DC Andy Cartwright

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DC Andy Cartwright


Detective Constable Andrew "Andy" Cartwright works in the Criminal Investigation Department for the police department in Sandford, Gloucester. His father sells apples and raspberries.

During the events of Hot Fuzz (2007) played by Rafe Spall

Inspector Frank Butterman takes Nicholas Angel on a tour of the police station and takes him to meet DS Andy Wainwright and Andy. By the time the tour around the department ends it is lunch and they all go out to the pub. They ask Nicholas why he came to Sandford and give him a hard time and assume he came to try and tell them how to do their job. They ask him why he is wearing his stab proof vest and he tells them about when he was stabbed. PC Danny Butterman starts excitedly asking him about the kind of "action" he experienced and the Andys tell Nicholas everyone has a weapon in the country. After Martin Blower and Eve Draper's car accident, Nicholas goes to the Andys and suggests they look into it, but they blow him off, even after he points out issues with how the accident looked like it happened. At the pub, Nicholas sees the Andys and asks them if anything turned up on the crash, but they tell him nothing turned up. After George Merchant's house explodes, Nicholas once again tries to get the Andy's to investigate. Nicholas accuses Simon Skinner of murder, and the entire department goes to Somerfield market and Nicholas accuses Simon of being the murder, but Simon has an alibi and his store footage shows him to be at the store during the day. As Nicholas and Danny are in a shootout with Roy and Mary, they are surrounded by Frank and the rest of the department in riot gear. Nicholas manages to convince the other officers that they have been manipulated and leaves PC Bob Walker and Saxon to deal with the NWA members in town. He and the others go to Somerfield market and Nicholas fights Michael Armstrong while the others continue down the aisles. Nicholas then helps the others knock the Butcher Brothers unconscious with shopping carts. Tina charges at them with a box cutter and is knocked unconscious by PC Doris Thatcher. Nicholas and Danny go after Simon who escapes with Frank. Later, as all the officers are doing paperwork, Tom Weaver walks up with a blunderbuss and shoots at Nicholas, but hits Danny who leaps in front of him. Nicholas throws a trash can at Tom and knocks him backwards into the evidence room and the station blows up when the sea mine explodes.