Deep Blue Sea (1999)

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A trio of genetically modified sharks attack the workers at a sealab.


Horror, Animal


Carter Blake - Thomas Jane

Dr. Susan McAlester - Saffron Burrows

Russell Franklin - Samuel L. Jackson

Janice Higgins - Jacqueline McKenzie

Tom Scoggins - Michael Rapaport

Jim Whitlock - Stellan Skarsgard

Preacher - LL Cool J

Brenda Kerns - Aida Turturro

Boat Captain - Cristos

Helicopter Pilot - Daniel Bahimo Rey

Helicopter Co-Pilot - Valente Rodriguez

Helicopter Winch Operator - Brent Roam

Boy 1 - Eyal Podell

Girl 1 - Erinn Bartlett

Boy 2 - Dan Thiel

Girl 2 - Sabrina Geerinckx

Friend of Janice - Tajsha Thomas

Parrot Sounds - Frank W. Welker

Aquatica Sharks

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Detailed Synopsis

Boy 1, Girl 1, Boy 2, and Girl 2 are on a boat partying. Something bumps the boat and Girl 1 becomes anxious. An Aquatica Shark starts banging on the bottom of the boat and breaks through causing everyone on the boat to fall off. Boy 1 and Girl 1 are about to get eaten when Carter Blake hits it with two harpoons and saves them.

Dr. Susan McAlester arrives at the headquarters of Chimera Pharmaceuticals and is shown a copy of USA Today with an article "Test Shark Escapes, Teens Narrowly Avoid Slaughter". She tells Russell Franklin and the CEO that her and her team are really close to a breakthrough to reignite brain cells. Russell tells her he is going to cut her funding and Susan tells him they have a chance of curing Alzheimer's with a pill and asks for him to wait until Monday before cutting her funding. Susan and Russell take a plane to Aquatica Research. Boat Captain shows Carter a tiger shark he caught and the tiger shark is dropped into the holding pen area. Susan introduces Russell to Janice Higgins and Janice takes Russell on a tour of the facility. Carter jumps into the holding pen and manages to wrangle the tiger shark and remove a Louisiana license plate from its mouth. Janice introduces Russell to Carter and after Carter is brusque with Russell, Janice tells Russell the crew knows he wants to shut down the project. Brenda Kerns tells the crew the water taxi is leaving and a storm is heading in their direction. Friend of Janice says bye to Janice before boarding the water taxi and Janice tells Russell they run a skeleton crew on the weekend. Carter tells Tom Scoggins it took two harpoons to stop the Aquatica Shark that got out and blames Tom for leaving the pen door open. Susan puts in a disc titled The Effects of Shortfin Mako Shark Brain Complex 1VB on Degenerated Human Brain Cells into the computer and Jim Whitlock complains that they are skipping three rounds of trials, but Susan tells him they have no choice.

Russell talks with Carter and mentions he knows Carter spent time in prison. Preacher pulls out two layers of cake and Bird calls him fat butt. The tiger shark is released and is torn apart by the Aquatica Sharks. Brenda asks for Susan to come to the surface level over the PA system and the crew has a surprise birthday party for her. Janice tells Russell they have been using a hormone to increase the female generation 2 Aquatica Shark's brain to five times its normal size. Russell then tells her and Jim that he is amazed they have been able to accomplish everything without any genetic tampering. Carter tells Susan the Aquatica Sharks have started to hunt in packs and he thinks quickening the pace of the project is a bad idea. Susan then points out that if their funding is cut, he might have a hard time finding a job with his background of spending time in prison. The bad weather turns into a tropical storm and gets closer to Aquatica. Susan takes Russell to the lab with Janice, Tom and Jim while Carter wrangles the female gen 2 Aquatica Shark and the others watch his progress on a monitor system. They watch as the Aquatica Sharks synchronize an attack and swim backwards when Carter points his rifle at them. One by one the Aquatica Sharks destroy the cameras. Carter manages to wrangle the female gen 2 Aquatica Shark by setting a trap and brings her to the wet lab. As Susan is about to place a device on the Aquatica Shark's head, it thrashes briefly. Brain cells are taken from the Aquatica Shark and added to inactive brain cells, which causes the inactive brain cells to start working again.

