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Cookie Danza is an American archaeological field school student of Ozzie Hathaway.

During the events of Airwolf: Season 2 Episode 22 Short Walk to Freedom played by Robert Chestnut

Stringfellow Hawke and Caitlin O'Shannessy are flying Kay Freestone, Ozzie Hathaway, Cookie, Ernie and Jonathan to an archaeological field school to excavate Mayan ruins. Jonathan reads facts about the Mayans to the others in the plane and Kay comments that when her mother took her to China, there were places without hot water. The plane lands and Chema Comargo greets Ozzie. Caitlin sees Miguel forging parts for the bus Ozzie and his students are going to take to the archaeological site. Miguel mentions there have been lots of guerrilla activity lately including those led by Colonel Arturo Alazar, who hates Americans. Hawke flies the plane back while Caitlin stays with Ozzie and the students. Comargo decides to take a shortcut and crashes the bus into an embankment. Sergeant and a group of rebels walk up to the bus and orders Comargo to follow behind him in his jeep. They drive into the base of Colonel Alazar and Colonel Alazar recognizes Comargo. Ozzie tells Colonel Alazar that he has the ability to smuggle artifacts out of the country. Colonel Alazar becomes offended by Ozzie's offer and tells him bribery will be added to his crimes. Caitlin, Ozzie and the students are then placed in a cell. In the cell, Jonathan tells Cookie the latin name for parrot and Ernie asks Cookie what is going to happen to them and Cookie gives Ernie a hard time for stress vomiting. When Caitlin hears Airwolf she has everyone in the cell stand up and walk around as she switches the light off and on to send a Morse Code message detected by Airwolf on its thermal scanner. Airwolf fires on the ammo cache, causing it to explode and attacks other parts of the guerrilla base before shooting a hole in the cell wall and landing. Hawke runs to the cell after riding inside a net basket hanging from the bottom of Airwolf, but Airwolf is hit with bazooka fire. During the escape, Ozzie falls out of the basket and Hawke jumps down to alleviate the weight hanging from Airwolf. [Dominic]] is forced to land Airwolf due to the damage from the bazooka. Caitlin tells the students if they can get Airwolf to Miguel, then he might be able to fix it. Caitlin and the students start to drag Airwolf across the dry lake bed. Dominic sees a vehicle coming and tells the students to swing Airwolf around so the weapons are facing the vehicle. Sergeant gets out of the vehicle and tells them they must return to the guerrilla camp at once. Dominic shoots at Sergeant and Sergeant gets back into the vehicle and starts to shoot at Airwolf until Dominic and Caitlin blow the vehicle and Sergeant up with a missile. During the night, Cookie awkwardly tells Caitlin he doesn't want to die a virgin and hints that they have sex, but she tells him to get some sleep. In the morning, the students set a trap and when Comargo arrives in a jeep with a rebel, they ambush Comargo and use the jeep to pull Airwolf while Comargo and the rebel are tied up. Miguel repairs Airwolf and Hawke arrives shortly after. Colonel Alazar arrives and starts firing at Airwolf and Marella's plane. Hawke then blows up Colonel Alazar and the rebels in the truck they were in. The MiGs arrive and start firing at Marella and Airwolf, but are shot down one by one by Hawke. Marella lands and picks up the students and Hawke tells her good job.