Dr. David Eisenberg

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Dr. David Eisenberg


Dr. David Eisenberg is a research scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia.

During the events of Contagion (2011) played by Demetri Martin

On Day 6, Dr. Ally Hextall and Dr. Eisenberg are in the Biosafety Level 4 Laboratory examining a sample of Beth's tissue. Dr. Eisenberg asks how Dr. Hextall's Thanksgiving went and she tells him she working on a case in Texas dealing with a Salmonella outbreak. Dr. Hextall tells Dr. Eisenberg the virus is pleomorphic but tends towards ovoid in shape with glycoproteins on its surface. She then tells Dr. Eisenberg to send the sample to Dr. Ian Sussman in San Francisco. On Day 21, Dr. Eisenberg is looking over data and calls Dr. Hextall. She tells Dr. Ellis Cheever their sample of MEV-1 has mutated and increased its reproduction rate. On Day 135, Dr. Hextall and Dr. Eisenberg walk into a containment area and place MEV-1 into cold storage as mass vaccinations happen.