Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe, Season 1 Episode 5 War of the Space Giants

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The Ruler starts using germ warfare against the Earth.

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Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe (1953)


Commando Cody - Judd Holdren

Joan Gilbert - Aline Towne

Dick Preston - Richard Crane

The Ruler - Gregory Gay

Baylor - Lyle Talbot

Commissioner Henderson - Craig Kelly

Tantor - Bill Henry

Venusian Girl - Gloria Pall

Captain Turon - Rick Vallin

M-7 Captain - Keith Richards

Mason - Eddie Foster

Clancy - Dale Van Sickel


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Detailed Synopsis

A series of explosions rip through Earth. Baylor and Mason listen as a radio news presenter says that another explosion has struck, this time at a government atomic research building. Baylor calls Sanders and tells him his last blast was exactly on target. Baylor then calls The Ruler and Venusian Girl holds the microphone up. Baylor tells The Ruler that M-7 Captain is waiting for his next target. The Ruler tells Baylor that the next target will be the arsenal and then he will give Earth his ultimatum. Mason complains that The Ruler is using them as guinea pigs. Baylor tells him the arsenal building isn't near them and gives Mason an antidote injection. Dick Preston is on the phone as Joan Gilbert reads out coordinates to Commando Cody. Commissioner Henderson walks into the room and tells Commando Cody that the research building was a total loss and continues that an epidemic has developed in all the areas hit with the explosions. Commando Cody tells him that if they follow the path of the attacks, the next target will be their city. He tells Henderson that he plans on attacking the enemy rocket before its next attack.

Commando Cody, Joan and Dick drive to his rocket and Commando Cody tells Clancy that they are taking off right away. They fly the rocket and Commando Cody tells Joan that The Ruler would use germ warfare to wipe out the population. They spot the M-7 and start firing on it. M-7 Captain tells Sanders to man the ray gun and Sanders starts firing back at Commando Cody's rocket. Commando Cody uses the freeze ray and then puts on his fuel pack. He flies to the M-7 and plugs up the exhaust vents, forcing M-7 Captain for turn the power off. Joan then uses a magnetic drag ray to tow the M-7. Joan lands the rocket and Commando Cody and Dick head towards the M-7. They get into a shoot out with M-7 Captain and Sanders and Sanders is shot dead. M-7 Captain runs back into the rocket and Commando Cody follows him. They get into a fist fight and Commando Cody knocks him unconscious.

Henderson stops by the office and tells Commando Cody that M-7 Captain refused to divulge much information. Commando Cody tells him that they found the anti-toxin in the M-7 and it has been passed to the pharmaceutical companies. He shows Henderson the weapon from the M-7 which uses saterium, which only comes from one of the moons on Saturn. He tells Henderson of his plan to destroy the saterium deposits so The Ruler won't be able to recharge his weapons. Commando Cody, Dick and Joan fly their rocket towards Saturn and head towards the moon with the saterium deposits. Tantor notifies Captain Turon of the approaching rocket and Turon calls The Ruler and tells him of the approaching rocket. The Ruler warns him that it might be Commando Cody. Dick lands the rocket and Turon tells Tantor to set up a trap. Commando Cody flies towards a mine and gets in a shoot out with Turon and his workers. Turon escapes and the workers are killed when Commando Cody shoots at the boxes of saterium, causing an explosion. He places a guidance device for a rocket and is then attacked by Tantor. Dick fires the rocket and Commando Cody and Tantor barely escape before the rocket hits the mine. Commando Cody, Joan and Dick return to Earth and Dick wonders about the positive ways saterium could have been used.