Russell congratulates Susan and as Jim is standing near the Aquatica Shark, it attacks him and bites off his arm. The Aquatica Shark starts to break free and before Carter can shoot it, Susan releases it. Carter calls Brenda and tells her they need paramedics. A Helicopter Pilot tells her they are on their way. Jim is brought to the surface as the tropical storm hits. Helicopter Pilot and Helicopter Co-Pilot arrive at Aquatica and Helicopter Winch Operator drops a line down to Jim's gurney. As Jim and the gurney are being lifted towards the helicopter, the winch line gets stuck and then drops Jim into the water. He is grabbed by a Aquatica Shark and dragged, which causes the helicopter to crash into the radio tower killing everyone in the helicopter and Brenda. Explosions start to erupt from Aquatica and it starts to fall apart. Russell sees Jim being pushed towards the wet lab windows by an Aquatica Shark which then tosses Jim into the glass, causing it to break from the impact. Preacher tries to call Brenda but gets no response. After finding their path blocked, Carter suggests they go back and down a level to use the submarine to get to the surface. They hear one of the doors banging and Carter realizes it is an Aquatica Shark trying to break the door down. Preacher goes looking for Bird who flew away when the Aquatica started to flood. Russell asks Susan what she did to the Aquatica Sharks and she admits they broke the Harvard Genetics Compact in order to increase their brain size so they could harvest more brain cells. Preacher sees an Aquatica Shark swimming towards him and goes back into the kitchen. The sea lab group make it to the submarine, but find it destroyed. Bird is eaten by an Aquatica Shark and Preacher swims into an oven. As the Aquatica Shark is trying to break into the oven it turns the gas on. Preacher manages to use an ax to cut his way into the top oven and as the Aquatica Shark is distracted, he turns on his lighter and throws it towards the oven, causing it to explode and killing the Aquatica Shark.

Tom shows everyone the door to the maintenance shaft, but tells them if it is compromised the entire complex could collapse. Susan and Tom start to argue and as Russell is giving a speech on sticking together, he is eaten by an Aquatica Shark. Carter, Susan, Janice and Tom go into the maintenance shaft and start climbing the ladder. An Aquatica Shark breaks through the door to the maintenance shaft and Carter opens the door to level two to let some of the incoming water drain into that level. The ladder breaks and Janice falls into the water and is eaten by an Aquatica Shark. Preacher opens the door above them and Carter, Susan and Tom go to the next level. Carter and Tom go to start the bilge pumps while Susan goes into her room to get her research data. Carter finds the body of Jim in the water. Preacher uses a camcorder to make a video on how to make an omelette. Carter and Tom get the bilge pumps working, but Tom is eaten by an Aquatica Shark. While Susan is getting her data, she is attacked by an Aquatica Shark and drops the bag holding it. She breaks off an electrical line and standing on her wetsuit, throws it into the water, killing the Aquatica Shark, but also destroying the research files. Susan meets up with Carter and Preacher and they swim to the surface while using a spraying fire extinguisher held by a life vest as a distraction. Preacher is grabbed by the Aquatica Shark by the leg and he stabs it in the eye with his crucifix necklace. Carter realizes the Aquatica Sharks have been herding them and using them to flood the facility so they can escape. The female gen 2 Aquatica Shark starts to attack the fence and Carter rigs up a harpoon rifle with a line and tells Susan when he hits the Aquatica Shark with the harpoon tipped with gunpowder, to touch the line to a battery. Susan cuts her hand and gets into the water to act as bait. As Susan is trying to get out of the water, she eaten by the Aquatica Shark. Carter manages to grab onto the fin of the Aquatica Shark as it charges at him and Preacher shoots the harpoon gun at the Aquatica Shark, and the harpoon goes through the fin and impales Carter in the leg. Carter is caught against the fence when the Aquatica Shark breaks through and the harpoon is ripped out of his leg. Preacher then touches the line to the battery and the Aquatica Shark explodes. Preacher and Carter watch as the water taxi returns the crew that left for the weekend and they both agree to quit their jobs.