David Young

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David Young


David Young is the ship's boy on the HMS Terror in the Discovery Service for the British Royal Navy. He grew up in an orphanage with his sister.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 1 Go for Broke played by Alfie Kingsnorth

At the crew dinner, William Strong is eating with Cornelius Hickey, Thomas Evans, Robert Golding, and Young. Hickey and the others argue what rank the ship's dog, Neptune has. Young starts to cough up blood and Golding calls for a doctor. Dr. Stanley examines Young and criticizes Young for not coming forward with his sickness earlier. Young asks Henry Goodsir not to perform an autopsy on him, but Goodsir can't promise him anything. Goodsir tries to comfort Young as he is dying and Young asks Goodsir to have his ring delivered to his sister. Young sees an image of the Shaman standing at the foot of his bed and starts to scream out. Young screams out that the Shaman wants them to run and then dies.

During the events of The Terror: Season 1 Episode 7 Horrible from Supper played by Alfie Kingsnorth

In the past, Young asks Thomas Hartnell about life on a ship.