Creepozoids (1987)

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A group of deserters in the post-apocalypse take shelter in a lab that once ran deadly experiments.


Horror, Monster

Post-Apocalyptic, War


Jake - Richard Hawkins

Blanca - Linnea Quigley

Butch - Ken Abraham

Kate - Kim McKamy

Jesse - Michael Aranda

Woman - Joi Wilson


Creepozoid Baby

Mutant Rat

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Detailed Synopsis

1998-Six years after the superpowers have engaged in a devastating nuclear exchange, Earth is now a blackened husk of a planet. Tiny clusters of survivors eke out a miserable existence in the ruins of cities, and bands of deserters roam the barren wastelands...hiding from mutant nomads and seeking shelter from the deadly acid rains.

A Woman is working in a lab when she hears the door knob rattle. She asks if anyone is there, but gets no response. She opens the door and screams as she sees the Creepozoid which attacks and kills her.

A group of five survivors including Jake, Blanca, Butch, Kate, and Jesse are wandering about 400 miles from the remains of New Los Angeles. Jesse complains about his bursitis and tells the rest of the group that his bursitis is sensitive to rain. The group decides they need to find cover to avoid the acid rain and break into a nearby building. The acid rain begins to pour down and begins to melt the gas mask Butch left behind. They split up into two groups, Blanca and Butch in one group and Jake, Kate and Jessie in the other to explore the building. Jake and his group find cages full of blood which Jesse thinks may have been used as pens for whoever was originally in the building's livestock for food. Blanca and Butch find a room with cots and then Blanca finds the shower room. Jesse is wandering by himself when he finds the laboratory Woman was working in. He then finds a room with a computer, radio equipment and a human head. Jesse cries out and and Jake runs in and kicks the head away. During dinner the group debate what to do. Butch wants to stay in the building and wait until the government powers kill each other off. Most of the others agree, but Kate is hesitant to make a decision so soon and Jesse agrees with her. Blanca goes to take a shower and Butch joins her. Jesse goes back to the computer room and boots up the computer which displays a screen with the saying, "Research for a better tomorrow." he clicks on the employee file for Michael Lugano, but his file is listed as classified. Jake goes and asks Jesse if he found out any information about the use of the building. Jesse tells him not yet, but it appears whoever was in the building was doing research on amino acids. Jesse tells Jake he thinks the building might not be uninhabited as he thought someone was watching him. Jesse wakes up in the middle of the night and is looking through a textbook on the physiology of behavior when a floppy disk falls out. He puts the disk in the computer which contains a personal diary.

The first entry is dated 12 Oct. In it the author writes, I miss the sun. I never thought I would, but I miss it. The rain's been steady for six days now but it's unlikely permission would be granted for an outside excursion anyway. Now that we've had some success, paranoia has set in. Security is tight. One dated Oct. 13 states, It's gotten unbearable. The communication with New L.A. has been curtailed for some reason nobody will tell me. I've been iced out of some major decisions and it's getting ridiculous. The whole thing's turned from Bio-medical to social engineering. How many people can you cram into an enclosed space before somebody blows up? The next one from 15 Oct. reads, I skipped a day. Bennet was snooping around the bookshelf. He suspects something-he hasn't gone near the books in months. Had a strange thought: what if he were taking the stuff himself, maybe sprinkling it in the food. I wouldn't put it past him, the weasel. It's a funny joke, haha. It creeped me out for half the morning. I shouldn't be writing this, but it and the thought of someday going outside is the only thing that keeps me sane. The final journal entry from 18 Nov. reads. Long time no see. No one suspects a thing. Covered my tracks like a pro. The blood was a bitch to clean.

Jesse hears a noise and looks under the computer desk and finds a mesh grate covering a tunnel. He searches through the tunnel and comes across a lair and is attacked by the Creepozoid. In the morning the group debates why the building was abandoned. All of a sudden Jesse starts choking and then begins to mutate before he falls over dead. While in the computer room, Kate tells the others she thinks the building was a containment facility to keep something from getting outside. Her theory is that the scientists were working on a way for the body to create its own amino acids, so it wouldn't need food. She thinks that perhaps Jesse was infected and by eating food, Jesse overloaded his body. They find the tunnel under the computer desk and Jake crawls into the tunnel and finds the lair of the Creepozoid. Butch goes after Jake and Blanca runs to the warehouse room to get ammo when she finds a skeletal body and she sees the Creepozoid. Butch goes back into the tunnel and finds Jake unconscious. Butch helps Jake up and they go back to the main area. Kate analyzes the cells of both the dead body and Jake and they share the same protein count. The power goes out and when Butch goes to the generator room, he is attacked by a Mutant Rat. The group debates what to do in the living quarters and they finally agree to send out a distress message even at the risk of them being found by the government and punished as deserters. While Jake is sitting at the computer to send out a distress signal he is grabbed by the Creepozoid. Butch tries to help him and both he and Jake are knocked unconscious by the Creepozoid which then sprays a black goo on the computer, which fries it. The Creepezoid then grabs Butch and pulls him towards its lair. In the living quarters, Blanca is attacked by a rat. Kate helps her and then is attacked and bitten in the neck by the rat. Blanca kills the rat and Jake runs into the room. Jake gives Kate a sedative and she goes unconscious.

The Creepozoid sprays Butch with the black goo and Jake and Blanca find Butch in its lair. They take Butch into the lab and he mutates and dies. The Creepozoid surprises them and Blanca runs back to the living quarters and finds Kate crazy and mutated. Kate attacks Blanca and Blanca is forced to kill Kate by cutting her head off with a metal storage case. The Creepezoid catches Jake and brings him back to its lair again. Blanca finds Jake and she is killed by the Creepozoid. Jake crawls out of the Creepozids lair and fights it in the warehouse area. He manages to kill it by sticking it with a needle full of an amino acid he finds. As the Creepozoid dies it births a Creepozoid Baby that then hugs or attacks Jake. Jake takes the still attached umbilical cord and chokes the Creepozoid Baby unconscious. He stumbles out of the room and back to the living quarters where he finds Kate dead. The baby then regains consciousness.