Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe, Season 1 Episode 6 Destroyers of the Sun

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The Ruler uses a ray machine to block the sun from the Earth.

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Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe (1953)


Commando Cody - Judd Holdren

Joan Gilbert - Aline Towne

Dick Preston - Richard Crane

The Ruler - Gregory Gay

Baylor - Lyle Talbot

Commissioner Henderson - Craig Kelly

Planet M-27 Guard Leader - John Crawford

Venusian Girl - Gloria Pall

Station 8 Superintendent - Kenneth MacDonald

Mason - Eddie Foster

Clancy - Dale Van Sickel

Ed Williams - John Daheim

Bill - Marshall Reed

Post Number 1

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Detailed Synopsis

On planet M-27, The Ruler uses a device to block the sun from Earth. Commando Cody, Joan Gilbert and Dick Preston are working when Dick notices it's getting dark earlier than usual. Joan looks out the window and calls Commando Cody over to look at the sun. Commando Cody and Dick walk to the window and see the sun start to fade away. The radio announcer says that astronomers have no ideas about why the sun is being blotted out from the sky. He continues that work in most places has continued, except in farming and that some places are seeing subzero temperatures. Commissioner Henderson stops by the office and tells Commando Cody and the others that astronomers are baffled. Commando Cody thinks it is due to something The Ruler is doing. Eventually as days go by without the sun, rioting starts. Baylor and Mason listen as the radio announcer says that food shortages are already happening. Baylor tells Mason that The Ruler's plan is working perfectly and soon there won't be anyone alive on Earth. Mason worries that they will die too, but Baylor assures him that The Ruler will rescue them. Baylor calls The Ruler and asks when a rocket will be sent to Earth to pick him and Mason up. The Ruler tells him that he will send a rocket as soon as the cosmic dust dissipates.

Commando Cody tells Henderson, Dick and Joan that the astronomers think perhaps someone is affecting the atomic reactions on the sun. Commando Cody, Joan and Dick drive to his rocket and he calls Post Number 1 and tells him to clear the other posts. Post Number 1 calls post number 2 and tells him Commando Cody is on his way. Commando Cody and the others arrive at the rocket and he asks Clancy if everything is ready and then has Clancy drive the car back. They take off in the rocket and as Dick turns on the dispersal ray, it fails to work. They reverse course and Commando Cody tells them that someone must have put something in the protective cosmic that blocked the dispersal ray. On day 5 of no sun, the radio announcer says that food shortages are becoming worse and the ice shelf is growing. Commando Cody tells Henderson that someone from Station 8 added something to the cosmic dust. Station 8 Superintendent tells Bill that his shift is over. When Bill leaves, Commando Cody comes out of hiding and asks Station 8 Superintendent who has the next shift. Station 8 Superintendent tells him Ed Williams is the next person on shift. Commando Cody hides as Ed starts his shift. When Station 8 Superintendent leaves the room, Ed pulls a bottle from a locker and pours the liquid inside into the cosmic dust dispersal machine. Commando Cody comes out of hiding and he and Ed start fighting. Commando Cody wins the fight and asks Ed who gave him the liquid. Ed tells him that Baylor paid him to do it.

Commando Cody goes back to the office and tells Henderson that Baylor managed to escape, but he left enough paperwork to figure out that The Ruler is using a ray machine to block the sun from planet M-27. Commando Cody, Joan and Dick get back into the rocket and fly towards planet M-27. Radar Station M-22 calls The Ruler and tells him that an unidentified aircraft is heading in his direction. The Ruler tells Planet M-27 Guard Leader that it must be Commando Cody and tells him to beam the ray at Commando Cody's rocket. Dick notices the rocket is slowing down and Commando Cody tells him they might as well turn off the rockets. Commando Cody puts on his fuel pack and takes a nuclear bomb with him and flies towards M-27. Planet M-27 Guard Leader tells The Ruler that there is a new dot on the radar screen. Commando Cody lands on the ray weapon and drops off a nuclear bomb. He gets into a fight with a guard and then quickly flies away in his fuel pack. The bomb goes off, destroying the ray machine and Dick and Joan pick up Commando Cody in the rocket. Commando Cody has Dick head towards towards the tower underneath the ray machine. The Ruler and Planet M-27 Guard Leader head towards the bomb shelter while the guards stay in the tower. Commando Cody bombs the mountain with the tower, destroying the tower and then he, Joan and Dick head back home to the news that the sun has returned to normal.