Denise (A Bay of Blood)

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Denis is a resident of France.

During the events of A Bay of Blood (1971) played by Paola Montenero

Brunhilde, Denise, Duke and Bobby are driving their dune buggy when they drive to the Bay. They find the remains of a club and go inside. Denise sees a swimming pool outside and Brunhilde tries to get Bobby to go to the Bay with her, but he leaves with Denise and Bobby. Duke, Denise and Bobby walk over to Frank Ventura's house and find the door locked. Duke breaks in through a window and finds Denise kissing Bobby. They go inside the house and start to dance and drink. Denise finds a bedroom and picks up a framed photo of Frank that is next to the bed. As Denise and Duke are having sex, Simon takes a spear and shoves it through them.