Delirium: Photo of Gioia (1987)

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People close to a magazine publisher are suddenly gruesomely murdered one by one.


Horror, Slasher


Gioia - Serena Grandi

Evelyn - Daria Nicolodi

Tony - Vanni Corbellini

Roberto - David Brandon

Alex Worth - George Eastman

Kim - Katrine Michelsen

Mark - Karl Zinny

Inspector Corsi - Lino Salemme

Sabrina - Sabrina Salerno

Flora - Capucine

Flora's Assistant - Loredana Petricca

Dr. Lorenzi - Lionello Pio Di Savoia

Susan - Beatrice Kruger

Detective - Gianni Franco

Kelly - Marcia Sedoc

Patricia Boom

Giulio Massimini

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Detailed Synopsis

Gioia watches as Kim is photographed by Roberto in Gioia's pool and Tony gives the other models Kelly and Christi, instructions. Meanwhile, Mark watches Gioia in his telescope. Gioia looks through a series of photos of herself doing the same modeling setting when she was younger. She asks Evelyn if she thinks it was a good idea to do a shoot similar to the one she had done as a model, and Evelyn tells her yes, even if it isn't the same without Gioia in it. Tony asks where the makeup artist is and then yells at Evelyn. Mark calls Gioia and tells her crude remarks and she hangs up on him. Gioia invites Kelly and Christi to lunch, but they have to catch a plane to Paris for a fashion show. At dinner, Gioia remarks about the dinner Evelyn made and Tony sarcastically remarks about what Gioia would do without her. Roberto and Tony leave and Evelyn goes to bed. Gioia and Kim talk about Gioia's husband's death and then Kim leaves. As Kim is walking, the perspective of someone watching her turns reddish and Kim appears to have only a large eyeball for a face. She hears a noise and is then impaled with a pitchfork by a person wearing a wig and falls into the pool. Gioia gets a phone call from Mark who tells her Kim has been murdered and is floating in her pool. She goes looking for Evelyn and finds her returning to her room. She tells Evelyn what Mark said and Evelyn tells her not to worry about it. Gioia goes outside in the rain, but doesn't find anything and she curses Mark.

Gioia goes to work the next morning and Roberto and Tony show her slides of Kim's photographs. She tells Roberto all of the photos look good and touches his hair, which makes Tony stare at Roberto. Evelyn tells Gioia that Flora is waiting in her office. Gioia goes into her office and Flora asks her to sell Pussycat magazine. Flora brings up that she discovered Gioia, when Gioia was a prostitute, and how Gioia was willing to do anything for money. Gioia brings up that Flora tried to ruin her when she refused to work for her anymore and even told Gioia's husband lies against her. Gioia then tells Flora to leave. Someone drags the body of Kim into their photography studio and then poses her body on a couch with a large blown up print of Gioia in the background. The person then takes a photograph. Gioia returns home from shopping and Evelyn hands her an envelope with the photograph of Kim's body. Flora paces in her home and then grabs a framed photo of Gioia and stares at it. A Detective shows Inspector Corsi a pitchfork which appears like it has never been used before. The Detective then tells him there was no sign of burglary. Inspector Corsi tells Gioia and Evelyn that he questioned Mark and that Mark told him he is sure he saw the murder and the murderer was blonde. Inspector Corsi then tells Gioia he hasn't figured out what the motive is. Mark cleans a rifle and then stacks it with others before going to his telescope to spy on Gioia once more. His family's maid tells him his breakfast is ready and its not nice to spy on his neighbors, but he tells her he will do ask he likes. She tells him his father called and will call again, and Mark tells her to tell his father he is gone and his mother is on vacation somewhere else.

A newspaperman is throwing away some trash when he finds Kim's body in the garbage can. Mark calls Gioia and tells her the murder did her a favor and her issue with Kim on the cover is going to sell out. Evelyn calls the printer to print more copies, but Gioia tells her to call them back and cancel it, before Tony tells her Evelyn is right. Flora's Assistant tells Flora how many copies Gioia ordered printed, which upsets Flora. Her Assistant then tells her that their model Sabrina is leaving them to work for Pussycat. Tony takes Gioia to the movie studio he wants to do a shoot at with Sabrina. While Tony goes to talk to the set designer, Gioia goes to look around and sees Alex Worth. They go to a lounge to talk and he tells her that he broke up with her, because he knew if they continued dating that it would lead to marriage, which scared him. He then tells her he is a changed man. They go back to Gioia's house and after seeing them together in his telescope, Mark picks up a pellet gun and points it at Mark and acts like he is shooting him before laughing. Gioia and Alex have sex in her tub, but are interrupted briefly by Tony. After the photo shoot, Sabrina leaves with Tony. In bed, Sabrina tells Tony it is okay, when he can't perform. Gioia calls the hotel Alex is supposed to be staying at, but finds out no one by that name is staying there. Tony leaves Sabrina's apartment and she undresses to take a shower. Someone walks into her house wearing a beekeeper outfit and their vision turns red and Sabrina appears to be a giant bee. The person in the beekeeper outfit releases hundreds of bees which sting and kill Sabrina. The murderer then takes the body of Sabrina and poses it on two chairs in front of Gioia's blown up photograph. Tony tells Gioia that he has been calling Sabrina for days, but she hasn't answered. Evelyn cries out and walks in with an envelope. Tony takes it and opens it to reveal the photograph of Sabrina's body.

