Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe, Season 1 Episode 9 Solar Sky Raiders

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The Ruler causes multiple suns to appear over Earth.

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Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe (1953)


Commando Cody - Judd Holdren

Joan Gilbert - Aline Towne

Dick Preston - Richard Crane

The Ruler - Gregory Gay

Baylor - Lyle Talbot

Commissioner Henderson - Craig Kelly

Venusian Girl - Gloria Pall

Tantor - Bill Henry

N-6 Leader - Sydney Mason

Mason - Eddie Foster

Captain Turon - Rick Vallin

Clancy - Dale Van Sickel

Kirk - Lane Bradford

Nordahl - Fred Graham

Post Number 1

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Detailed Synopsis

Commando Cody is testing out his insignia radio as Joan Gilbert and Dick Preston are driving below him. A car speeds by them and then comes to a stop, forcing Dick to come to a quick stop. Nordahl and Kirk force Dick and Joan out of their car by gun point. They tell them they want information on the secret frequency caller and Joan uses her two-way radio badge to warn Commando Cody to leave. Kirk and Nordahl take her radio badge and Commando Cody lands and helps Dick and Joan while Kirk and Nordahl run away. Kirk uses the badge to tell Commando Cody that in two hours, he will receive a message from The Ruler. Commando Cody, Dick and Joan return to the office and wait for the call along with Commissioner Henderson so they can try and track where the call is coming from. The Ruler comes on the radio, but it turns out to be just a recording of him. The recording says that Commando Cody will receive seven messages and after each message the people of Earth will learn of a multiple way that Earth will be destroyed. Joan calls monitoring who gives her the location of where the message was coming from. She gets off the phone and tells the others that it seems brighter outside. They all come to the window and Commando Cody uses a polarizer and sees that there appears to be a second sun in the sky. Commando Cody tells Henderson that the Earth can survive two suns, but only through stringent worldwide emergency measures.

The phone rings and the Security Commission asks to speak with Henderson and then Commando Cody tells them how they should react to what is happening. A radio report says that the appearance of a second sun has caused widespread panic. Commando Cody, Joan and Dick drive to their rocket and Commando Cody calls Post Number 1 and tells him to let the other posts know they are coming. They arrive at the rocket and Clancy tells Commando Cody that everything is ready to blast off. Commando Cody, Dick and Joan fly in the rocket and go above the dust cloud. Commando Cody realizes there is no added gravity from the second sun and that there is still only one true sun in the sky. The Ruler sends another recording and tells Commando Cody to look up in the sky, which now appears to have three suns. Henderson calls Commando Cody and tells him that people are saying it is the end of the world. Henderson tells Commando Cody that the Security Commission wants to have a meeting and Commando Cody and the others take the rocket back to Earth.

At The Ruler's lab, the radio comes on and Venusian Girl holds the microphone up to The Ruler. Baylor tells The Ruler that there are now four suns in the sky and people are rioting. The Ruler tells Baylor that even more suns will appear in the sky. Mason tells Baylor that can't stay there much longer and Baylor tells him that they are moving their office to a vacant refrigerator plant where Nordahl and Kirk have their headquarters. At the office, Commando Cody, Joan and Dick are trying to figure out how The Ruler is adding more suns. Joan mentions a mirror like mirage and Commando Cody gets an idea and tells Dick and Joan to make a single phase scanning unit and to bring it on the rocket. Commando Cody puts on his fuel pack and flies into the air. Nordahl wonders if The Ruler is trying to destroy the Earth, but Kirk assures him that he only wants to conquer it. Kirk plays another recorded message from The Ruler and Commando Cody is able to track down the car with Kirk and Nordahl that is transmitting the message. Kirk and Nordahl drive back to the refrigerator plant and a fight breaks out between them and Commando Cody. Nordahl grabs Commando Cody's gun and accidentally shoots Kirk in the back and is then killed when a fire starts in the building and it explodes. Commando Cody rendezvous with the rocket and he, Joan and Dick use the density detector to target the extra suns. They shoot at the rocket ships that are acting as refractive surfaces and cause the extra suns to disappear.