Dog Soldiers (2002)

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A squad of British soldiers must fight a group of werewolves to stay alive during a training exercise.


Horror, Monster


Wells - Sean Pertwee

Cooper - Kevin McKidd

Megan - Emma Cleasby

Ryan - Liam Cunningham

Bruce - Thomas Lockyer

Spoon - Darren Morfitt

Joe - Chris Robson

Terry - Leslie Simpson

Campers - Tina Landini and Craig Conway

Sam The Dog - Villrikke's Acer

Werewolves - Bryn Walters, Ben Wright, Brian Claxton Payne

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Detailed Synopsis

In Scotland, two Campers are camping in the woods. The woman gives the man a present as congratulations, a silver letter opener. At night, they are kissing when their tent zipper starts to pull down. The woman is grabbed and mauled to death and then the man is killed.

Two hours earlier in North Wales, Cooper is taking part in an exercise to make the selection for a Special Forces group. He is eventually captured and ordered by Ryan to shoot a dog. Cooper refuses to kill the dog needlessly and Ryan fails him and then shoots the dog in the head. Cooper lunges at Ryan and after Ryan knocks him to the ground, Ryan orders Cooper to be sent back to his squad.

Four weeks later in the Highlands of Scotland, Wells leads his squad consisting of Cooper, Bruce, Spoon, Joe and Terry on a military exercise. Spoon tells Wells he left his watch at the barracks and Joe complains about missing the England versus Germany soccer match. Bruce tells the others the other team in the exercise is a Special Forces team. Wells then lets Spoon borrow his watch. While they are stopped for a meal, Cooper tells the others that he heard people disappear from the area all of the time and mentions the Campers who disappeared. Ryan watches as Wells' squad makes their way through the woods and tells another soldier to contact camp and notify them that Wells' squad is heading in their direction. At night, Cooper asks the others what scares them and Joe brings up soccer again. Wells tells the story of Eddie Oswald who had a tattoo of a laughing devil on his butt. While on patrol, Eddie stepped on an anti-tank mine and one of the pieces they found was a piece of skin with the laughing devil on it in perfect condition. As Spoon is telling a joke, a cow suddenly falls from above into the middle of camp. Cooper inspects the cow and notices it has teeth marks on it. As Ryan is using night vision binoculars to look in the dark, something is circling around his position. He is then suddenly attacked.

In the morning, Wells and his squad follow the path that the cow came from. A flare flies up from a nearby area and they head in the direction it came from. They come across the remains of a military camp that is covered in human remains. Wells orders his men to salvage equipment and weapons from the camp. Bruce notices there are no bodies and Wells orders him to get on the radio. Ryan pops up from behind some equipment and after asking for help, collapses. Ryan keeps on repeating that there was only supposed to be one. Bruce tells Wells he can't reach anyone over the radio. As Cooper is patching up Ryan, he tells Wells that Ryan's group was carrying odd equipment including tranquilizer darts and nets. Ryan tells them they have to get him to safety before they come back, but won't explain who they are. Bruce shows Wells that there was a transmitter hidden in the radio they were issued. Ryan tells Wells that what they are fighting can't die and the squad hears a noise. They leave the camp and Bruce takes rearguard position. Something starts howling and and when Bruce tries to fire at it, he experiences a weapon malfunction. He starts running away and impales himself on a broken tree branch and dies. Wells finds Bruce's body and is attacked by one of the Werewolves. It strikes at his stomach and disembowels him. As it is about to kill him, Cooper arrives and shoots it. Cooper then shoves Well's intestines back into his belly and carries him back to the rest of the squad. They make it to a road and are picked up by Megan in her vehicle. Megan tells them she heard gunfire the night before and knew someone was in the woods.

She takes them to a friend's farm and they break into it. They find food cooking in a pot which appears to be pork, but the place empty except for Sam The Dog. Megan tells Cooper the family doesn't have a phone and the nearest phone is fifty miles away and the nearest town is four hours away. Cooper and Spoon go to get the vehicle and find its engine ripped out. Three Werewolves appear near them and Cooper shoots the vehicle and runs back inside with Spoon. As Ryan is about to shoot Sam The Dog for barking, Terry vomits on Ryan's head. Megan asks Cooper if he and the others came because of the Werewolves and he tells her they are there for a training exercise. Spoon tells Joe that it reminds him of Rorke's Drift when the British Army fought against the Zulu. Megan then tells Cooper they are up against Werewolves. Cooper tells Megan he needs some super glue and whiskey to fix Wells' wound. Cooper and Megan then patch up Wells' wound. Megan tells Cooper she came to the area to study the wildlife and she went to the area specifically to find evidence of Werewolves. Megan then tells the rest of the squad that they are fighting against Werewolves and she has been studying the Werewolves for a year. Cooper then introduces the rest of the squad to Megan. Cooper sees a family photo and Megan tells him the family that owns the cabin are the Ueths.