Detective Corsi tells Gioia that Sabrina's body was found in a pond by children. Gioia goes home and tells Evelyn that only one person had a copy of the photograph that was blown up in the background of the murder photos, Roberto. Roberto admits to Gioia the negatives and other things were stolen by some young men he invited to his place. Dr. Lorenzi visits Mark and tells him his inability to use his legs is in his head and he has a mental block from the death of his fiance. While Gioia is in a sauna, Alex enters and gives an excuse to why he wasn't where he said he was at and then tells Gioia she is important to him. Flora watches a tape of a pornographic film Gioia was in and when her Assistant wants to turn it off, she tells her to leave it on. Gioia calls Evelyn, Roberto and Tony together and tells them she plans on selling Pussycat to Flora. She drives to the cemetery and places flowers in a mausoleum at Carlo's burial chamber. As she is leaving, she sees a photograph of herself taped to one of the empty burial chambers. She runs out and runs into Tony who tells her his girlfriend is expecting them. After dropping off flowers at his dead fiance's gravestone, Mark is placed in his car by a funeral worker and he drives away. Gioia and Tony go to the department store that his girlfriend Susan works so Gioia can do one last photo shoot. Gioia goes up the escalator while Tony and Susan stay behind. She is calling for Tony and Susan when Tony's body rises up on the escalator. She hears a weird voice exclaim that it is now her turn to die and then laughs. She takes the elevator downstairs and when she opens the door, Susan's dead body falls against her. She then runs out of the mall and drives away.

Inspector Corsi tells Gioia when they went to the department store, they didn't find the bodies of Tony or Susan. Tony and Susan's bodies are placed on a couch in front of Gioia's blown up photograph and pictures taken and then the blown up photo is slashed with a box cutter. As Evelyn is going to get Gioia some pills, she finds an envelope in the mailbox. She gets into her car and then finds the body of Susan in it. Inspector Corsi and the Detective arrive and they decide it is probably the same killer. Evelyn then asks Inspector Corsi if she is going to be the next victim. Alex calls Gioia and lies and tells her he is out of town until Monday. Roberto goes to his house and realizes something when he looks at a slide. Inspector Corsi and the Detective break into Roberto's house and find a blown up photograph of Gioia. Inspector Corsi calls Gioia and tells her to stay away from Roberto. She hears a noise outside and looks to see Roberto outside. She runs away from his as he tells her he has to speak to her. As he is chasing after her, he is hit by a car and killed. Inspector Corsi and the Detective arrive and Inspector Corsi tells her the murderer must have been Roberto but she doesn't believe him. Mark calls Gioia and asks her how it feels like to be surrounded by death, and after she hangs up on him, he steps out of his wheelchair.

Gioia sells Pussycat to Flora and returns home to find a note from Evelyn telling her she only wanted to work for her and was quitting. As Gioia is walking in her house, she finds a broken framed picture of herself. She runs outside and finds the body of Tony floating in the pool. She hears a window break and then the weird voice from the department store repeats the same thing as before. The killer slows down the voice on the recorder he was playing, revealing it to be the voice of Tony. Gioia steps away as Tony asks her "don't you like me". He tells her she is the only one he has ever loved and he had to kill the women because they were trying to take Gioia's place. He tells her he wants to see her naked once more before he runs away and then starts ripping off her clothes. He tells her no one else will ever caress her body again and then is shot by Mark. Inspector Corsi tells Gioia as she lays in her hospital bed that Tony is still alive, but will have to use a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He then leaves after telling her he hopes her life will be better. Mark rides into her room in his wheelchair with a bouquet of flowers and makes Gioia promise she will never forget him after telling her she is beautiful and asking if he can visit her.