the venuscrine and Henderson thanks them for bringing it in. Henderson agrees to allow Dr. Varney and Lenato work at headquarters. Henderson tells Commando Cody to do a reconnaissance around Earth to see if The Ruler has a space station just outside the Earth's atmosphere. Commando Cody contacts Post Number 1 who clears them entering the area where his rocket ship is stored. He arrives at the rocket ship and has Clancy drive his car back to town as he, Ted, Dr. Varney and Lenato enter the rocket ship. They fly the rocket into the air and the venuscrine increases the rocket ship's speed. Commando Cody uses the dispersal ray to safely pass through the protective space dust. He notices the ejector valve for cooling the atomic pile system has been opened too much and the exhaust vapors have condensed and partially closed. He pulls the plug on the ejector to clear the vent and clears the system. They land the rocket ship and after acquiring uranium, Lenato and Dr. Varney report to The Ruler and Lenato tells him of his plan to steal Commando Cody's rocket ship.

Lenato and Dr. Varney go to headquarters and kidnap Ted and Joan. They force Ted to radio Post Number 1 to let them into the area where the rocket ship-is stored. Lenato pulls a gun on Clancy and makes him get into the car. A truck drives up and workers start loading uranium into the rocket ship. Joan turns on Ted's badge radio and Ted calls Commando Cody and tells him about Lenato and Dr. Varney stealing the rocket. One of the men who brought the uranium leaves in the car while Clancy, Joan and Ted are still inside of it. Lenato and Dr. Varney leave in the rocket ship. Commando Cody sneaks into the rocket ship and Lenato knocks him unconscious. Lenato invites Commando Cody to join them or die. Commando Cody agrees to help them and secretly opens the valve for cooling the atomic pile system. Exhaust starts to pour out and Levano frees Commando Cody so he can fix the problem. Commando Cody puts on his rocket suit and goes outside the rocket ship and sabotages the port steering jet. Lenato and Dr. Varney agree to surrender or be forced to float around in space. As they are returning to Earth, Dr. Varney, Lenato and Commando Cody get into a fist fight and Commando Cody shoots Lenato dead. Dr. Varney is arrested and Henderson tells Commando Cody, Joan and Ted that there will be plenty of more work for them.