Countdown: Armageddon (2009)

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Destructive weather causes a new ice age to begin across Europe as a family tries to reach each other from England and France.


Apocalyptic, Environmental

Apocalyptic, Religious


Allison - Kim Little

Joseph - Clint Browning

Itzhak - G. Russell Reynolds

Mark Thompson - Mark Hengst

Mary - Audrey Latt

Cindy - April Wade

John Cosgrove - Spencer Scott

Adi - Vivi Brunstein

Tina - Danae Nason

Levi - Matt Mercer

Abraham - Cameron Cash

Detective Strand - Dean Kreyling

Agent Malcolm Grant - Jose Prendes

Gianni - Matthew Farhat

Romano - Alexander Hatzidiakos

One Eyed Man - Domiziano Arcangeli

Newscaster - Meredith Thomas

Yahveh - Amol Shah

Aram - Emilio Rosa

Hanifa - Yair Lehman

Elijah - Aviad Har-Zion

Enoch - Lior Vago

Taxi Driver - Faygal Tawil

Woman on Street - Norma Rivera

Charlie - Scott Wheeler

Man in Bathroom - Jonathan Nation

Man in Hotel Lobby - Ben Brugger

Hotel Clerk - Rose Anselmo

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Detailed Synopsis

A series news clips tell the audience of natural disasters and historical events in the Middle East and the world. Mary is coloring while being watched by Cindy. A special report comes on the television about the European Union President declaring Peace in the Middle East and Allison tells the audience about a meeting between religious leaders who discussed peace in the Middle East and praised Romano, the architect of the peace agreement. All of a sudden an earthquake occurs causing destruction in Los Angeles. Allison returns home and finds Mary asleep in her bed and Cindy tells her Mark Thompson called. Mary prays and then Allison promises to take her to the park tomorrow. A Newscaster tells the audience that Pakistan and India have joined Romano's piece consortium. A breaking news bulletin begins about an 8.1 earthquake that just hit Tokyo. At the park, Mark tells Allison that his boss John Cosgrove is sending him to Atlanta and he wants to take Mary with him, but Allison refuses to let him take Mary. Mary has to go to the bathroom and as Allison is waiting outside talking on the phone, a loud explosion occurs. She goes to check on Mary and finds her missing.

She drives to Mark's house but finds it empty. She then goes the police station and talks with Detective Strand and tells him she thinks Mark took Mary. He tells her they will do their best and then tells her he thinks something big is going on. As Allison is walking she comes across a memorial for missing people and she leaves a photo of Mary. Allison meets with Cosgrove at the park and he assures her that Mark must have Mary and he didn't send Mark to Atlanta. In another news report, Romano says that a one world government is possible. Allison breaks into Mark's home and finds his items in disarray. In the back of a photo frame she finds an electronic device. She calls Cindy and Cindy hacks into it and gets an address for a meeting he recently had. On the radio, Allison hears an interview about a politician talking about The New World Order that is being formed. She goes into the place Mark had a meeting and One Eyed Man tells her Mary was taken by God. Allison returns to the park and day dreams about Mary. It suddenly begins to hail and a tornado forms and she runs into the restroom. Cindy continues to hack Mark's electronic device and tells Mary, Mark booked two tickets to Tel Aviv. Cindy goes to check on a noise while Allison is in the bathroom and Cindy is attacked by Aram. Allison saves Cindy who is injected with something and falls unconscious and when Allison asks Aram where Mary is he apologizes and leaves. The news reports that more nations have joined The New World Order. Allison meets with Cosgrove who tells her Aram's passport says he is from Syria.

Allison takes a flight to Israel and is seated near Itzhak who tells her that Romano's peace is a joke and false. As they are flying turbulence hits and Itzhak reads from the Torah. He tells Allison that their lives are meaningless unless they give their lives to God. They arrive in Israel and Allison gets into a taxi with Taxi Driver. She checks into the same hotel Mark was supposed to have checked into and asks Yahveh for a key to the room. She goes into the room and finds it empty. An envelope with a note is slipped under the door and she asks Yahveh if he can read it to her. He tells her the note is for an address and a name, Hanifa. She goes to the address and meets Hanifa who asks her if she has the package. He takes her to another location and as they are heading there they see protesters including Enoch and Elijah handing out leaflets protesting against Romano. Hanifa tells her Mark was helping them. Just then the Dome of the Rock explodes. Allison wakes up and sees Hanifa dead. She wakes up in the hospital with Mary laying on her. She wakes up again and realizes she was dreaming. Joseph, who had been following her since Mary disappeared in the park, is sitting across from her. He tells her Mark sent him to help her find Mary. She looks over and sees a plague victim in the next bed and a nurse comes in also with the plague. They leave the hospital and he tells Allison, Israel has left the peace talks and the two protesters Enoch and Elijah were killed. They start to drive to a location, but when Joseph sees a roadblock, he tells Allison to get out and go back to the hotel. She walks to the Dead Sea, which starts to turn red.

She makes it back to the hotel and Yahveh asks if she is leaving and then if she is Jewish. Joseph walks into her room and tells her they have to leave as the authorities are coming to take her to the embassy. They go to the headquarters of the Watchers and Itzhak answers the door. She walks into a room where Gianni, Levi, Adi and Abraham are. Itzhak tells Allison, now she understands and she tells him her child is missing. Adi tells her that her child is missing, Levi tells her his father is missing and Abraham tells her his brothers are missing. Itzhak tells Joseph he should have taken Allison to the embassy and then tells Allison she doesn't belong unless she is a true believer, one who believes in the end of days. Romano makes an address against Israel and warns them that they are the enemy of the world. Gianni tells Allison that Romano is the Anti-Christ and Itzhak tells Allison, Mark knew Romano was the Anti-Christ. Itzhak then tells Allison that Mark is dead. Joseph takes Allison to see Mark's body and Joseph tells her that Mark repented and found God before his death. A news report says that Israeli forces have moved to their border in case of any New World Order encroachment. Joseph asks Allison if she believes in God and she tells him she does. Adi tells Allison that they found information on Mark's device that mentions concentration camps set up by the New World Order where children are being kept and the marking of Jewish people. She and Joseph go back to the hotel and she asks Yahveh about his tattoo. She asks him to take her to the concentration camp, but he refuses, before leaving he gives her a piece of paper with Hebrew written on it.

The news says that Romano has given Israel 24 hours to disarm or they will be attacked. Cosgrove calls Allison and tells her she needs to leave, before the call goes dead. She returns to the headquarters of the Watchers and gives the note to Levi. She figures out the explosion at the Dome of the Rock was caused by The Watchers and after, Levi tells her the note is coordinates, Itzhak tells her she cannot leave. He is about to shoot Allison when Adi points her gun at him. Allison and Joseph leave and Itzhak takes away the gun from Adi and shoots her and he and Gianni chase after Allison and Joseph. A vehicle drives up and starts shooting protesters. As Allison is running for cover she is butt stroked to the head and goes unconscious. She wakes up in a locked room and screams for help. She speaks to God and says she just wants to hold her daughter. She then prays to God and and asks him to save her. A door opens and Joseph enters. They walks through Jerusalem as combat rages around them. Joseph takes Allison to some ruins and as Allison walks into the ruins, Joseph is shot and killed by a rocket fired by a helicopter. Allison stands overlooking Jerusalem and Mary walks up to her and they hug. Jesus rides up on a horse and Allison and Mary get raptured.