Damian Leopold

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Damian Leopold


Damian Leopold works for the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland.

During the events of Contagion (2011) played by Armin Rohde

On Day 5, Dr. Leonora Orantes arrives at the World Health Organization. Damian updates her that the Chinese Government is saying an outbreak has been contained to the Chrysanthemum complex in Hong Kong. A WHO Official asks Damian how the Chinese are defining contained. Dr. Orantes then warns them that due to the nature of Hong Kong, the virus will spread. Dr. Orantes mentions two outbreak clusters in London, a cluster in Tokyo and the WHO Official asks if any of the dead in Tokyo traveled to London or China. On Day 8, Damian holds a video meeting with world officials and tells them he believes there are 89,000 cases in the world and heading towards 267,000. Dr. Ellis Cheever tells the people in the video meeting that they haven't figured out a way to grow the virus in cells yet. A Japanese Official asks if the CDC found any treatment or antivirus yet, and Dr. Ally Hextall tells him no. On Day 133, Sun Feng and Dr. Orantes drive to Tsuen Wan Cemetery where Dr. Orantes is exchanged for doses of the vaccine. As they are waiting for their flight, Damian gives Dr. Orantes her vaccine and tells her the ones they gave to Sun Feng were placebos. She then gets up and leaves.