Cooper starts questioning Ryan and notes that Ryan seems to be in better health than when they first found him. Cooper forcibly looks at Ryan's wound and notices it is healed. The Werewolves cut the power to the house and Spoon watches as one of the Werewolves starts to turn the door handle. The Werewolves then attack the house. One of the Werewolves makes it upstairs where Wells is recovering. Cooper runs upstairs and is attacked by another Werewolf and Cooper drops his weapon. Cooper throws books and uses a camera flash to stun the Werewolf over Wells. Cooper is finally able to get free and he and Wells shoot the Werewolf, who falls out of the window. As Terry is standing next to a window, a Werewolf grabs him and drags him away. Cooper walks downstairs and Megan tells him the Werewolves got Terry. Cooper figures out Ryan and Megan know each other and she tells him she worked with Ryan's team during their first visit to the area. Megan goes to the window and stares at the Werewolves looking back at her and then the shed. Megan mentions that the Ueth family have a Land Rover in the shed and Joe offers to go and hot wire it. Joe runs to the shed while Spoon acts as a distraction. Joe makes it into the vehicle and sees a Werewolf eating Terry who is barely alive. The Werewolf bites off Terry's head and then throws it against the windshield of the vehicle. Joe drives to the house and hears loud breathing coming from behind him and is then killed.

Spoon opens the door to the vehicle and he and Cooper see Joe dead and Wells hurriedly closes the door. Ryan tells Cooper and the others that his team was sent by the Special Weapons Division to capture a Werewolf and admits that Wells' squad was to be used as bait. Wells attacks Ryan and Ryan's eyes change color. Ryan then changes into a Werewolf. Cooper puts a sword through the chest of Ryan and Spoon shoots at Ryan, but Ryan escapes. Cooper realizes that the Werewolves are the Ueth family. Megan then tells them that the Werewolves are probably all in the shed. Spoon asks Cooper what they are going to do about Wells and Cooper tells him Wells is with them. Cooper asks Wells how he is feeling and Wells admits that he feels better than he should and tells Cooper to leave with the others while he keeps the Werewolves occupied. Wells then shows Cooper his wound is just a scar. Cooper puts a propane tank in the Ueth's vehicle and then drives it into the shed, but jumps out before it crashes. Wells throws a Molotov Cocktail which sets off the fuel spilling from the fuel line and the shed explodes. Megan tells Cooper she is sorry then tells him she is also a Werewolf and was hoping he and the others could help her, but now realizes they don't have the ability to. She admits she opened the door to the Werewolves while they were distracted with the shed and the Werewolves assemble in the house.

Wells shoots Megan in the face and the Werewolves start their attack. Spoon is trapped in the kitchen while Cooper and Wells are separated. Spoon starts fighting a Werewolf hand to hand, but he is grabbed by another one. Before he is ripped apart, he tells the Werewolf, he hopes he gives it "the shits." Cooper makes it into the closet with Wells and they dig their way into another room. They hide in a wardrobe and find it full of skeletons. They find Spoon's remains and Wells tells Cooper to get into the basement. Cooper tells Sam The Dog to get into the basement and then Wells hands him the roll of film from the camera they were using to flash the Werewolves. Wells starts to change and cuts the gas line to the oven. He pulls out a photo of his wife Annie and the Werewolves break into the kitchen. Wells shows them the lighter and Megan, who is now a Werewolf, swipes it out of his hand. Wells then strikes the oven and the house explodes. Cooper looks around in the basement and sees it is full of partially butchered people. He is suddenly attacked by Ryan and asks him if he has "licked his own balls yet." Ryan grabs Cooper and starts to shove the point of the sword still protruding from his chest into Cooper's mouth. Sam The Dog attacks Ryan and Cooper finds the silver letter opener the Campers had in a pile of discarded junk. He then uses it to stab Ryan in the chest and then shoots Ryan in the head. He and Sam The Dog walk out of the remains of the house. Later the newspaper the Express Mail shows that England beat Germany five to one in soccer and an article "Werewolves Ate My Platoon!"