Deputies (The Evictors)

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Deputies are deputies in northern Louisiana.

During the events of The Evictors (1979) played by Donald Hodge, Raymond Meyers, Ervin Reed, William Rexon, Robert Sibley, and Stanley Taylor

During the summer of 1928, a car full G-Men meets up with a car driven by Deputies. A deputy confirms with the Banker that the owners of the house they are driving to shot at him. The car with the G-Men, deputies and Banker parks in front of a house and the Banker gets out. The Banker pulls out an eviction notice which is then shot out of his hand. A gunfight erupts and three more vehicles full of deputies and G-Men arrive. During the gunfight, the wife is shot in the legs and screams. By the end of the gunfight, all of the G-Men and Deputies have been killed.

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