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Donald "Don" Harris is married to Alice Harris. His children are Tammy Harris and Andy Harris. Donald Harris was born on the 13th of March in 1968.

During the events of 28 Weeks Later (2007) played by Robert Carlyle

Alice, Don, Sally, Jacob, Geoff and Karen are staying in a house hiding from the infected of the Rage Virus. They hear a knock on the door and when they open it Boy in Cottage is on the other side. They bring him in and he tells them that he was running away from his mother and father who were infected when he came across their home. The infected break through and after helping Jacob fight off the now infected Karen, Don runs upstairs to where Alice went. Don calls to Alice to go out the window, but she goes to grab Boy in Cottage and her and Don are separated by a group of infected. Don jumps out the window while Alice asks him for help and starts running away with a large group of infected running after him. He sees Jacob getting a boat ready and jumps'onto the boat and drives the boat away after Jacob falls trying to get on the boat and is killed by the infected. Before leaving in the boat, Don looks once more at the window that he last saw Alice begging him for help. Don makes it to a military checkpoint and later, is made the Section Officer on District 1. When Tammy and Andy arrive in District 1, Don greets them and tells them how Alice died. Later Soldier tells Don that they found Alice alive and Don goes to see her. He kisses Alice and becomes infected. Don then kills Alice and starts attacking random people. He continues to kill people including Scarlet and tracks down Andy and bites him before he is killed by Tammy, who shoots him.