Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe, Season 1 Episode 3 Cosmic Vengeance

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Commissioner Henderson sends Commando Cody and his crew to Venus to bring the fight to The Ruler.

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Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe (1953)


Commando Cody - Judd Holdren

Joan Gilbert - Aline Towne

Ted Richards - William Schallert

Hardy - I. Stanford Jolley

Commissioner Henderson - Craig Kelly

The Ruler - Gregory Gay

Ross - Zon Murray

Clancy - Dale Van Sickel

Guard Number Four - Sam Sebby

Post Number 1

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Detailed Synopsis

Commando Cody, Joan Gilbert, Ted Richards, and Commissioner Henderson listen to a transmission from The Ruler on the radio. Joan lists off coordinates to Commando Cody, who marks them on a map. Commando Cody tells Henderson that he believes The Ruler will increase his attacks. The Ruler receives a transmission from Hardy giving him the recipe for Commando Cody's cosmic dust. Henderson tells Commando Cody that he has been instructed by the Interplanetary Commission to assign Commando Cody the job of locating The Ruler and eliminating him. Commando Cody shows Ted and Joan an atomic ball that made it through the protective dust layer which would have paralyzed everyone in a 5 mile radius if not rendered harmless by radioactivity. He tells Joan to set up a triangulation station in the office, while Ted goes to high ground and Commando Cody flies around the area with a receiver in his fuel pack. Commando Cody triangulates the signal from the Grayburn Building at the corner of 8th and Main and Ted contacts the police. Commando Cody goes to the building and gets into a fight with Hardy and Ross. Hardy knocks Commando Cody out of the building window with a chair and he and Ross escape.

They go to Commando Cody's headquarters and use a vocacepter to listen in on what is being said in the building. Commando Cody tells Henderson that The Ruler is located on Venus. Commando Cody tells Joan and Ted that they will join him in the rocket ship to Venus. Ross and Hardy drive to the chemist shop on John Street near Broadway in order to make a radioactive metal to sabotage Commando Cody's rocket ship. Ross and Hardy spray a sleep spray on the guards and put the radioactive metal on the rocket ship. Commando Cody calls Post Number 1 and has him clear the other posts for his, Ted and Joan's arrival. They get to the rocket ship and Commando Cody hands Clancy his keys. Commando Cody, Joan and Ted take off in the rocket. As Ted is trying to disperse the cosmic dust, he notices something is wrong. The jet engines become plugged and Commando Cody and Ted go outside of the rocket to unplug the jet engines. They enter Venus' atmosphere and head for a mountain with metal contained in the Translubinal Berry Formula, Lubinium. They land the rocket near the mountain and Guard Number Four tells The Ruler about the rocket ship landing.

Commando Cody puts on his fuel pack and The Ruler invites him into his lair. The Ruler congratulates Commando Cody on conquering space and shows Commando Cody a ray gun that he created. He then shows Commando Cody a chair that sucks out knowledge and threatens to use it against Commando Cody. A fight breaks out and Commando Cody manages to escape with the ray gun. He contacts Ted and Joan and tells them to get the rocket ship ready. Commando Cody then uses the ray gun to melt the mountain where The Ruler is. A Venusian tank fires at the rocket ship, but Commando Cody manages to use his fuel pack to get back on the rocket ship and he, Joan and Ted escape. They then fly back to Earth.