Dirty Ezio

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Dirty Ezio


Dirty Ezio is a mob hitman from Jersey in the Channel Islands. His tongue was cut out by one of Don Giovanni's enemies when Dirty Ezio made fun of him.

During the events of Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) played by Joe Dimmick

The Sheriff of Rottingham has a meeting with Don Giovanni, Filthy Luca and Dirty Ezio. The Sheriff and Don Giovanni discuss killing Robin Hood. Don Giovanni comes up with a plan to assassinate Robin during an archery tournament. At the Annual Spring Fair, the Royal Announcer yells that the archery contest is about to begin. Prince John asks the Sheriff if everything is ready and the Sheriff motions towards Dirty Ezio who is looking out from the Folio Depository. Dirty Ezio tries to assassinate Robin, but Blinkin grabs the arrow before it hits Robin.