Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe, Season 1 Episode 7 Robot Monster from Mars

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The Ruler has Dick kidnapped so he can learn Commando Cody's secrets.

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Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe (1953)


Commando Cody - Judd Holdren

Joan Gilbert - Aline Towne

Dick Preston - Richard Crane

The Ruler - Gregory Gay

Baylor - Lyle Talbot

Commissioner Henderson - Craig Kelly

Venusian Girl - Gloria Pall

Planet M-27 Guard Leader - John Crawford

Station 8 Superintendent - Kenneth MacDonald

Henchman - Sandy Sanders

N-6 Leader - Sydney Mason

Clancy - Dale Van Sickel

The Ruler's Robot

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Detailed Synopsis

Tom and another guard are in front of Commando Cody's headquarters when The Ruler's Robot walks up to them and shoots them with a laser. It breaks into Commando Cody's office and Baylor communicates to Commando Cody, through the Robot, that he must hand over the plans for his rocket and also how to get through the cosmic dust field. Commando Cody goes to the safe and then pulls out a weapon and sprays the Robot with it, making the Robot stop moving. Henchman asks what happened and Baylor tells him Commando Cody must have burned out the controls. Baylor calls The Ruler, who is standing next to Venusian Girl, and tells him that he failed to get the papers or kill Commando Cody. The Ruler then tells Baylor to try again. Baylor shows Henchman a nerve gun and tells him to go to Commando Cody's office with it. Henchman and another henchman go to Commando Cody's office and use the nerve gun to stun the guard. They break into the office and as they are breaking into the safe, Commando Cody and Dick Preston walk out of the lab and the Henchman shoots Dick with the nerve gun. A fight breaks out and when one of the henchman escapes out the window, Commando Cody runs after him. Meanwhile the other Henchman grabs Dick and drives away with him. Dick wakes up in in a chair in Baylor's office and Baylor tells him the chair will make him follow their commands.

After the chair works, Baylor tells Dick to go back to Commando Cody's office. As Joan Gilbert and Commando Cody are about to leave the office Dick walks in. After Dick tells them a story about waking up in a hotel, Commando Cody and Joan leave to go speak with Commissioner Henderson. Dick grabs a briefcase from the safe full of Commando Cody's paperwork and brings them to Baylor and the Henchman. Baylor looks through it and discovers the only thing the papers don't explain is how to get through the cosmic space dust. He asks Dick if he knows how and Dick tells him it would take a couple of weeks to duplicate. Baylor has Dick call Station 8 Superintendent in order to allow one of The Ruler's spaceships through the cosmic dust. Baylor contacts rocket N-6 and tells N-6 Leader that he is cleared to land. Baylor tells the Henchman to take Dick and the briefcase to the location where the rocket will land. The N-6 lands and Dick is brought aboard the rocket and it leaves for the planet L-36. Joan calls Clancy and tells him to have the rocket ready. Henderson thinks Dick is a traitor, but Commando Cody thinks there must be another explanation. Henderson tells Commando Cody that if he sees the N-6 he must shoot it out of the sky, even if Dick is on it.

Commando Cody and Joan go to the rocket and greet Clancy before they take off. Dick is brought to The Ruler who looks over what Dick brought. Dick turns on his two-way radio badge and Commando Cody and Joan listen in on Dick and The Ruler's conversation, including where Dick is being held. Planet M-27 Guard Leader tells The Leader that a rocket is headed their way. He asks The Ruler if he wants him to move his things to the bomb shelter, but The Ruler doesn't thinks Commando Cody will bomb the planet. He then tells Planet M-27 Guard Leader to have one of The Ruler's Robots go to the location where Commando Cody is likely to land. Commando Cody uses his jet pack to fly to the location and gets in a shootout with some of The Ruler's men. He kills them both and then takes the Robots controls and radios Joan and tells her to land the rocket. He gives Joan the Robot controls and she uses the Robot to attack the guards and break into The Ruler's lab. Commando Cody follows behind and a fight breaks out. The Ruler disables the Robot and then escapes. Dick and Commando Cody go back to the rocket after grabbing the briefcase of papers and Dick daydreams of putting The Ruler in the thought machine and making him do the dishes.